Telegram channels and groups analytics

Are you active in Telegram? Do you want to follow the statistics of your channel? Do you want to analyze competitors' channels? Are you actively buying ads in Telegram?

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Dashboard with major information

The major stats' dashboard shows the most important channel statistics

subscribers growth dynamics

dynamics of joins/lefts

average posts reach

advertising reach of posts

number of posts

citation index

subscribers gender

channel's age

Subscriber growth by hours

We track the hourly growth of subscribers in the channel and show what caused it. Tracked:

mentions in channels and groups


external traffic

ads on the official platform

Complete picture of the channel's ad mentions

We collect all mentions of the channel and group them by key parameters.

is the channel promoted exclusively by compilations?

what is the percentage of mentions in the cheating channels?

how many mentions were there on the big channels?

in which subjects and countries is it advertised?

All this on one screen for instant analysis. Click on any indicator will show the details.

Statistics of posts views

Show detailed analytics by post:

the growth of views on post in dynamics by 10 minutes / by hours / by days

part of the views received as a result of the forwarding of the post

list of channels that shared the post

engagement of subscribers to post

tabular data on views

TOP quoting and quotable channels

Grouping the forwards and mentions by channels, showing the number of mentions in each of them.

Full archive of mentions

We show the full history of mentions of the channel since 2017 with convenient filters:

by type of mention

by source type

by the number of subscribers

Efficiency of advertising placements

Tracking all the ads in the channel and calculating their efficiency.

when ad was published? / how long did it stay in the top? / when was deleted?

what did the ad creative look like?

how many views, forwards, reactions did the advertising post get? (dynamics by the hour)

how many subscribers were attracted to the advertised channel?

How does a channel attract audience?

Show to what extent the channel is buying ads, calculate the total advertising reach received, and the growth of subscribers during that period.

Grouped by month or day.

The most popular content in the channel

We show the most popular posts in the channel

by views

by shares

by forwards

by comments

by reactions

Posts release schedule

Show the days and hours when there are posts in the channel, and in which quantity.

Does the author follow the planned schedule or do the posts come out chaotically?

What about chats/groups analytics?

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Dashboard with major information

The major stats' dashboard shows the most important group statistics

participants growth dynamics

dynamics of joins/lefts

active participants DAU/WAU/MAU

participants online by time of day

number of messages

participants gender

group's age

New group participants

We show the recently joined participants

who and when has joined? how many messages have been sent?

The most active participants

We show the top most active group participants

Online participants

We show when the participants of the group are online

The most active hours and days

We show when the participants are most active for communication in terms of the days and time of the day

And more, much more...

Cost Premium Analytics


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2490 rub. / month

  • 1 account
  • for individuals, with payment on the website by bank card or electronic wallets


5290 rub. / month

  • 1 account
  • for legal entities and companies, with the conclusion of a contract and a payment to a bank account


16290 rub. / month

  • up to 5 accounts
  • for legal entities and companies, with the conclusion of a contract and a payment to a bank account

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