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Manjaro Breath Dark by @kiritjomsthemes
#dark #green
🐧 875
🐠 496
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Anime Theme by Mysterious Cat
#light #blue

"Well, it's an anime, so you shouldn't think so hard about it."
🕚 236
💣 326
Manjaro Breath Dark by kiritjom
#dark #green
🗽 406
⛈ 88
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Anime Theme by Mysterious Cat
#light #blue

"Well, it's an anime, so you shouldn't think so hard about it."
🕚 107
💣 203
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Discord by @LinebeckThemes
#dark #blue?
❤ 2K
💛 314
💚 324
💙 574
💜 723
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Official (now replaced) night theme
#official #original #night
👍 3K
👎 669
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Universe by @LinebeckThemes
#dark #purple #blue #planets #themechallenge
💩 3K
👺 2K
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Sci-Fi by @DMJ_Themes
#dark #blue #pink #planets #themechallenge
🌏 4K
⚫ 1K
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After a lot of stargazing (a lot of stargazing), we finally have our picks for March’s Theme Challenge which you’ll see posted throughout the weekend.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a theme for your work and patience, we know we got these results out pretty late 😙
March Theme Challenge
We’ve been really getting into stargazing recently in the Telegram Theme Basement. One month later and it’s become a favourite hobby of ours next to coin collecting and talking to ghosts. We still can’t decide what planet is our favourite though, and we’ve been staring at them for a really long time. You see where we’re going with this right?…

This month’s theme challenge is Planets! Whether real or imagined, close-up or far away we want to see all kinds of celestial bodies represented as beautiful themes.

Submit your theme to @TelegramThemes with the hashtag #themechallenge. The deadline for submissions is the 31st March at 23:59 GMT, and the best submissions will be showcased soon after.

(For more information on theme challenges, check out this post -
Voices Underwater by @storyhunter28
#light #blue
🌊 3K
🌧 1K
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Incognito by @IncognitoTheme
#dark #grey
😎 2K
😱 586