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Crypto Trend Analysis 28 Jun, 20:49
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Crypto Trend Analysis 23 Jun, 13:52
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Crypto Trend Analysis 21 Jun, 18:20
$DASH looks like on support on the daily chart. Accumulate below 0.0385 satoshi
Sell Tp1: 0.042
Tp2: 0.045
Tp3: 0.048
Tp4: 0.052
Tp5: 0.058+
Crypto Trend Analysis 21 Jun, 18:20
Last time when DASH went below 0.039 was on Nov 04, 2017.
So you are getting the same price after around 8months. Strong coin and one of the top 20 on CMC. Has nice potential to recover here!
Crypto Trend Analysis 16 Jun, 13:59
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Crypto Trend Analysis 15 Jun, 14:28
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Crypto Trend Analysis 15 Jun, 14:28
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Crypto Trend Analysis 15 Jun, 14:28
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Crypto Trend Analysis 15 Jun, 07:34
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Crypto Trend Analysis 13 Jun, 11:30
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