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Serendipitous, surreptitious, mesmerizing... How does that sound to you?
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04.06.2017 06:16
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The problem with YouTube is actually that you consume all these good quality educational videos and then you remember almost nothing.
I find myself saying 'oh there's a good video on that particular channel about the thing we are talking about right now' a lot.
And then I realize that I don't remember what it stated or if I do remember, then I can't explain why it's true.
Maybe I should cut down the number of channels I am subscribed to.
I feel like I watch TV and believe everything without a hint of critical thinking. It might be just my problem though.

To‘liq o‘qish
Entombed rapture 31 Dec 2018, 14:45
Happy New Year!

I hope all your wishes will come true) Don't forget to put necessary efforts towards something you really want and be confident. You're responsible for your own happiness.

I personally have an awful lot to do in the upcoming year and I am so excited about it)

For those of you who doesn't know what to do next and what direction to choose, for those who stand in darkness and doesn't know if there's any direction at all: stop for a moment, forget about everything and ask yourself who you are. Ask yourself what you loved as a child. Maybe that will help somehow.
To‘liq o‘qish
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