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21.10.2017 16:18
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TRALFAMADORE 1 Sep 2018, 16:30
"This is not going to go the way you think".
TRALFAMADORE 31 Aug 2018, 00:58
TRALFAMADORE 31 Aug 2018, 00:58
TRALFAMADORE 31 Aug 2018, 00:56
TRALFAMADORE 26 Aug 2018, 11:26
TRALFAMADORE 4 Jul 2018, 14:47
TRALFAMADORE 2 Jul 2018, 02:15
You can download a lossless version here: tralfamadore.bandcamp.com/track/jasmine

It's better not to pay something other than nothing there because PayPal account is blocked anyway. If you want to pay something other than zero — there's a Yandex.Money wallet: 410012918711806
TRALFAMADORE 2 Jul 2018, 02:15
The track is going to be available in the digital stores later. There's just no money to put it out there, lol.
TRALFAMADORE 30 Jun 2018, 23:54
#tralfamadore #jasmine #episode5

Guitars, bass, vox, synthesizers, mixing, mastering: Alexander Milovanov
Drums: Dmitriy Drozdov

TRALFAMADORE 30 Jun 2018, 23:53
TRALFAMADORE 18 Jun 2018, 20:47
TRALFAMADORE 17 Jun 2018, 16:19
TRALFAMADORE 17 Jun 2018, 16:19
Another obstacle on my way turned out to be a bullying saxophonist with a sad dog. I had "Mousetrap" finished, when he towered above me, demanding to go away from "his" underground passage where he's been playing for 12 years. Threatened to call his boys. I don't like to be spoken to in that way and to get threatened. So the boys (just some guys who were passing through) came to help me (and him too) when I was in his clutch, deciding whether I should tear his ear away or poke out his eye with my free hand. I lost my guitar. He lost his watch. Then an elderly woman scolded us. Then I got busy with a ridiculously drunk teen, who was about to throw up on the remains of my guitar and the stool, he asked me to escort him to the metro station. An interesting day.
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TRALFAMADORE 8 Jun 2018, 00:52
TRALFAMADORE 31 May 2018, 22:54
TRALFAMADORE 23 May 2018, 20:19
TRALFAMADORE 23 May 2018, 20:18
Guitars for #jasmine and some guitars for #episode6 are recorded.

#tralfamadore #recording
TRALFAMADORE 20 May 2018, 16:03
TRALFAMADORE 18 May 2018, 22:35
TRALFAMADORE 17 May 2018, 05:32