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22.01.2018 14:21
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bitcoin (new channel) 23 Feb 2018, 10:59
@a_zet расскажет, как переплетены экономика и политика, что движет людьми меняющими судьбы мира, истории о которых не говорят. Взгляни на происходящее и произошедшее вместе с @a_zet
bitcoin (new channel) 22 Feb 2018, 10:04
🏦 Банкограм (@bankogram) — все самые важные и актуальные новости и статьи из банковской сферы. Присоединяйся!
bitcoin (new channel) 21 Feb 2018, 08:52
💬 Английский Мир (@letseng) — лучший канал об английском языке, на котором ты узнаешь много нового и интересного. Присоединяйся к нам!
bitcoin (new channel) 20 Feb 2018, 10:28
⚓ Вокруг света (@trvlgrm) — самый красивый канал в Telegram с фотографиями со всех уголков планеты. Присоединяйся к нам!
bitcoin (new channel) 13 Feb 2018, 03:19
bitcoin (new channel) 13 Feb 2018, 03:19
Russia: Ministry of Communications Requires ICO Issuers To Have $1.7 Mln Nominal Capital

Russia’s Ministry of Communications will require ICO issuers to obtain at least $1.7 mln to start an ICO. #NEWS
bitcoin (new channel) 13 Feb 2018, 01:41
user does.” Users should note that anytime their bitcoin addresses are stored on a thin-client server, their transactions can be monitored. Like other thin clients, if Electrum servers do not properly verify the rules of the Bitcoin blockchain, wallets can be deceived. For example, a compromised Electrum server could lead the Electrum wallet to accept a fake transaction for USD $1000 worth of bitcoin that would not have been validated by a full node. Electrum servers also store records of every address ever used on the Bitcoin network, which, as user-base increases, poses a hindrance to scalability.In the Electrum ecosystem, the only way for a user to avoid these vulnerabilities inherent to the Electrum thin client is to run their own Electrum server and connect it to their wallet. This fix is more resource-intensive than running a Bitcoin full node; it requires the unpruned Bitcoin blockchain, the full transaction index and extra address index. Electrum Servers are also more RAM and CPU intensive than full nodes, and are not made to be turned on and off efficiently.Electrum Personal Server SolutionThe Electrum Personal Server provides bitcoin users with increased efficiency, security and privacy. In this implementation of the Electrum server protocol, users seeking a full node connection can interact with all traditional Electrum wallet features while running a Bitcoin full node, instead of downloading an Electrum server. EfficiencyFrom an efficiency perspective, connecting an Electrum wallet to a full node allows users to take advantage of resource-saving Bitcoin Core features such as pruning, disabled txindex and blocksonly. These features are not available to an Electrum server. Users also benefit from the traditional Electrum wallet user experience/user interface and functionality such as hardware wallet integration, offline signing, recovery phrases and multi-signature wallets.Security and PrivacyBecause users are connected to a full node, they aren’t prone to any of the aforementioned privacy and security threats posed to thin clients.There is a caveat –– users lose the popular “instant-on” feature of the Electrum wallet when using a full node such as the Electrum Personal Server. The full node must synchronize first, before displaying a wallet’s bitcoin balance. Depending on connection speeds and time since last connectivity, this process could take a few minutes or hours.For users seeking to connect their wallet to an Electrum Personal Server, the process is fairly straightforward. According to Belcher’s blog post, users must:Download the alpha version;Configure the Electrum Personal server with their master public key. Those addresses are then imported into Bitcoin Core as watch-only;Rescan the wallet if it contains historical transactions. There is no need to rescan, however, if a new, empty wallet is created.Why Should the Average Bitcoin User Care?Belcher outlined that since the inception of the Bitcoin network, the basic security model has relied on most of the economy using full node wallets, not thin clients that are vulnerable to manipulation. This way, legitimate Bitcoin transactions are always accurately verified, nefarious transactions are always rejected, and the hard limit of 21 million bitcoins (which are really just bits and bytes) is enforced. Belcher believes that “bitcoin is dead in the long term” if most of the Bitcoin economy does not use full node wallets.He hopes that the Electrum Personal Server can serve
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bitcoin (new channel) 13 Feb 2018, 01:41
as a framework for other lightweight Bitcoin wallets to connect to full nodes run by users, rather than (centralized) servers. For instance, a Samourai Wallet or Breadwallet can utilize a script similar to the Electrum Personal Server to connect to a full node.This article originally appeared on Bitcoin Magazine.
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bitcoin (new channel) 13 Feb 2018, 01:41
The Electrum Personal Server Will Give Users the Full Node Security They Need

The Electrum Personal Server promises a resource-efficient, secure and private way to use bitcoin with hardware and software wallets, connected to full nodes. Developed by open-source programmer Christian Belcher, best known for his contributions to JoinMarket, the Electrum Personal Server directly addresses vulnerabilities with the popular Electrum Bitcoin wallet, while sparing users the significant resource usage of an Electrum server.According to Belcher, connecting Electrum with the Electrum Personal Server is the most resource-efficient, secure and private way to use a hardware or software wallet connected to a full node. It is important for all users to connect their wallets to full nodes for the Bitcoin network to maintain long-term security, he maintains.“If bitcoin is digital gold, then a full node wallet is your own personal goldsmith who checks for you that received payments are genuine,” explained Belcher in correspondence with Bitcoin Magazine. Full Nodes vs. Thin Clients RefresherIn the Bitcoin blockchain, full nodes are programs that validate transactions and blocks on the network. Full nodes assist the network by accepting transactions and blocks from other full nodes, validating them and sharing them with other full nodes. Essentially, full nodes are the referees of the Bitcoin blockchain –– they check to see that chains are following the rules of the network and ignore chains who break them. As an example, Belcher noted that “[transactions] printing infinite money would be rejected by [full nodes] as if they never existed.” In this way, Bitcoin can ensure that no more than 21 million coins are ever minted.While full nodes are the most secure, they are are also more resource-intensive. A full node takes up around 156 GB of disk space (a number which is growing by more than 50 GB per year), can take days to sync when used for the first time, requires significant amount of bandwidth each month, and takes up CPU power validating all transactions and blocks on the network.Thin clients (also known as lightweight clients), however, do not download the entire Bitcoin blockchain. Instead, they only download a copy of all the headers for the blocks in the blockchain. Thin clients are able to achieve increased efficiency and speed by receiving notifications when a transaction affects their wallet specifically. But this does mean that thin clients must tell a third party which addresses belong to them, which is bad for privacy. Additionally, thin clients trade full validation and security for efficiency, placing their trust in full nodes to verify that rules are being followed on the Bitcoin blockchain.ElectrumSince 2011, the Electrum wallet –– a light client –– has been among the community favorites. It features a pleasant user interface, hardware wallet connectivity, “forgiving” seed recovery phrases, cold storage solutions, decentralized servers to prevent downtimes, and multi-sig permissions. However, similar to other thin clients, the Electrum wallet’s lightweight connection with the Bitcoin blockchain comes at the cost of privacy, validity and scalability. By default, the Electrum wallet sends all its bitcoin addresses to an Electrum server, which sends back a user’s history and balance. According to Belcher, “This means that the Electrum server knows all the user’s bitcoin addresses and could spy on them, essentially seeing everything a
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bitcoin (new channel) 12 Feb 2018, 21:59
bitcoin (new channel) 12 Feb 2018, 21:59
EU Regulators Caution Consumers Against ‘Highly Risky’ Crypto Investing, Again

The European Supervisory Authorities warn customers against investing in cryptocurrencies without understanding the risks and to only spend the money they can afford to lose. #NEWS
bitcoin (new channel) 12 Feb 2018, 21:59
bitcoin (new channel) 12 Feb 2018, 21:59
bitcoin (new channel) 12 Feb 2018, 21:59
Abu Dhabi: Financial Services Authority Is Working On Cryptocurrency and ICO Regulations

The financial regulator of Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) announced that it is preparing a set of regulations for cryptocurrencies, ICOs and crypto exchanges. #NEWS
bitcoin (new channel) 12 Feb 2018, 21:59
Vermont Lawyer Warns of Legal Complications Ahead for Cryptocurrency Miners

Are miners — the nodes on a blockchain that process transactions — partners in a company? And, if they are deemed partners, and a cryptocurrency project collapses leaving coin holders holding the bag, what legal construct is in place to protect miners from lawsuits? One Vermont lawyer sees a “nightmare” unfolding.Stepping back a few steps, last month, several news sites ran stories about proposed legislation (S.269) in Vermont put forth by Senator Alison Clarkson on January 3, 2018. Most focused on the tax element — blockchain projects based in the state would have to pay $0.01 per token mined, traded or transferred — but missed the main point of the legislation, which was to set Vermont up as a safe haven for cryptocurrency projects. The legislation seeks to establish a so-called “digital currency limited liability corporation” (LLC) in Vermont. An LLC is a type of corporate structure where individuals cannot be held personally liable in case the company is sued. Right now, blockchain companies operate in a fuzzy gray area in terms of business structure. If push comes to shove, they could be classified as statutory partnerships, leaving miners and others who contributed to the project with no liability shield.“Legally, it is not only plausible; it is the most probable outcome,” said Vermont lawyer Oliver Goodenough in speaking to Bitcoin Magazine. Goodenough is co-director at the Center for Legal Innovation of Vermont Law School, the body that produced the report  behind the Vermont legislation.  Goodenough is not alone in thinking about setting up a subcategory LLC for blockchain projects. Carla Reyes, assistant law professor at Stetson University, also touches on the idea of blockchain LLCs in her working paper “If Rockefeller Were a Coder.” General Partners by DefaultWhat are blockchain companies if they are not partnerships? In the U.S., the default association of two or more persons who carry on as co-owners of a for-profit business is a general partnership, whether or not that is what those individuals intended. In a general partnership, liability is not simply limited to the assets of the business, but individual assets as well. That means, if a cryptocurrency crash occurs, and coin holders suffer losses because a token’s value has dropped to nothing, plaintiffs’ attorneys could argue a blockchain constitutes a statutory partnership and hold miners personally liable. “Miners are running a mutual network from which they profit mutually and for which they have rules for the division of that profit, and that is quite plausibly a partnership,” said Goodenough who thinks it could spell disaster for blockchain entities. “Miners wake up one morning and suddenly, in this nightmare land, they are all partners,” he said. The idea is not so far fetched when you realize some cryptocurrency projects are already being hit by lawsuits. After ruling that some virtual tokens, including the DAO token, qualify as securities and are subject to federal securities laws, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) stopped short of filing charges against the DAO. But that did not stop the securities plaintiffs’ bar from taking aim at ICOs. In fact, currently, at least four class-action suits have been levied against the organizers of Tezos, a project that raised $232 million in an ICO in July 2017. Who is to say cryptocurrency miners would not face similar class
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bitcoin (new channel) 12 Feb 2018, 21:59
-action suits?Move to Vermont The point of the Vermont bill is to roll out the welcome mat for blockchain businesses. Setting up a subcategory LLC means that cryptocurrency projects will be able to specify how the company designates the participants within the system.In addition to outlining a business structure, Goodenough says a digital currency LLC would also allow projects to legally define who has the authority, and under what conditions, to initiate a hard fork to change the protocol or roll back a large transaction, such as when Ethereum initiated a blockchain hard fork to roll back the DAO funds. “Essentially, Vermont is saying, ‘Come set your business up here, we have a law, you pay us a little tax, and it will all be fine,’” Goodenough said, adding “It was meant to provide an opportunity for folks.” If the bill passes, cryptocurrency projects wanting to set up digital currency LLC, would have to maintain a physical presence or conduct some of their activities in the state. As mentioned, they would also have to pay a minor tax on any token produced or transacted, but, overall, it may not be a bad deal for blockchain projects.  “They could form an LLC in Vermont,” said Goodenough. “They would be legitimate and get the benefit of all these rules for a crypto LLC. We’ve got it all defined. We are enabling them to give themselves a structure to protect themselves.”This article originally appeared on Bitcoin Magazine.
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bitcoin (new channel) 12 Feb 2018, 19:23
IMF Chief Christine Lagarde Says International Crypto Regulation Is ‘Inevitable’ And Necessary

IMF chief Lagarde sees regulation of cryptocurrency internationally as something “inevitable” that should be focused on activities rather than entities. #NEWS
bitcoin (new channel) 12 Feb 2018, 19:23
bitcoin (new channel) 12 Feb 2018, 19:23
CME Plans To Develop New System To More Easily Modify Blockchain Protocols

CME has filed a patent to work around the difficulty in gaining a consensus to modify Blockchain rules. #NEWS
bitcoin (new channel) 12 Feb 2018, 19:23