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Recent posts
T4T SKULL by @T4Tthemes4telegram
#light #pink
💀 8K
💩 13K
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June Theme Challenge
After a little break we’re back with a brand new theme challenge! While we love the darker themes that came from the last two challenges, it’s time to make things brighter and more colourful. A lot more colourful…

So, we’ve decided to dive into the history of art and make this month’s Theme Challenge Pop Art! Based on the 1950’s art movement that sought to blur the line between pop art and fine art, we want to see themes that are inspired by its vivid and colourful reimagining of pop culture.

Submit your theme to @AndroidThemesGroup with the hashtag #themechallenge. The deadline for submissions is the 30th June at 23:59 GMT, and the best submissions will be showcased soon after.

(For more information on theme challenges, check out this post -
Dark Saturn by Nelson Bravo (@GraffitiDecorations)
#dark #green #planets #themechallenge
🌏 13K
⚫ 8K
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Universe by @LinebeckThemes
#dark #purple #blue #planets #themechallenge
🌏 7K
⚫ 4K
Attached file
Challenge Planet by @lj_tg
#dark #grey #planets #themechallenge
🌏 3K
⚫ 7K
Attached file
UFO by @BezpilotnikThemes
#light #purple #planets #themechallenge
🌏 8K
⚫ 4K
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PitchBlack EA04 Neptune by @PitchBlackTG
#dark #blue #planets #themechallenge
🌏 5K
⚫ 2K
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After a lot of stargazing (a lot of stargazing), we finally have our picks for March’s Theme Challenge which you’ll see posted throughout the weekend.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a theme for your work and patience, we know we got these results out pretty late 😙
Digital Resistance by "A Mysterious Pup".
#dark #grey
🐶 9K
Attached file
Attached file
Tsunami by Luca Mascetti (
#dark #blue
🌊 8K
💦 5K
Attached file
Strawberries by @rsgrigio
#dark #red
🍓 11K
🍆 6K