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С упоминаниями
Sickipedia 20 Jan, 19:40
Got a date with a hot chick tonight...

or a Zinger Burger as they're known.

Sickipedia 20 Jan, 14:10
It's Trump's wedding anniversary in a few days - in a rare tender moment he described the first time he laid eyes on Melania, and clicked 'add to cart'

Sickipedia 20 Jan, 09:40
Use chemicals to remove polish and no one bats an eyelid. Use chemicals to remove the Polish and suddenly you're the bad guy

Sickipedia 19 Jan, 19:40
What do we want?
Hearing aids

When do we want them?
Hearing aids

Sickipedia 19 Jan, 14:10
You can’t lose a homing pigeon. If your homing pigeon doesn’t come back, what you’ve lost is a pigeon.

Sickipedia 19 Jan, 10:10
I had my first parachute jump today and I was terrified.
This guy strapped himself to me and we jumped out.
As we plummited he said "So how long have you been an instructor?"

Sickipedia 18 Jan, 19:40
My daughter brought home this black guy to introduce to our family... She said, "Dad, this is Jerome."

"Get the fuck out of here," I said instantly, "I'm not having my daughter dating a nig-nog !"

"Wait wait wait, Mr. Smith," he replied, "I'm not Katie's boyfriend."

"You're not ?" I replied, relaxing slightly.

"No, I'm her pimp."

Sickipedia 18 Jan, 16:10
I sent a demo CD to a record label, I got a reply saying, We listened to your songs, I think they're all hits...

Found out after showing the email to my mum, I'm dyslexic.

Sickipedia 18 Jan, 12:40
I just blocked someone on Facebook for correcting my grammar and it feelded great!

Sickipedia 18 Jan, 10:40
I like my new hair, it's called the Whitney, black and dyed in the bath

Sickipedia 17 Jan, 19:40
Is it illegal for pedophiles to masturbate over baby pictures of themselves?

Sickipedia 17 Jan, 14:10
Can't afford an electric toothbrush?

Simply ask someone with epilepsy to brush your teeth for you.

Sickipedia 17 Jan, 09:40
Did you know semen leaves the body at almost thirty miles per hour? This means it's illegal to ejaculate in a school zone.

I don't think the speed was why I was arrested though.

Sickipedia 16 Jan, 19:40
The Russian takes out a bottle of his best vodka, drinks a bit and throws the rest off the train and says, "There's plenty more of that where I come from."

Everyone is impressed. The Cuban takes out one of the finest Havana cigars, takes one puff and throws it off the train and says, "There's plenty more of those where I come from."

Again everyone is rather impressed. So the Englishman stands up and throws the Pakistani off the train.

Sickipedia 16 Jan, 15:40
If god is black and we are supposedly all his children then makes it sense that we never see him.

Sickipedia 16 Jan, 12:40
Woman delivers baby. Doctor takes the baby, and throws it, smashing around the hospital room, drop-kicking it, etc. Mother starts freaking out, being held back by nurses, begging “WHYYYY!!??”

“I’m just fucking with you, it was born dead”.

Sickipedia 16 Jan, 08:10
Susan Boyle was said to be overwhelmed at winning a golden buzzer at the America's Got Talent show.

She said, "I can't wait to get this home and get some batteries in it."

Sickipedia 15 Jan, 19:40
I believe that committing human sacrifice will ensure I have wealth and happiness.

Or, as it's more commonly known, an abortion.

Sickipedia 15 Jan, 14:10
She laughed when I pulled down my pants and revealed my 2 inch cock.

"Who are you going to give an orgasm to with that?" she asked.

"Me," I replied.

Sickipedia 15 Jan, 10:40
My Ebay purchase "Guaranteed to give you a huge, throbbing penis within minutes" arrived this morning.
It turned out to be a wasp.