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The Future Society
7 Apr 2018, 12:41
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TechBody 6 Jun 2018, 13:12
Hey guys! I didn't post smth for a long time. SORRY. I had to make a lot of things clear for me, so, let's start a new era of TechBody.
TechBody 7 May 2018, 17:39
TechBody 7 May 2018, 17:39
Elon Musk has announced on his Twitter page that will create candy factory. It seems like there is a new rival to Snickers, Bounty and Mars. And it's not a joke😁 because Elon is famous by his competitiveness and innovation. So, I bet it will be interesting to observe for this process.
TechBody 2 May 2018, 14:30
It seems that the recent scandal with the leakage of data on Facebook has already subsided. On this wave, the company decided to announce a new function in Facebook - acquaintance. As Zuckerberg said, the application is likely to completely depend on existing Facebook user profiles. And help through the function "choose something from the profile to start a conversation" by scanning the personal profile information. According to the head of the social network, the application will not deliberately link people who are already "friends."
It was also announced that Facebook will provide users with additional tools to control the history of their page.
"This option will give you the opportunity to see websites and applications that send you information when you use them, delete this information from your account and turn off for us the ability to store this information later as related to your account," reads an official Facebook statement. The option will begin to operate in a few months, assures Zuckerberg.
As we see, Facebook does not want to lose its audience, because every user is money. Wonder how? Example: by browsing the news feed on Facebook or Instagram, you saw advertising and clicked on it. Facebook, as a company, received money for cliques, depending on the cost of advertising for your region. And now imagine you are using the services of Facebook every day for 5 years. Sufficiently profitable😁!
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TechBody 14 Apr 2018, 10:12
TechBody 13 Apr 2018, 14:59
Russia to block Telegram app over encryption

A court in Moscow has approved a request from the Russian media regulator to block the Telegram messaging app immediately.

The media regulator sought to block the app because the firm had refused to hand over encryption keys used to scramble messages.

Security officials say they need to monitor potential terrorists.

But the company said the way the service was built meant it had no access to customers' encryption keys.

Telegram had missed a deadline of 4 April to hand over the keys.

Russia's main security agency, the FSB, has said Telegram is the messenger of choice for "international terrorist organisations in Russia".

A suicide bomber who killed 15 people on a subway train in St Petersburg last April used the app to communicate with accomplices, the FSB said last year.

The app is also widely used by the Russian authorities, Reuters news agency reports.

In its court filing, media regulator Roskomnadzor said Telegram had failed to comply with its legal requirements as a "distributor of information".

Telegram's lawyer, Pavel Chikov, said the official attempt to stop the app being used in Russia was "groundless".

"The FSB's requirements to provide access to private conversations of users are unconstitutional, baseless, which cannot be fulfilled technically and legally," he said.

The messaging app is widely used across Russia and many nations in the Middle East, as well as around the rest of the world. It says it has more than 200 million active users.

Its popularity has grown because of its emphasis on encryption, which thwarts many widely used methods of reading confidential communications.

It allows groups of up to 5,000 people to send messages, documents, videos and pictures without charge and with complete encryption.

Telegram has been used by the Islamic State (IS) group and its supporters though the company says it has made efforts to close down pro-IS channels.
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TechBody 7 Apr 2018, 19:17
TechBody 7 Apr 2018, 12:41
What will our #society look like when #ArtificialIntelligence is everywhere?
TechBody 4 Apr 2018, 19:21
TechBody 2 Apr 2018, 22:23
TechBody 29 Mar 2018, 22:29
TechBody 29 Mar 2018, 22:26
About privacy №2 Apple launches a new technical "trend" of the recognition of the faces of its owners to unlock gadgets. Just imagine that all your gadgets has such a function and they can take information from the camera at any time, not controlled by you) This is good for finding criminals, recognized by external surveillance cameras located on the streets, but the information will not only be about them! ;). About the recording and preservation of telephone conversations by mobile operators with access to them by the special services, I'm already silent) This is not all. The camera can, regardless of you, take ANY information at any time, which can, in gigabyte streams of information, go unnoticed to remote servers)) The information from your screen can also be shot: mail, messengers, pictures, etc. for this they do not even need to know your passwords, although they will also be "in the database". The information can be "shot" everywhere: in the office, toilet, bedroom... Goodbye privacy. Now you also live with it)
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TechBody 27 Mar 2018, 18:55
TechBody 27 Mar 2018, 18:55
Telegram recruited a monthly audience of 200 million users. The founder of the service, Pavel Durov, told in the company's blog that Telegram has recruited a monthly audience of 200 million users in the last 30 days. Thus, the audience of the messenger has grown 2 times in 2 years - the mark of 100 million users per month the service reached in February 2016. And in December 2017, the monthly audience of Telegram was 180 million users. Durov stressed that Telegram never used advertising to promote, that is, 200 million users joined the messenger by the invitation of friends. In February 2018, Pavel Durov notified the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that attracted $ 850 million from 81 investors. The money will go to the development of Telegram's messenger and TON's block-platform.
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TechBody 27 Mar 2018, 18:19
TechBody 27 Mar 2018, 18:14
TechBody 27 Mar 2018, 18:08
About privacy №1 Just imagine how your life will change in 10-15 years and your role in it... All that you have ever saved on the Internet, received by mail, sent, stored on the network, made posts, looked through pages, your search results, laid out photos or just stored them on your computer - ALL will be available for analysis first by neutron networks, and then by Artificial Intelligence!) They will know more than you know about yourself... While the neural networks are still weak, the algorithms are weak, the processing power is relatively weak, but in 10 years everything will change faster than you expect. They will know everything about you! Routes of movement from your trackers and navigators, security cameras, other people's photos you accidentally hit and were recognized. They will know all your habits, preferences in food, books, movies, sex, types of recreation, your interests and contacts, your health and experiences and...yeah... secret secrets). This will enable you to manage through the content that will be given to you, through your fears and passions, through the secrets and threads of your ego... We will remain people, but the world will become another, like the role of people in this world. P.S. I have not written about the upcoming uprising of robots and how it will develop!))😂
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TechBody 27 Mar 2018, 14:27
What's everyone! This is TechBody team😉) We are going to talk about new technologies and make own reviews. World is changing every day, as a result technologies too. If you want to keep pace with the world, don't forget to join. We promise you to make quality, regular and really interesting content. Thanks☺️ .
TechBody 27 Mar 2018, 14:15
TechBody 27 Mar 2018, 14:11