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Educational channel devoted to learning English language.
Channel in Russian: @violaschool
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Viola English 5 Feb, 23:17
«I hear that the only reason Johnny got into college was because his dad pulled some strings with the president of the university.»
«I actually know a few people who work at the restaurant, so I'll see if I can pull a few strings and get you a table».
«You wait and see, he's going to start pulling strings to get this police investigation quashed».
Viola English 5 Feb, 23:17
Viola English 1 Feb, 23:49
It's a new video time!
In fact, not so many American idiomatic expressions are used in formal English — but these 15 idioms are a real treasure!
Viola English 30 Jan, 23:30
Viola English 29 Jan, 23:57
to bury = to put something into a hole in the ground and cover it:
The dog ran in excitement to bury its bone.
Viola English 11 Jan, 23:00
Even though it's more popular in Australia than in other countries, the idiom is still pretty interesting:
— adjective (sometimes hyphenated): very busy; preoccupied with many different things at once.
«Sorry I couldn't make it to lunch today, I've been flat chat with the kids all day.»
— adverb (sometimes hyphenated): at the greatest possible speed, efficiency, or power.
«The whole team is working flat-chat to get this project finished and perfect.»
Viola English 11 Jan, 23:00
Viola English 9 Jan, 22:20
We really like idioms and fun videos, руку is a combination of both.

A blogger explains English idioms he's never heard before. How many of them are familiar to you?
Viola English 8 Jan, 21:00
Viola English 8 Jan, 21:00
«I love chatting up tourists visiting our city, it gives you such diverse and interesting perspectives!»

However, you should be careful as there is also another meaning:
To engage in flirtatious conversation with someone, usually in pursuit of romantic or sexual purposes.
«I was chatting up this cute guy at the bar last night and managed to get his phone number! I hate when people chat me up in bars. I just want to have a nice time out with my friends!»
Viola English 8 Jan, 20:53
Hey, guys!

Our channel remained silent for a while. The reason for this nonsense is that we were preparing some major changes here. The announcement is coming, yet here is the beginning.

Let's begin with our chat@violachat. Yep, we do have a chat with somewhat 600 thousand messages sent that is featured by Combot as one of the most active Telegram chats in English.

We are proud of the chat but we need to advance. We need topics for conversations, we need moderators and mentors. If you ever wanted to become an admin in our chat — don't hesitate to write @tonyprots with a #ViolaAdmin tag.

We expect a brief story from each of the candidates: who are you, what is your experience of studying English, why on Earth you started learning it and still carry on, what exams have you passed and finally, why on Earth you wish to become an admin.

We expect you to be a patient, outgoing and responsible person. We expect it to be a lot of fun.

Join @violachat and stay hungry, updates are coming.
Viola English 10 Dec, 23:54
That's what we adore.
Viola English 8 Dec, 11:39
Viola English 5 Dec, 17:34
Viola English 5 Dec, 17:34
"Is the glass half empty or half full?" is a common expression, a proverbial phrase, generally used rhetorically to indicate that a particular situation could be a cause for optimism (half full) or pessimism (half empty).
Viola English 1 Dec, 23:53
Motivation by @gudim_public
Viola English 29 Nov, 15:20
Our "motivating" topic is continued by this idiom.
Viola English 28 Nov, 23:30
Hey, guys!

It's high time you watched Steve Jobs' Speech at Stanford Commencement Address!

Drawing from some of the most pivotal points in his life, Steve Jobs, chief executive officer and co-founder of Apple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, urged graduates to pursue their dreams and see the opportunities in life's setbacks -- including death itself -- at the university's 114th Commencement on June 12, 2005.
Viola English 22 Nov, 13:48
Hey, guys!

Today we want to advertise a really cool thingy for those, who are interested in MONEY: COTI.

COTI (Currency Of The Internet) is the only digital currency to offer a compelling alternative to existing payments systems and built for everyone. It combines the best of traditional payments systems with the best of blockchain technologies to offer the fastest, easiest, most cost-effective and most trusted way to pay.

Their token pre-sale is launching soon! Secure your place and learn more:

Join their Telegram channel @cotichannel for more info and news, and leave feedback in their chat @cotinetwork.

Don't miss the opportunity!
Viola English 14 Nov, 23:58
ex.: «The English have raised the simple act of making a cup of tea to a fine art».