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02.06.2018 13:48
Каналингиз репостлари ва эсловлари ҳақида хабар беради.
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DApp DEV 7 Jun, 12:25
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DApp DEV 4 May, 20:53
dan repost: Pavlo Makarov
yes, thank you! so there are two things, onboarding (KYC) and fiat on/off ramps (wire transfers). Ramp Network is using TrueLayer, which is a open banking APIs and PSD2 licence provider. TrueLayer has integrated with some major banks from the UK and intending to integrate more banks from the EEA later. Your users will have to have at least one bank account in one of the banks supported, otherwise they won't be able to use the service. PSD2 requires user's explicit consent for certain actions, like verification and triggering of wire transfers. Actually there is a demo account on TrueLayer with a Postman collection of a set of HTTP requests to play around for free (about 30 APIs). In Germany we have currently four PSD2 licence providers, who covering most of the local banks.
To‘liq o‘qish
DApp DEV 4 May, 20:53
dan repost: Pavlo Makarov
Getting the status of user's wire transfer direct through an open API from the bank in real time is pretty promising. It is chipper and more efficient than credit cards (processing fee / fraud protection / chargeback) and more reliable then screen scraping. So if your cost of the monthly fee + the integration with PSD2 licence providers is higher than the Ramp Network fee, maybe it might make sense. But you will have one more middlemen (bank / PSD2 / ramp / your app) having the full overview of your customer's bank account activities. Otherwise it does't make much sense.
To‘liq o‘qish
DApp DEV 4 May, 20:53
dan repost: Pavlo Makarov
My point is it is not that complicated and costly to start operating with PSD2 provider(s) directly. The main advantage seems to be the onboarding (KYC) and the liquidity of users. I am wondering how sendwyre is planning to operate in Europe. Taking into account the liquidity they have through projects and users already onboarded, they might will have just to replace Plaid by PSD2 provider(s).
DApp DEV 4 May, 20:53
dan repost: Pavlo Makarov
Status guys are looking at building a decentralized fiat to crypto network with some distribution partnerships, kinda like Binance Lite in Australia. Currently they are about to get the DApp onto testnet to play around.
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DApp DEV 16 Jan, 10:04
The Constantinople hard fork will implement five Ethereum Improvement Proposals
DApp DEV 9 Jan, 17:25