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English news channel for Karbo cryptocurrency | www.karbo.io.
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13.02.2018 17:01
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14.08.2018 19:21
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​​We released an important update of LWMA-2 DA. To all pools, nodes and exchanges, please make update to this version https://github.com/seredat/karbowanec/releases/tag/v.1.5.5
​​Attention! Karbo Hardfork v4 is scheduled at height 266000 which we estimate will happen in a ~month. In this hardfork adaptive fees are introduced. Instructions for pool operators and information about new fees: https://github.com/seredat/karbowanec/blob/master/README.md Download and source https://github.com/seredat/karbowanec/releases/tag/v.1.5.3
​​We are proud to announce a partnership between #Karbo and #PlanetMobile - a new generation global mobile opetator. More details to follow.
​​#Karbo is listed on Kuna Exchange https://kuna.io/markets/krbuah
Happy trading!
​​#Karbo 🚀🚀🚀
​​New wallets v.1.2.4 released with lots of changes and more foolproof dialogs.
Download from Github: https://github.com/seredat/karbowanecwallet/releases/tag/v.1.2.4
​​When everything is red, #Karbo will come to the rescue!
​​Dear Friends, if you are using Cheddur App we have nice news for you. Karbo has been added to this service!
This will allow new users to learn about Karbo and join the community. Cheddur allows you to link wallets, exchanges, and other services that support KRB so that new users can easily get started.

​​Karbo whitepaper based on Buterin work released: low volatility, adaptive emission, masternodes, deposits on blockchain, dynamic fees and privacy.

Full article: https://themerkle.com/karbo-to-become-anon-stablecoin/
​​#Karbo aim, that we outlined many times, is to become a decentralized exchange medium not deflationary value storage, friendly and convenient to users and merchants, fast, private, reliable. Stable and predictable.

​​Despite of drop in value of major #crypto today, #Karbo cryptonote coin has shown significant growth!
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​​Dear Friends, we are happy to announce, that Karbo's wallet on Cryptopia Exchange is online now! Maintains are over and you can deposit/withdraw your Karbo coins. Old transactions have been fulfilled.

Happy trading!

Some party is obstinately mining their alternative chain. All accepting Karbo please beware and make sure you are using Karbo clients from official repository and are on correct chain. Please refer to block explorer and tab Pools. Do not use Forknote software, it's affected.
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​​Good news. Hardfork happened. We got new LWMA diff algo, better network protection battle tested during hardfork. Thanks to attacking party for showing us vulnerabilities. Next time ask for bounty. Mandatory update wallets from https://karbo.io/download/
​​Karbo wallets MANDATORY update with latest core. Please update your wallets.

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Buy Karbo. Use Karbo. Live with Karbo.

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Welcome to Karbo's NFC feature testing in mobile wallet!
(There were some problems with Internet connection, so transactions came in a few seconds, not immediately, as usual).

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Karbo Presents!

Decentralized exchange medium, based on cryptonote blockchain!

Coming soon...

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We are introducing promo about Karbo Wallet!
It's the first native mobile wallet app for crypto on CryptoNote with NFC!

Download wallet: https://goo.gl/8FpMki
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