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Religion of Peace™
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Religion of Peace™
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dari grup sebelah
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Today-OK is A-OK
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Today-OK is A-OK
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Religion of Peace™
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Religion of Peace™
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Religion of Peace™
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mamode wan meem
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Today-OK is A-OK
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Sickipedia 16 Aug, 19:10
Give a man a fish, and he can eat for a day.
But teach a man to fish, and he will bore you to fucking death with fishing stories.

Sickipedia 16 Aug, 13:40
I told my mother in law "When war comes, I'll just be eating human flesh as well".
"You shitting me?!" She asked.
"Maybe." I replied.

Sickipedia 16 Aug, 09:40
My son asked, "Dad, am I adopted?"

"Sadly, not yet," I replied

Sickipedia 15 Aug, 18:40
Don't wait till your deathbed to tell people how you feel.
Tell them to fuck off NOW!

Sickipedia 15 Aug, 14:10
It must be so frustrating to be a horror writer and realise that no matter how good you are, you will never be as good as whoever writes "Do not touch" in Braille

Sickipedia 15 Aug, 10:10
DISCOVER what it is like to live in a third world country where you can experience dysentery and wash in raw sewage by going on a camping holiday!

Sickipedia 14 Aug, 19:10
The Pope has just stated that the Death Penalty is wrong without exception.

Although he must still be glad it was legal 2,000 years ago.

Sickipedia 14 Aug, 13:40
My daughter recently got severely beaten up because she said the N-word several times to a black man in a pub in Brixton.


Sickipedia 14 Aug, 09:10
My mate told me that I just don't understand irony.
Which was ironic because we were both in the pub at the time.

Sickipedia 13 Aug, 19:10
The best way to smuggle drugs into a country is to place them carefully up a dog's arse.
Because at the airport, if the sniffer dog suspects anything. The officials will think they're just being frisky.
Unless of course your dog has a suntan and sweats a lot.

Sickipedia 13 Aug, 13:40
He who laughs last is your foreign colleague who still doesn't get the joke.

Sickipedia 13 Aug, 10:10
Apparently, the collective term for a shark attack is a 'Closed Casket Funeral'

Sickipedia 12 Aug, 19:10
Whilst shopping earlier I noticed that certain types of shampoo are now vegan friendly.

It seems those cunts will eat anything but meat.

Sickipedia 12 Aug, 14:10
I want to leave this world like I came into it.

Naked, screaming and covered in someone else's blood.

Sickipedia 12 Aug, 10:10
I went for an Indian last night. The waiter came over and said "Curry OK?"I said "Go on then, one song then you can fuck off".

Sickipedia 11 Aug, 19:10
To the person who stole my antidepressants I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY NOW!

Sickipedia 11 Aug, 13:10
My friend thinks he’s the shit because every girl he fucks always ends up bragging about it and I just want to make it clear that being mentioned in a girl’s MeToo tweet does not count as bragging.

Sickipedia 11 Aug, 09:40
Teamwork is essential,it allows you to blame someone else.

Sickipedia 10 Aug, 18:40
What's black and screams?

Stevie Wonder answering the iron

Sickipedia 10 Aug, 14:10
If you stand by the sea, it sounds like putting a shell to your ear.