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World catalog of Telegram channels and bots. Weekly tips and interviews with the administrators of the channels and bots.
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@yavsemogy - the author's channel on how to love yourself, begin to live in harmony and flow. The perfection of man - the meaning of life. #AuthorBlogWC #PsychologyWC #RussianWC
@worldchannels and @artplace love you, guys.
Art by @gudim_public.
@interior_gorilla - a New York based interior designer shares an expertise, inviting you in a global journey through a variety of places, exhibitions, and projects. #AuthorBlogWC #EnglishWC #RussianWC
@shortrhymes - daily events in short epigrams. Learn, surf, laugh. #NewsWC #HumorWC #EnglishWC
@priut50pets - channel with publications of photos of pets from a private russian shelter. #PhotoWC #RussianWC
@inztabot — bot that will help you to follow any Instagram account in Telegram. Get updates without even installing the app! #BotsWC
@HypeCrypto - a channel for those, who want to know more about CryptoCurrency, Bitcoins, ICO, Blockchain etc. #FinanceWC #EnglishWC
@starnovgor - channel publishing photos and dream of how would Russian towns and villages look with proper care and attention. #AuthorBlogWC #RussianWC
Dear followers,

We receive dozens of channels related to cryptocurrency. Will publish several of them later, but now we want to share a cool BTC wallet with you.

If you want to try cryptocurrency, you need a secure wallet to store your money without worries. You can use any, we personally are fans of BTC Banker, that is a popular and respected service in Telegram. It will allow you to make all the necessary operations with Bitcoins: from monitoring the rate to buying the currency.

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Dear followers from Iran, we know that Telegram is blocked in your country right now. We want to cheer you up — and the best way to do it is probably with a digest of the best free VPN/proxy bots. Share it with your friends and save for yourself — some bots are not working properly due to unpredicted interest to them, so it's always good to have an alternative.


Free services:

Official Telegram statement on the issue:

We know that Azari Jahromi has announced on Twitter that there are negotiations in the government on unblocking the messenger. Hope that Telegram will be unlocked soon. Yet VPN is always useful.

Good luck,
yours @worldchannels & @violaclub.
Durov's Channel
Happy New Year, everyone! 🎉 I hope you enjoyed the Telegram product updates this December. Stay tuned – we are going to make 3 big announcements in January. On a less joyful note, Iranian authorities started blocking Telegram in Iran today after we publicly refused to shut down channels of peaceful Iranian protesters, such as @sedaiemardom. We are proud that Telegram is used by thousands of massive opposition channels all over the world. We consider freedom of speech an undeniable human right, and would rather get blocked in a country by its authorities than limit peaceful expression of alternative opinions. When it comes to freedom of speech, Telegram is as unrestricted as a mobile app can get. In 2015, after Apple and Google reached out to us in the aftermath of the Paris attacks, we added the simplest Terms of Service theoretically possible in an app: no calls for violence, no porn and no copyright infringement on public broadcast channels. Since then, Telegram has been blocking hundreds of violent public…
@TranslationChatBot - bot can translate your messages in 21 languages. You can choose one of the popular translation services. Chat with your friends freely. Try it now! #BotWC #LanguageWC
@toliveslow - channel about slow living. Stop to rush, wait a minute, take a deep breath and feel a sense of your own life. Slow living is happy living. #AuthorBlogWC #RussianWC
@myfologiya - myths and fairy tales help us to understand ourself better. There are no familiar stories here. Open ancient world. #HistoryWC #RussianWC
@hustle365 - how-to's and personal stories about living healthy and meaningful life of digital nomad 🏄 by Ruslan Galba @deenoize - the man behind #AuthorBlogWC #TravelWC #EnglishWC
@hotspotworld - the most important bitcoin and cryptocurrency news from around the world in one channel. #FinanceWC #EnglishWC
@badfat - author channel of a dietician about nutrition and how to stay healthy. #AuthorBlogWC #RussianWC
@hopelessdesign - hand-picked resources and personal thoughts about design, development and hustle 🤘🏽 by Ruslan Galba @deenoize - the man behind #DesignWC #EnglishWC #RussianWC
@sound4track - channel soundtracks of the most interesting movies and serials. #MusicWC
@checkroi - channel about Internet marketing and business promotion — with lots of case studies, lifehacks and useful materials! #MarketingWC #RussianWC
@sirius_crypto - latest news on the market of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. #NewsWC #FinanceWC #RussianWC