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05.07.2018 14:49
3 Apr, 14:20 (204 kun oldin)
BTC was pumped till 5100$ on Bitfinex, not rised, just pumped like any other shitcoins. During the pump the BTC price difference between exchanges was around 300$. Price broke through all resistances and trend lines. This isnt a rise which reverses the market. There were no volumes on the market which means that market can be manipulated to both sides. Recently we saw BTC pump on KuCoin exchange till 7k$. The price rised within the minute from 4k$ area to 7k$ and then dumped back. So today we saw same thing on Binance with BTC/USDS trading pair (USDS - Stronghold USD another stablecoin.)

This pump is just manipulative bull trap.
Situation reminds me a pump of any shitcoin on the market with further price dump to source values or even lower. For the moment price dumped back to 38.2% by Fibo. In near future I expect dump to source values from pump was started and then drop down to 3550$.
This is what happened today with BTC/USDS pair.