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The purpose of this channel is to get readers the solid advice in cryptocurrency investing providing them insider information from unbiased paid services like Altucher's Crypto Trader, etc. For all questions, please write to @CryptoWhaleHunter
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Crypto Trader Leaks 25 Jan, 14:17
The publisher of the "Altucher's Crypto Trader" decided to end it.

In our channel we will continue to publish updates from the Altucher's investment network.
Crypto Trader Leaks 25 Jan, 14:16
Every week now, I look at the crypto markets and there's really nothing new to report.

But again, I promise to provide updates as needed in Alliance updates and the Altucher’s Investment Network newsletter.

The crypto journey will continue to be a great journey. I have held onto my crypto holdings since day one of this adventure and will continue to do so.

Just keep in mind that the Crypto Trader tab on our website will be going down shortly. So please download anything you wish to save as soon as possible.


James Altucher

Co-editor, Altucher's Crypto Trader

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Crypto Trader Leaks 25 Jan, 14:16
Final Update: Our Last Crypto Trader Alert

Last Friday, my publisher Doug Hill sent an email informing all subscribers that we’ve decided to end Altucher’s Crypto Trader.

That news might have surprised you. Especially because I’ve said in several updates recently that I still believe in the long-term potential of crypto.

Indeed, 2020 should be a massive year for bitcoin. But right now, we haven’t been able to draw a large enough audience to keep this service running.

But I don’t want to leave you hanging either. Let’s get to your final Crypto Trader update, where I address some of the biggest questions I’m seeing in the reader mailbag.

FAQ: What’s Next… and Why Now?

Why are you cancelling this service?

Bitcoin is floating around $9,000 now.

Our main predictions since mid-2017 have held true:

Bitcoin would continue to go up. It was trading at $3,500 when we started this project and as I write this, it’s hovering around $8,600. A better performing asset than every other asset class.

I said that 95% of cryptocurrencies were scams and would go to zero. So far, 80% of the alt-coins from September 2017 have gone to zero. The cryptos in our portfolio are the exception ― they’re still part of the bitcoin ecosystem.

The reason for cancelling is two-fold.

First, the story outlined above has not changed at all since we started. But lots of other things have changed:

More companies than ever are implementing bitcoin and blockchain solutions...

Central banks around the world are looking into bitcoin...

More money than ever is now invested in bitcoin...

Regulations are starting to favor bitcoin...

Exchanges, derivatives, funds, and other financial tools are making it easier than ever for the average consumer to invest in bitcoin...

More companies than ever are accepting bitcoin.

This is all positive ― but it’s also pretty boring. When the story doesn’t change, there’s nothing else to say.

Second, I'm not sure how many more alt-currencies I can recommend. We've recommended the main ones that are crucial to the bitcoin ecosystem. And as bitcoin goes up, the rest should follow.

The real story is not what new alt-coin can quadruple. Instead, it’s waiting as bitcoin unfolds into a full or partial default currency for the world. As that happens, the altcoins will follow.

Will we ever get updates on bitcoin?

Yes. Bitcoin and crypto in general is something we track in the pages of Altucher’s Investment Network. When there is significant news about crypto, I will provide an update there.

What should we do with our open positions?

I recommend holding onto bitcoin and ethereum. I explained why in the last few updates.

Whatever percent chance you think bitcoin will be the big winner in crypto is the percentage of your portfolio you should have in bitcoin. Even a small amount invested in bitcoin will be a huge, huge winner.

With that said, I’m a believer in the rest of the portfolio, too. So you have some flexibility. You can hold onto them or put it all in bitcoin.

Again, as bitcoin goes up, the rest should follow. So neither choice is bad.​

A Few Final Words

I started Altucher’s Crypto Trader because I had a unique take on why bitcoin is going to go up ― the idea that every industry eventually evolves from theism to humanism to data.

Medicine is a great example:

📌 Theism: "Please, God or Allah, heal me."
📌 Humanism: “Doctor, please heal me.” “OK, take two aspirin."
📌 Dataism: “Data, please heal me.” “OK, after DNA tests and blood tests, you should take XYZ medicine and have this surgery."

As a reminder, here’s the currency evolution I’m seeing:

Barter ➡️ Metals ➡️ Paper currency backed by metals ➡️
Fiat currency ➡️ Digital currency

Digital currency, as outlined in prior updates, solves many of the problems of paper currencies and will continue to do so.

The other coins are there to solve problems or provide enhancements in bitcoin, as needed.

It's inevitable that some digital currency will replace fiat currency and with $200 billion invested in bitcoin, it's the most probable candidate by far.
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Crypto Trader Leaks 20 Dec 2019, 14:51
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Crypto Trader Leaks 23 Nov 2019, 01:55
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Crypto Trader Leaks 26 Oct 2019, 11:19
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Crypto Trader Leaks 20 Sep 2019, 16:44
New Trade Alert: Consolidating into Bitcoin

In last week’s video update, I mentioned that we were soon going to reallocate and consolidate our portfolio.

We’re going to begin that portfolio consolidation with zcoin (XZC).

Zcoin remains an interesting privacy crypto, but the market conditions have changed since we first invested in April 2018. Because of this, we’re selling into bitcoin (BTC) as we head toward the next bull run.

We originally added zcoin to our portfolio for several reasons.

Although we hold two other privacy coins, there was no clear winner for that category in our portfolio and privacy is an important use case for crypto.

Zcoin’s technology is based on privacy cryptography that dates back 25 years. It can be audited, which is a unique feature, and users can earn XZC by creating a “masternode.”

It handles privacy in an interesting way ― by issuing and burning coins in certain denominations. Meaning, you’ll never have ties to an old coin with a questionable history. This also cuts ties between owners while preserving the integrity of the amounts on the blockchain.

Zcoin is also one of the oldest coins out there, dating back to 2013. Its team is made up of some of the original bitcoin coders.

At the time we invested, zcoin was gaining use in Southeast Asia. Our bet was that zcoin would be one of the winning privacy cryptos.

At this point, it’s not.

To be fair, this isn’t all their fault ― we still believe in the team and the use case behind zcoin. But some fundamental shifts in the market are preventing zcoin’s value from growing.

The Regulatory Landscape

Since our investment in zcoin, several global regulatory developments have taken place.

Japan banned privacy cryptos… Korea’s OKEx just delisted them… Coinbase UK delisted zcash over the issue of privacy… and U.S. exchanges became much more gun-shy about the types of coins they could list.

Financial Action Task Force (FAFT) regulations regarding the “travel rule” ― used to protect against money laundering and improper use of fiat ― are now being applied to digital currencies as well. In order to comply with these regulations, crypto exchanges and other crypto businesses have to report certain customer information when transferring crypto. Because privacy cryptos mask this type of information, they’re out of compliance.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering why zcash (ZEC) isn’t affected by this.

Zcoin is private by default. Zcash, by contrast, is not. This is how ZEC has been able to secure and maintain high-volume exchange listings like Kraken, Coinbase, and even Gemini, which is regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services (one of the hardest licenses to get).

None of these exchanges support ZEC’s “shielded” (private) transactions ― only the public transactions. ZEC thrived by having the option not to be private.

Zcoin doesn’t have that ability. As a result, it’s struggled to gain the exchange listings and use it needs to grow.

Twenty-four hour volume for zcoin is about 1.3% of ZEC and 4% of XMR, and there is only one major exchange accessible to U.S. customers that lists zcoin: Bittrex.

Additionally, this year zcoin found a cryptographic flaw which let an attacker create XZC out of thin air (about 1% of all XZC worth). The team fixed the flaw quickly, but more zcoin is circulating as a result.

Of course, 1% isn’t enough to be significant, but given the current regulatory conditions surrounding privacy coins and zcoin’s lack of volume, we don’t think it will be the winner for privacy. Our funds would be better positioned elsewhere.

Sell zcoin (XZC) and trade for bitcoin (BTC) at market prices.


Kamal Ravikant

Co-editor, Altucher’s Crypto Trader

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Crypto Trader Leaks 6 Sep 2019, 23:08
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Crypto Trader Leaks 16 Aug 2019, 12:58
Approaching Our BTC Limit Order

We said markets would be choppy for the near future ― that bitcoin (BTC) is on its way up but it won't be a smooth ride. The last few weeks have confirmed exactly that.

The good news? There's still time to buy bitcoin.

While the days of $4,000-bitcoin are over, we still have time to accumulate at dips. (Since we believe in the long-term value of bitcoin, it’s a good thing those $4,000 days are behind us.)

We placed a limit order for bitcoin at $10,000 on July 16. At the time we said that if the market dips and you can add to your bitcoin at that price, you won’t regret it.

Markets were up recently and they’re down today. This is expected. If you set a limit order for BTC up to $10,000, that order could trigger today.

If you haven’t yet set that limit order and still wish to add to your bitcoin, there’s still time to do so.

Buy bitcoin (BTC) up to $10,000.


Kamal Ravikant

Co-editor, Altucher's Crypto Trader

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Crypto Trader Leaks 31 Jul 2019, 22:20
🔥The new July issue of the "Altucher's Crypto Trader" is available now in our VIP channel. 🔥

This is the message from Kamal Ravikant concerning this monthly issue:

"This month, we’re doing a complete analysis of bitcoin (BTC).

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

📌 Price and Volatility: Bitcoin will continue to be volatile in the near future. Here’s how we’re taking advantage…
📌 Global Issues Affecting Bitcoin: Whenever there is volatility in foreign policy, bitcoin tends to go up.
📌 Regarding Our Portfolio: Bitcoin’s market behavior affects the value of our entire portfolio. With that in mind, I’ll leave you with a brief note on altcoins…
📌 And more!


Kamal Ravikant

Co-editor, Altucher’s Crypto Trader"

Our VIP channel is the only channel in the telegram messenger and elsewhere where you can find FULL information from the "Altucher's Crypto Trader" subscription service since its beginning in October 2017.

To join our VIP, please, write to @ACT_subscription_bot. More information is here.
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Crypto Trader Leaks 17 Jul 2019, 00:38
What is the value of YEC?

: We have no way of knowing what the value of YEC will be. It depends entirely on the demand for it when it’s released. Some new coins created at forks are worth very little. Others, like bitcoin cash (BCH), became major cryptos.


Kamal Ravikant

Co-editor, Altucher's Crypto Trader

Crypto Trader Leaks 17 Jul 2019, 00:38
Zcash Fork Update

The zcash (ZEC) fork to ycash (YEC) is coming up in two days. As a reminder, this will give ZEC holders 1:1 ycash.

Everyone who holds ZEC has a chance to get an equal amount of ycash.

In this alert, I’ll discuss details about the fork, and what we recommend you do.

What is Ycash?

Ycash is a new crypto based on zcash’s code.

That said, it does have some differences from zcash. Ycash can be mined with computers and doesn’t have the same structure for the “founder’s reward.”

When new ZEC is mined, some goes to miners, and some is distributed to founders, employees, and early investors ― the founder’s reward.

Some people have criticized the founder’s reward, believing that all of the mined ZEC belongs to the miners. But this funding is what allowed zcash to be built and what pays developers and people to keep it secure.

When zcash uncovered a flaw in its system early in the year, it was fixed before most people even knew it existed ― only because the team had the funds to do so.

Other cryptos that only have volunteer developers aren’t able to do that.

Ycash is a difference in philosophy, in that it reduces the founder’s reward from 20% to a perpetual 5%. Still, the ycash team stands to make a ton of money if it’s successful.

We don’t know yet which exchanges will support ycash, if any.

We’ve been in contact with the founders of zcash about this for the past month, and they didn’t know any other details about this – until today.

Today, the ycash team released their “how to” guide, which you can find here.

Our Recommendation

Now, before we go any further, I want to make you aware that we don’t recommend that you try to access ycash through this fork.

Why? It’s high risk.

Here’s what the ycash team has to say:

Important Note: There is no 100% risk-free way to access your YEC, so if you decide to do so, you do so at your own risk of losing both your YEC and your ZEC.

As much as we love free money, the risk of losing your ZEC to get your YEC is too high. Remember, this is crypto and if you lose your ZEC, you can't get it back.

We recommend that you sit tight on your ZEC and don't do anything.

If you possess the technical skills to pull this off and do want ycash, I’ll still provide you with that information now.

Two Ways to Access YEC

The Easy Way: According to the ycash “how to” guide, there are three wallets that will issue ycash. Using one of the three wallets that have offered to support this fork would be your easiest option to get access. That said, none are wallets we use or have yet recommended. So there are risks. If you choose to do that, you will need to move your ZEC to that wallet and wait until after the fork to move it back to your Ledger.

The Hard Way: This involves knowing how to access your ZEC private keys. Exodus Wallet, which we’ve used for our EOS swap in the past, is one place where you control your private keys and export them to receive your YEC. You also need to run a ycash node (keep a copy of the entire blockchain).

Within the ycash “how to” guide, you’ll find the exact set of instructions for claiming ycash using either one of those methods we just discussed. Do this only if you have the technical skills and risk level to do this.

FAQ’s about the ZEC-YEC Fork

What happens to our ZEC during the fork?

: Nothing. It is perfectly safe.

Which exchanges will be supporting the YEC fork?

: None that we know of. The ycash team said they are working on listings but their priority is the fork. Each exchange will decide for themselves whether to issue the equivalent YEC to ZEC holders.

How do I get my YEC if my ZEC is stored on a Ledger or other hardware wallet?

: You have to move your ZEC. According to the ycash “how to” guide, there are three wallets that will issue ycash. However, none are wallets we use. This is risky.
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Crypto Trader Leaks 28 Jun 2019, 23:56
🔥The new June issue of the "Altucher's Crypto Trader" is available now in our VIP channel. 🔥

This is the message from Kamal Ravikant concerning this monthly issue:

"With bitcoin recently experiencing a resurgence, there’s been a lot of news and speculation surrounding crypto.

This month, I’m analyzing major trends and clearing up any confusion...

Inside the Issue:

📌 Trade War Showdown: Tensions and protests are creating a demand for bitcoin...

📌 Facebook’s Project Libra: Experience this historical moment for crypto. I’ll share with you the three biggest takeaways from this announcement.

📌 Where Our Cryptos Stand: With all of the developments in crypto and the recent reorganization of our portfolio — I’m doing an in-depth review of where our cryptos stand...

📌 And more!


Kamal Ravikant

Co-editor, Altucher's Crypto Trader"

Our VIP channel is the only channel in the telegram messenger and elsewhere where you can find FULL information from the "Altucher's Crypto Trader" subscription service since its beginning in October 2017.

To join our VIP, please, write to @ACT_subscription_bot. More information is here.
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Crypto Trader Leaks 22 Jun 2019, 00:26
#Updates #VideoUpdates
Crypto Trader Leaks 22 Jun 2019, 00:26
[Video Update] Taking Profits

I have a brand-new video update ready for you. And I’m also including a write-up (below) on the specific actions I discuss in the video. I recommend that you view both.

In the first part of this write-up let’s review the 10% rule for taking profits in crypto.

The 10% Rule

When a crypto doubles, it’s time to start taking profits. You can make a lot of money in a bull market frenzy and still own most of the crypto itself.

We have three positions in our portfolio that have doubled or nearly doubled if you bought during our initial recommendations, discussed below.

Here’s what we suggest: Sell 10% when they double and take that cash off the table.

Don’t reinvest ― simply keep the profits. And get used to crypto making you money! This is important psychologically as an investor.

Here are the three positions:

#1: Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin has increased 85% since we recommended it on Nov. 19, 2018.

Let’s use the 10% rule to grab some profits.
Set a limit order to sell 10% of your holdings and take profits at $10,000.

That said, if you are planning on buying more BTC as per my advice in the video, then you can skip this. But if you have enough, then take the 10% profit.

#2: Ethereum (ETH)

If you bought ethereum at $166, based on our recommendation on April 12, 2019, this applies to you.
Set a limit order to sell 10% of your holdings for $332 when it doubles. Take those profits.

#3: EOS (EOS)

If you bought EOS at $3, based on our recommendation on Nov. 27, 2018, your position has increased 125%.
Sell 10% of your holdings and take profits.

A Note on Crypto Taxes

This month, the IRS said it’s shifting its focus from large-scale tax fraud and crime (like Silk Road and scam companies) to individual taxpayer compliance. The IRS has said its “ahead of the game” on crypto.

Here at Altucher’s Crypto Trader we’ve always been ahead of the game on crypto taxes.

Because we have a long-term investment strategy, we haven’t sold a lot.

But when we do, we want to keep the records we’ll need for Uncle Sam.

In order to properly declare these gains, you need to record the price when you bought these cryptos, the price at the time of sale, and the amount at which you sold.

Keep this record for your accountant at tax time.


Kamal Ravikant

Co-editor, Altucher’s Crypto Trader

#Updates #VideoUpdates
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Crypto Trader Leaks 3 Jun 2019, 15:11
EOS Listed on Coinbase

Coinbase has listed EOS, effective immediately. You can buy and trade EOS on Coinbase and Coinbase Pro right now (except in New York and the UK).

EOS has had a 62% increase this month — it’s the 5th largest crypto.

Block.One, the company behind EOS, recently unstaked 9.8 million EOS and bought 3.3 million EOS worth of RAM (used to run the network) worth $25 million dollars. You can see the transaction on the EOS blockchain here.

The EOS community has a big meetup in Washington D.C. tomorrow. And Block.One has been hinting at a big June 1 announcement.

We are watching this closely and will alert you with any action to take. Please keep an eye out for our alerts.


Kamal Ravikant

Co-editor, Altucher's Crypto Trader

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Crypto Trader Leaks 10 May 2019, 22:34
If you want to disclose the full "Altucher's Crypto Trader" portfolio, join our VIP channel through the @ACT_subscription_bot.
Crypto Trader Leaks 10 May 2019, 22:27
How to Play Bitcoin’s Break Above $6,000

Bitcoin (BTC) broke through $6,000 this week. This is a major milestone I've spoken about quite a few times this year.

It signifies that the bottom is over, and that we're now in the beginnings of a choppy bull market.

Of course, we will continue to see dips in the market. But the highs will get higher and higher.

Fortunately for us, while bitcoin is up all the other cryptos are down. Since we are still accumulating, any dips in prices create opportunity for us.

To top bitcoin’s news off, it looks like Fidelity will enter crypto trading within a few weeks.

Add this to Ameritrade and E-Trade’s move into crypto (discussed in last week’s update), and suddenly you have almost 100 million brokerage accounts with access to crypto.

And this doesn't even take into account all the on ramps that are being built for institutional money to enter the space.

Two Key Takeaways

All of our cryptos are rated a buy right now. But last week, I gave you five specific buy recommendations to focus on.

This week, here is what I recommend:

1: If you don’t own bitcoin or ethereum (ETH), buy them.

Yes, there may be future dips. But once Fidelity, Ameritrade, and E-Trade launch their crypto platforms, these two coins will be hard to get at recent prices.

2: If you already have BTC and ETH in your portfolio, use the current dip to add to any other positions you have from our recommendations.

Right now, everything in our portfolio is still on sale. Take advantage before the market continues to rise.

That said, don't spend all your money in one go ― we'll be adding to our portfolio as the market progresses and opportunities emerge.

We recommend taking your yearly crypto budget, dividing by 12, and then spending that amount each month. It's a simple and well-used method to create a valuable portfolio.

Remember: The name of the game in investing is patience and discipline.

Many people fled the crypto market when prices fell, when they really should have been buying. They're the ones who buy at the highs... and sell at the low.

Those of you who stuck around will eventually sell to that same crowd once we hit the next bull market highs for huge profits.

I’m looking forward to it.


Kamal Ravikant

Co-editor, Altucher's Crypto Trader

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Crypto Trader Leaks 27 Apr 2019, 13:38
Attached file
Crypto Trader Leaks 27 Apr 2019, 13:37
Categorizing Cryptoassets: A Return-Driven Cluster Analysis

What does cluster analysis reveal about Bitcoin, Ripple and other large digital assets?


📌 Using a correlation matrix along with hierarchical clustering, digital assets can be grouped into several sub-segments.

📌 Based on weekly returns, large cryptoassets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum exhibit the highest correlations, but Ripple displays a lower correlation than in our previous report and is an exception as the best diversifier amongst digital assets with a market cap above $3 billion.

📌 Bitcoin forks (Gold and Cash), Ethereum Classic and Litecoin form a single cluster whereas other potential groups around the following effects:

📍 “Binance effect”: Tezos and Dogecoin, two assets not listed on Binance, each form a single child cluster.
📍 Potential geographical effects such as a dichotomy between American and Asian cryptoassets.
📍 “Coinbase listing effect”: some assets that were reported to be listed or investigated by Coinbase seemed to belong to similar clusters.
📍 Some privacy coins (Dash and Monero) form a single cluster.

📌 On the other hand, performing K-Means clustering on risk-return profiles of each cryptoasset did not return any meaningful results. One potential explanation is that return & volatility profiles are not related to underlying price co-movements over the study period.


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