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Powerful signals for profitable cryptotrading by Bitconsul Cryptoconsalting agency.
(❗️Signals are not financial advice❗️)
Our website -
Admin: @bitconsul
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▶️Buy #POA on #Binance with price around 760satoshi

1️⃣814 (+7%)
2️⃣852 (+12%)
3️⃣895 (+17.7%)
4️⃣940 (#midterm +23.6%)

⛔️StopLoss: 700 (-7.8%)
#BCPT had hit 1️⃣&2️⃣targets on #Binance exchnage, it’s clear ➡️11.5% #profit✅
Eyes👀 on #BCPT, set sell targets✅
▶️Buy #BCPT with price around 880satoshi on #Binance

1️⃣938 (+6.5%)
2️⃣982 (+11.5%)
3️⃣1040 (+18%)
4️⃣1100 (#midterm +25%)

⛔️StopLoss: 818 (-7%)
#MITH 1️⃣target✅done on #Binance, price reached 2400+ satoshi, it’s➡️11.6% #profit.
​​📉Important Bitcoin update have been posted in #Premium Channel.
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#Gemini #BCH #Blockchain #Regulatory #SilkRoad #DeepWeb #Fraud #ICO

📰After year-long wait New York -based exchange Gemini lists Bitcoin Cash.

📰USDT volume up despite Tether’s stablecoin dominance dropping.

📰Malaysia’s securities regulator and Central bank are to strengthen their scrutiny of ICOs through new rules meant to eliminate issues of unfair trade practices.

📰Melbourne-based company is now offering crypto-backed loans.

📰Text-enabled BCH payments now available in 35 countries with cointext.

📰Interesting: Federal agents told this Silk Road moderator to fake his own death😳
A former administrator from the now-defunct Silk Road marketplace is recounting his story in a tell-all book and movie deal.

📰Alert: $80mln ICO TenX founder linked to pyramid scheme.

📰Still trending: Bitcoin subreddit hits 1mln subscribers.

📰Important: Why you shouldn’t fear the blockchain regulators.
▶️Buy $MITH on #Binance with price below 2150satoshi and hold.

1️⃣2355 (+9.5%)
2️⃣2510 (+16.7%)
3️⃣2723 (+27.3%)
4️⃣3044 (#midterm +41.5%)

⛔️StopLoss: 2000 (-6.98%)
#Bitcoin_ETF #Bitcoin #EOS #TRX

📰Bitcoin ETF is delayed till February 27, 2019. Nothing new😁, but looks like it will be final decision about ETF in 2019👍🏼

📰Chinese miners become the biggest Bitcoin short-seller in the bear market.

📰American company UnitedCorp files suit against Bitmain, Roger Ver (pool, Kraken over alleged manipulation during Bitcoin Cash hard fork.

📰Justin Sun tweeted that he can save dAPPs crashing from ETH and EOS blockchains, but projects just need to drive into TRX network. EOSIO New York answered like “Thanks bro, we can handle this by ourselves😂”

📰 Bitcoin Cash (those which is ABC) drops 81% in 1 month: Why is it plunging so rapidly?

📰Why crypto matters: $15M raised for bus crash victims - $480k fee charged, it’s just 2.9% per this transaction. Do you guys remember recently LTC and BTC multimillions transactions with fees around 6 cents?😏

📰Carnage: Crypto market loses $16 billion overnight as assets plunge 10.

📰Cryptocurrency asset manager Morgan Creek Digital is betting $1 million that its crypto fund will outperform the S&P 500, calling the challenge Buffett Bet 2.0 to mimic the billionaire investor’s famous bet.
#Vertcoin #Hack #Binance #Nasdaq #Litecoin #ETC

📰Hackers hacked Vertcoin blockchain with 51% attack method and made around $100k

📰Opinion: Bitcoin’s drop is different this time, says Weiss Ratings founder.

📰​​Nasdaq executive confirms launching Bitcoin (BTC) futures in 2019 despite cryptomarket crash.

📰​​Bitmain, Fidelity, Nasdaq ventures invest in crypto exchange ErisX. The upcoming trading platform, which is still waiting for CFTC approval, has received support from ConsenSys, and Monex Group as well.

📰Litecoin (LTC) sees 60% of supply moved in one go. A mysterious transaction at the end of November moved some 36 million LTC, or the equivalent of $1.16 billion👀

📰​​Binance published a demo video of its decentralized exchange scheduled for release in the beginning of 2019.

📰Opinion: Bitcoin price will likely fall to $1,500.

📰Ethereum Classic dev. team ETCDEV shuts down - not enough funds.
#Lun 1️⃣&2️⃣targets ✅done on #Binance, price reached 54700satoshi, it’s➡️13% #profit.
​​Admin @bitconsul
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#Bitcoin #OTC #Whale #SolidX #Mining #SEC #VanEck #Cboe #Bitcoin_ETF

📰Breaking Whale Alert: $257mln worth of BTC were sent from an inactive address. First tx from 2104🤔

📰VanEck, SolidX and Cboe met with SEC staff to present a new argument on why the bitcoin market is ready for an (ETF) exchange-traded fund.

📰Fidelity may expand crypto custody to more assets.

📰G20 agrees to regulate crypto.

📰Bitcoin mining difficulty just saw its second-largest drop in History.
#Oax hits 2️⃣target, price reached 2860satoshi on #Binance, ➡️14% #profit.
▶️Buy #OCN with price around 82 - 90satoshi (❗️not higher please, use your own buy limit orders in buying range👆🏻) #KuCoin #HitBTC #Bittrex

1️⃣97 (+7.78%)
2️⃣103 (+14%)
3️⃣110 (+22%)
4️⃣128 (#midterm +42%)

⛔️StopLoss: 76 (-7%)