Monitoring in Telegram

Tracking the mentions of brands and celebrities

This service would be suitable for brands, companies and public people who want to simultaneously get to know what is being written about them in Telegram channels and groups


Each day we collect more than 40m new posts and messages from more than 1997 thousand channels and groups
in real-time

> 2 500


already uses the service

706 450 663



~ 7 seconds

average time



TGStat offers a full range of options for a fast and convenient posts tracking in Telegram channels

Morphological search

Search by word or phrase, taking into account the morphology of the Russian and English languages

Extended query syntax

Words for exclusion, operators for finding the intersection/union of the desired subsets, the exact phrase match

A lot of filters

Filters by source, by geography and language of the source, by type and subject of the source, by number of subscribers

The largest sources list

More than 1997k Telegram channels and groups are tracked. More than 39.8m new posts every day


We track new posts in real time and deliver them to the user in 5-10 seconds after they appear in Telegram


Notifications delivery to the personal chat with a bot, in a work group, or to the URL, predefined by user

Quick start

A simple interface allows you to start tracking in 5 minutes

1. Specify the word/phrase for search

... or an expression using the extended query syntax

2. Set source filtering for tracking (if required)

3. Choose a convenient way of notifying

4. Begin to receive notifications

Usage price


490 rub. / month

for 1 tracked topic
  • for individuals, with payment on the website by bank card or electronic wallets


1490 rub. / month

for 1 tracked topic
  • for legal entities and companies, with the conclusion of a contract and a payment to a bank account