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Shower Thoughts 🚿 21 Jan, 03:46
It’s weird that you have one hand that knows how to do everything and your other hand just sits there like “Idk how to use a pencil”
Shower Thoughts 🚿 21 Jan, 00:36
We’re disgusted by how giraffes taste pee to find a mate but some humans eat ass for no particular reason
Shower Thoughts 🚿 21 Jan, 00:36
If it were socially acceptable for adults to skip instead of walk, we'd probably all be a lot happier.
Shower Thoughts 🚿 21 Jan, 00:36
If you hallucinate you can use camera phone to distinguish between reality and hallucination.
Shower Thoughts 🚿 20 Jan, 21:26
A game of minecraft perfectly recreates the history of humanity: start off scared and foraging; create renewable easy source of food; spend time doing ridiculous stuff using endless resources just because you can and you're bored.
Shower Thoughts 🚿 20 Jan, 21:26
Only after getting a new bf/gf you realize how little nice looking underwear you own
Shower Thoughts 🚿 20 Jan, 21:26
When you cry your brain releases an endorphin to reduce pain and better your mood. This is like the chemical equivalent of your own brain patting you on the back and saying "everything's gonna be okay."
Shower Thoughts 🚿 20 Jan, 20:06
It would be cool to be able to see a pie chart showing the influence everyone in your life has had on making you who you are as a person
Shower Thoughts 🚿 20 Jan, 18:08
Forwarded from: Shower Thoughts 🚿
You don’t realise how violent a game is until your mom watches you play it.
Shower Thoughts 🚿 20 Jan, 17:31
88 is two infinity signs and that's why it was the speed needed to travel through time
Shower Thoughts 🚿 20 Jan, 17:31
Amirite is an extremely rare mineral found only within the depths of internet arguments.
Shower Thoughts 🚿 20 Jan, 17:31
We all suck at getting a good nights sleep because all the heaviest sleepers were eaten by predators in the middle of the night millions of years ago.
Shower Thoughts 🚿 20 Jan, 17:16
A stopped watch will be right twice a day, while a working one may never show the actual time
Shower Thoughts 🚿 20 Jan, 17:08
Forwarded from: T5EGHA'YE WG
Satellite images are just the Earth taking selfies.
Shower Thoughts 🚿 20 Jan, 16:08
Forwarded from: Boaz2000
There is no British English and American English. Just English and mistakes.
Shower Thoughts 🚿 20 Jan, 15:08
Forwarded from: T.
It's funny to think that all great writers at some point just decided, " Fuck it, I'm writing this probably dumb story I have in my head down" before writing a masterpiece.
Shower Thoughts 🚿 20 Jan, 14:36
If you spend more than 12 hours per day alone, you can accurately claim that you're usually the smartest person in the room.
Shower Thoughts 🚿 20 Jan, 14:16
The composers and musicians for "Tom and Jerry" don't get enough credit.
Shower Thoughts 🚿 20 Jan, 14:08
Forwarded from: Aba🧡
Accents are just verbal fonts
Shower Thoughts 🚿 20 Jan, 12:21
You don’t realise how violent a game is until your mom watches you play it.