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If you'd like to see your Desktop theme featured here, feel free to upload it in the Desktop Themes group (, hashtag #theme.
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Voices Underwater by @storyhunter28
#light #blue
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Incognito by @IncognitoTheme
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BlackHat by @MohammadxAli
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Fuschian Egg by chiibee
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Thanks to the many breakfast themes we’ve received we might just find a replacement for our beloved eggs, and we’ll be posting the tastiest ones throughout the day. Thanks to everyone who submitted a theme, and a special thanks to those whose themes were selected.
#dark #red #purple
🎆 2K
🌌 868
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January Theme Challenge
We've been thinking about food a lot in the Telegram Theme Basement recently. While we love cooking eggs in all their forms for breakfast, it seems our enthusiasm got the better of us and as such, we're no longer allowed to since "The Incident". How do you beat eggs anyway? They can be scrambled, poached, fried, boiled, made into omelettes...

We could really do with some inspiration though, so this month's theme challenge is Breakfast! Show us your most favourite and delicious breakfast foods in the form of a theme, you can even choose eggs if you want, no matter how jealous that will make us.

Submit your theme to @TelegramThemes with the hashtag #themechallenge. The deadline for submissions is the 31st January at 23:59 GMT, and the best submissions will be showcased soon after.

(For more information on theme challenges, check out this post -
Winter Forest by @LinebeckThemes
#light #white #happyholidays #challenge
🌟 1K
💥 352
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Santa Theme by Nicolae (
#light #red #blue #happyholidays #challenge
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