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ISBN (International Standards Book No) is used for registering title rights for writers and it costs 125$.
Now CryptoISBN not only allows you to register title rights with the help of ISB token, you can use it as transferable asset, currency, tradable asset,Investment asset. one can buy tokens for mere 2USD during ICO period and after that the title registration cost will be 50USD and the website will take service charges in terms of 50USD Value of token value prevailing in exchange as shown in If the value is 200USD for token than. 0.25 will be collected as service fee. People who buy ISB token will be saving a lot. First They are getting 50USD value Token for mere 2 USD and the token value will be appreciating all the time due to shortage of token.only 7000000 Token available for use and issued under ICO. People who require ISB Token for registering at has to buy in exchange and it will surely shoot up more than 50 USD very fast. People investing now 2 USD get the benefit of token appreciation more than 50USD and also they can sell in exchange and liquidate in to cash. Another advantage of CryptoISBN is it acts as currency for Media Publishers. The 20 Digit CryptoISBN is as good as Bank A8ccount No and One can Print it or show it as QR Code along with published content and the selling amount of content can be Immidiatly received as digital money in the form of ISB Token or Fiat money and stored in CryptoISBN wallet. One can withdraw the wallet balance by transferring it to VISA card or Crypto Currency. Unlike ISBN CryptoISBN is not only registers title ownership of print or published media, It also registers all kind of print and digital media title ownership information using block chain technology. You can register all kind of crypto and digital assets title ownership information with the help of CryptoISBN like movie name, channel name, Coin name Etc. Apart from registering the title ownership one can trade the title ownership. This facility is not available in other exchanges. CryptoISBN provides details about listed ISBN information to buyer with the help of CryptoISBN Staticall Tools and your Digital Title Rights can be transferred easily. All the service charges are nominal and very less compared to others. ISB Token is ERC 20 Token issued under smart contract using ethereum blockchain network and it can be traded in Any decentralized exchange.
Now the important thing in this ICO is every token will get one ISBN Worth USD 125 Free so one can register their titles both with ISBN as well as CryptoISBN. This will be golden offer for everyone. Now you are making a deal of 175 USD value by buying 2 USD ISB token. You can make more money once token value start increasing day by day due to demand and supply. Start accepting ISB token as your currency and like bitcoin it will grow more fast as supply is very very less compared to global demand for CryptoISBN.
Most of the time very few people get coins in ICO in order to avoid it start corresponding by emailing your requirements to about your queries and we will certainly help you in resolving all your issues.

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