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С упоминаниями
The Rubbish Bin 1 Jan, 08:25
Y’know, at this point I might just be living ironically.
The Rubbish Bin 1 Jan, 08:06
Another year survived, somehow. And here’s to all of y’all who made it too. Wishin’ y’all a happy and safe new year. Keep hangin’ in there, you magnificent bastards 🖤
The Rubbish Bin 30 Dec, 20:34
Imagine if there were a dab taunt in TF2. That’d be the perfect way to announce to everyone playing that I’m the worst god-damned person on the server.
The Rubbish Bin 15 Dec, 03:20
A collection of Avendonian homophones. Probably not all of ‘em, but a lot, if not most. There’re probably a couple I’m missing, and as the vocabulary grows more are likely to pop up, so this list isn’t anywhere near comprehensive.
The Rubbish Bin 15 Dec, 03:19
Dan repost: GensValeria
venere (to cry) and venere (to accustom)
lovo (praise) and lovo (foliage, paper)
levo (loaf) and levo (I live)
verdo (I become, I will) and verdo (I am worth)
ia (yes) and ia already
fulere (to feel) and fulere (to fill)
vilo (wheel), vilo (machine), and vilo (I want)
ore (ear) and ore he/she/they/it hears
se (reflexive pronoun) and se (sea)
a (to, at, toward) and a (river)
e (he), e (and), and e (rivers)
ela (that/there f. s.) and Ela (Hell)
The Rubbish Bin 18 Nov, 03:21
The Rubbish Bin 26 Oct, 19:04
Dan repost: GensValeria
Mental health problems don’t just vanish because there’s a player 2.
The Rubbish Bin 16 Oct, 03:12
Update on the Avendonian vocabulary channel: will post there again soon as I have a functioning computer.
The Rubbish Bin 20 Sep, 09:44
Dan repost: GensValeria
True. Optimism can't hurt in a shite situation.
The Rubbish Bin 20 Sep, 09:44
Dan repost: GensValeria
A shituation.
The Rubbish Bin 8 Sep, 07:03
I hate when people try too hard be friendly. Like, you think you gon’ tryhard your way to earning my trust? Think again.
The Rubbish Bin 28 Aug, 17:28
You ever look in the mirror and think "How has this motherfucker not been stabbed?"
The Rubbish Bin 18 Aug, 05:11
Golly, guess groups aren’t the only thing I’ve been falling away from again. Been getting on two months since I’ve posted anything x_x
The Rubbish Bin 29 Jun, 02:14
The Rubbish Bin 29 Jun, 02:14
Heyo! Here's the moment some o' y'all've been waiting for. A fuckin' Avendonian dictionary, fuck yeah. Thinkin' I'll update it every now and then as the vocabulary continues to grow.
The Rubbish Bin 24 Jun, 02:32
Yeehaw! Broke a thousand entries in the Avendonian dictionary! Now to go through the daunting task of cleaning up the shitty formatting in the document. Will publish it soon as that happens.
The Rubbish Bin 17 Jun, 09:08
Dan repost: GensValeria
The Rubbish Bin 17 Jun, 00:09
The Rubbish Bin 4 Jun, 08:36
My moods: "oh, no", "oh, jeez", "oh, gods", and "oh, heck".
The Rubbish Bin 21 May, 01:43
A rough translation of a copypasta into Avendonian.