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Telegram Geeks 22 Feb, 16:14
Exclusive: Telegram is holding a secretive second pre-ICO sale

The company is raising even more cash for its controversial blockchain-powered network

You have to admire Pavel Durov’s audacity.

Over the past few months, the CEO of Telegram convinced 81 accredited investors, including Silicon Valley giants Sequoia Capital and Benchmark, to give him $850 million in a presale of his company’s cryptocurrency in advance of an initial coin offering, or ICO. Now he’s trying to raise even more money from accredited investors before the coin gets offered to the public in a secretive second presale.

This week, investors got an email explaining that Telegram is doing another private presale, four sources with knowledge of the deal told The Verge.

The exact amount to be raised is still being determined, according to one source, but two other sources said Telegram is estimating it will be around the same size as the first round, which would bring the total raised to over $1.6 billion before the ICO even opens up to the general public.

🌐 Source: The Verge

#ton #blockchain #ico #gram

ℹ️ @geeksChannel
Telegram Geeks 20 Feb, 17:33
Прикрепленный файл
Telegram Geeks 20 Feb, 17:33
And Telegram is back for almost everyone.
Telegram Geeks 20 Feb, 17:25
Telegram was down for some users in Europe and MENA.

ℹ️ @geeksChannel
Telegram Geeks 14 Feb, 19:52
Прикрепленный файл
Telegram Geeks 14 Feb, 19:52

Telegram released 16 new official stickers pack

#telegram #stickers #yakovenko

ℹ️ @geeksChannel
Telegram Geeks 14 Feb, 17:12
Bot API 3.6

— Supported text formatting in media captions. Specify the desired parse_mode (Markdown or HTML) when you provide a caption.

— In supergroups, if the bot receives a message that is a reply, it will also receive the message to which that message is replying – even if the original message is inaccessible due to the bot's privacy settings. (In other words, replying to any message in a supergroup with a message that mentions the bot or features a command for it acts as forwarding the original message to the bot).

— Added the new field connected_website to Message. The bot will receive a message with this field in a private chat when a user logs in on the bot's connected website using the Login Widget and allows sending messages from your bot.

— Added the new parameter supports_streaming to the sendVideo method and a field with the same name to the inputMediaVideo object.

#bots #api #update

ℹ️ @geeksChannel
Telegram Geeks 14 Feb, 17:12
Telegram X is back to Google Play ✌️
Telegram Geeks 13 Feb, 23:23
Telegram X was removed from the play store.

Probably it's some error from google and will be back soon.

ℹ️ @geeksChannel
Telegram Geeks 13 Feb, 16:13
▶️ Our two cents:

Well, this is not a real vulnerability on Telegram Desktop, no one can remotely take control of your computer or Telegram unless you open a malicius file.

This kind of vulnerability is based on social engineering.

In fact, it was a .js file hidden on a a .png file, this happened thanks to RTL characters.

Windows users must click on the Run dialog in order to install the malware.

So don't worry, unless you opened a malicius file, you have always been safe.

ℹ️ @geeksChannel
Telegram Geeks 13 Feb, 15:57
Malware was installed on your computer via this "Run dialog".

Remember not to open unknown files from untrusted sources.

ℹ️ @geeksChannel
Telegram Geeks 13 Feb, 15:54
Zero-day vulnerability in Telegram

Cybercriminals exploited Telegram flaw to launch multipurpose attacks.

In October 2017, Kaspersky found a vulnerability in Telegram Desktop for Windows.

▶️ This vulnerability was fixed by Telegram Team on November 2017.

Cases where it was actually exploited

1️⃣ The exploit was used to deliver mining software, allowing hackers to use the victim’s machine to mine cryptocurrency including “Monero, Zcash, Fantomcoin and others.

2️⃣ A backdoor was installed allowing cybercriminals to gain remote access to the victim’s computer after which it started to “operate in a silent mode,” allowing “the threat actor to remain unnoticed in the network and execute different commands, including the further installation of spyware tools.”


It appears that only Russian cybercriminals were aware of this vulnerability, with all the exploitation cases that we detected occurring in Russia. Also, while conducting a detailed research of these attacks we discovered a lot of artifacts that pointed to involvement by Russian cybercriminals.

We don’t have exact information about how long and which versions of the Telegram products were affected by the vulnerability. What we do know is that its exploitation in Windows clients began in March 2017. We informed the Telegram developers of the problem, and the vulnerability no longer occurs in Telegram’s products.

🌐 Source: Secure List

via @TGLive

ℹ️ @geeksChannel
Telegram Geeks 7 Feb, 16:56
Telegram 4.8

1️⃣ Streaming for videos
Start watching any newly uploaded video instantly without having to fully download it first.

2️⃣ Auto-Night Mode
Automatically switch to the dark version of the interface after nightfall or in low-light conditions.

3️⃣ Telegram Login widget
Log in to other websites and services using your Telegram account.

#update #telegram #themes #login #accounts

ℹ️ @geeksChannel
Telegram Geeks 7 Feb, 01:29
Telegram Login for Websites

Telegram Login Widget for external websites. When you use Telegram login for the first time, our widget asks for your phone number and sends you a confirmation message via Telegram to authorize your browser.

#updates #login #accounts

ℹ️ @geeksChannel
Telegram Geeks 6 Feb, 20:37
🔥 New beta feature 🔥

— Web integration for sign in: Login in websites via Telegram.

#telegram #beta #features

ℹ️ @geeksChannel
Telegram Geeks 5 Feb, 15:35
🔥 New beta feature 🔥

— Auto-night Theme.

#telegram #beta #features

ℹ️ @geeksChannel
Telegram Geeks 5 Feb, 15:35
Telegram Geeks 5 Feb, 15:35
Telegram Geeks 5 Feb, 15:35
Telegram Geeks 5 Feb, 15:35