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Free tokens and Airdrop informations.
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Fresh Airdrop 8 Jul, 09:51
Get 1000 LOOIX !
Fresh Airdrop 1 Jun, 10:16
Fresh Airdrop 1 Jun, 09:32
Unboxed quest Airdrop - 20$
Fresh Airdrop 12 Mar, 16:00
Get $5 in early access credit and be the first to know when MakiPlace launches!
Fresh Airdrop 24 Feb, 11:17
WIN between 0.1 & 0.5 ETH.
Fresh Airdrop 24 Feb, 10:58 - Uservice — is a single global decentralized Blockchain platform for car services based on the Uremont platform.
Fresh Airdrop 24 Feb, 10:33
+50.0 CFY for connecting.
Fresh Airdrop 24 Feb, 10:26
Join the AIRDROP and receive up to 30 tokens for participating and 10 tokens for every person you refer to join the airdrop.
Fresh Airdrop 24 Feb, 10:25
Register and earn 30 CEX.
Fresh Airdrop 16 Feb, 06:49
VENDIO is dropping free tokens for all Users
Just Register and get some more Tokens for refering your friends.
To claim your free tokens simply enter here:
Fresh Airdrop 16 Feb, 06:35
Earn 20 WTS tokens worth $5 and subsequently 5 WTS for each user who signs up under you.
Be among the first to get this benefit.
Airdrops are real
Fresh Airdrop 16 Feb, 06:30
Register and earn 300 PumpTokens.
Bring a friend and get +200 PumpTokens.
Fresh Airdrop 16 Feb, 06:02
Telegram is going to airdrop 1,000,000 GRAM!!!
GRAM is the token of its blockchain product TON. Gift.One, the biggest international airdrop platform, will hold this event. The achieved free Gift from Gift Box will contain a certain sum of GRAM.
Each Gift costs 0.2USD.
Get 100 Gift, just click and sign-up.
Fresh Airdrop 31 Jan, 02:55
Fresh Airdrop 30 Jan, 20:17
Fresh Airdrop 30 Jan, 19:29 - free 300 coins sign up bonus
Fresh Airdrop 29 Jan, 16:44

25 KOIN Airdrop
Fresh Airdrop 29 Jan, 16:38

30.00 PCO = $45.00
Fresh Airdrop 29 Jan, 06:13

To claim your free POW 'lite' simply sign-in using your Facebook or Twitter account.
Get 23,442 POW 'LITE' Now (Currently worth: 8.37 USD)
Fresh Airdrop 29 Jan, 06:08