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Hey, fellas!
31 Dec 2017, 08:53
6 Sep 2017, 13:41
Hey, fellas!
21 Aug 2017, 21:49
Hey, fellas!
2 Jun 2017, 17:42
Morkusaren Memelariak
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It's levi-O-sa not levio-SA
1 Jan 2018, 07:16
you win too
1 Jan 2018, 07:16
you win too
1 Jan 2018, 07:16
Hey, fellas!
1 Jan 2018, 07:16
vodka and anti-slippertjes
1 Jan 2018, 07:16
Der Quèque: Snowy Brombeere Edition
1 Jan 2018, 07:16
Morkusaren Memelariak
1 Jan 2018, 07:16
1 Jan 2018, 07:16
luok's shitposting chamber
1 Jan 2018, 07:16
Hey, fellas!
1 Jan 2018, 07:16
vodka and anti-slippertjes
17 Jul 2017, 04:11
A Fluff's Life
9 Jul 2017, 00:25
vodka and anti-slippertjes
30 Jun 2017, 19:05
19 Jun 2017, 04:03
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28 May 2017, 08:17
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creed's greed
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Bæyo 2 Jan 2018, 01:19
So thanks to all of y’all for being there during 2017 and I wish you the best of luck this upcoming year!!!! :D
Bæyo 2 Jan 2018, 01:18
I may do awards at some point but I honestly can’t think of any at the moment and I don’t want to accidentally forget someone
Bæyo 1 Jan 2018, 09:24
Bæyo 1 Jan 2018, 07:16
dan repost: Hey, fellas!
Things I’ve learned from journaling for most of my life and also some input on bullet journals:

if you’re anything like me, you’re obsessed with having a perfect journal that looks tumblr worthy and when you’re famous people will use it to document your perfect life, FUCK THAT
1) don’t journal to have an aesthetic journal, journal because it’s an amazing way to keep yourself steady, have a place to vent, express yourself, or whatever you need tbh
2) don’t try to write every day if that doesn’t work for you
I highkey suck at routines and never wrote consistently, which would make me upset and give up on the whole thing. Don’t give up! Write when you want/need to, not when you feel you should
3) be true to yourself at the time, even if your goal is to look back on it later
When I was younger I used to glorify my own writing so when I reread it I would think my life was great, but now I just tell it like it is, and I honestly enjoy seeing what’s happened to me and how I’ve grown
4) on that note, write what matters to you and what you think is important, whatever you wanna remember
5) don’t force something you’re not good at, don’t make it a journal to keep track of your homework if you’re not good at keeping track of homework in a journal ? I’ve forced things on myself way too many times that didn’t work because they’re not me

1) fuck tumblr, have your own aesthetic
When I started my first one, I was super anxious to have a really gorgeous and creative and interesting bullet journal, but I started feeling like I was just using pages to have a nice presentation, none of it was actually me
If you’re creative, use that to your advantage and express yourself, use your own ideas
If you’re not typically into that artsy stuff, don’t force it! Let your journal be a reflection of you, the best journals serve function not aesthetic
2) don’t get overwhelmed by it being a bullet journal
This kinda goes hand in hand with the last one but I always feel anxious to make my bullet journals perfect because they’re BULLET JOURNALS ???? but tbh they’re still just journals, if you mess up or something it’s not a huge deal, just keep going
3) the best way to express yourself is to put things in the bullet journal that you actually care about, I once put in a cute page that was a bunch of books on a shelf that I drew and I put the names of books that I wanna read, but at the time I hated reading and was never gonna do that so realistically it was stupid, don’t waste your time tbh
4) have fun honestly, that’s the best I can say, don’t pressure yourself, just let it flow, don’t spend a ton of money if you don’t need to, let it be your outlet for expression
To‘liq o‘qish
Bæyo 1 Jan 2018, 07:16
Fluffy awards 2k17 aka the year i realized my life wont always be more positive than negative

individual awards:
best US friend: esmargotti biscotti ravioli mostaccioli
beaniest, cutest, luckiest bf in the world, and most polyglot-est: maruko
deutschiest, person w/ the best comebacks, and luckiest bf in the world x2: larso
most poetic and aesthetic: ana?
most foodiest + all that other stuff i said earlier: ewenie
all around most talented: jasp(er)
most loving of dogs: nicko
person that made me the most glad I met them: tie between our two canadians youwin and jaspur
overall coolest and the one whose future im most excited for rn: jewels
memeist in langs besides english and best unexpected Looks: raychu
most likely to be a tree in the future: tallbin
best semi-disappearance off of telegram with occasional glimpses: max and cheese (which is still ur name in my phone btw @max_jpg)
catfishiest: le mork
least active and most missed (at least in our mutual chats): emperor jay
actually got me to hate them, a feat in and of itself: j*sh
smartest and most dedicated: bayooooo
most proud of and has the longest snap stories: sxsxsxsxsxsx
most inspiring and role model-esque somehow: siets
shortest irl meeting of online friends (which should be lengthened someday): luok
still the most intimidating and mysterious but smarto: 玄玄
most username and propic changes, constantly prompting me to question who they were: final fantasy forte
kindest and most homely: hoot hoot (its owl)
runner up for being a tree in the future, most teen-like: jordo
most hard-working and most exposed to nsfw right when she woke up: charmemes
most spontaneous random appearances: richarizard

GROUP AWARDS and other miscellaneous, some irl stuff:
otp of the year: larco and my phone x shifting pink-blue spectrum tinge
best group meetup: ewen+charlene+siets, ewen+siets+ray (im still in shock)
absolutely the worst chat ive ever been in: gay chat, currently DURIAN PROHIBITS GP
absolutely the best chat I've ever been in: frites...sike its gay chat (pre-Margot's departure-era)
best chat that im never active in: knowledge group
most cancerous chat outside of gay chat that i ponder the existence of: beginner japanese
deadest chat: the asian chats admin lounge (neerlandais or whatev)
best cook of the year: my mom
best glo-up: literally all my elementary school and middle school and high school classmates
coolest group of ppl i've met and cant wait to get to know more: the asian american student union board and some of the ppl who come and go in the room
best teacher: my japanese teachers, one of whom WENT BACK TO JAPAN cricri
best trip: japan trip
country of the year: japan

person who I know will do their best to change and grow and just have a good life in 2018: me c:
To‘liq o‘qish
Bæyo 1 Jan 2018, 07:16
dan repost: you win too

parvin: kindness/friendliness award like youve just been so positive, even when you had your own personal things going on. OOH and your voice is very calming when u read stuff in farsi :D

forte: best auntie award ? also biggest canadaweeb award HAHA, u should come to senecaaa

jasper: polyglot goals also like CANTO CBC LGBT BUDDY AWARD LIKE AAAA oNE OF MY PEOPLE !! ty for putting up with my lowkey messy ass

bayo: SPICY AF AWARD LIKE WEW yOUVE BEEN WILDING THIS TERM also spanish/french/korean goals pls gib knowledge

ppl i am acquainted with but i know very little about and would like to get to know better: hosein, marc

errrrr i might've forgotten to mention some ppl, ill edit as the day goes
To‘liq o‘qish
Bæyo 1 Jan 2018, 07:16
dan repost: you win too
2017 AWARDS that i lowkey fucked up on but toobAD

taha: purest angel on earth and japanese senpapi award also putting up with me and my puns and not blocking me out of ur life award. also hard working AF AWARD like i know ur life situation is not at its best but you are trying hard to make ends meet and i admire that so much ILY FREND

sx: most determination towards self improvement award bc uve been through a lot this yr but u still powered through and also Most HATEFUL TOWARDS MY JOKES AWARD HMPH

nick: biggest HECKING GOOF award and probably the biggest dog lover award bC HONESTLH WHAT WOULD THE CHAT BE WITHOUT UR DOG GIF SPAM WAVES also slut for etymology/swedish/germanic cocknates award

lars: at the beginning of the yr i thought u were the most annoying bonc on tele but now u are one of my close friends and imJUST Dkkskdk u get the "WILLING TO LAUGH AT MY DUMB JOKES AND THE BEST LAUGHING REACTION VMS" awards and tbh just ur presence is an award in and of itself

marco: THE LOUDEST WAILS AND JAPANESE PORN STAR NOISES AWARD ???? also dedicated polyglot goals award bc i kmow ur gonna do great things and fulfill ur dreams!!!!! alsp this is more for the two of u but FAVE GAY COUPLE AWARD AAAAA

margot: strongest and most dedicated frend award like i have never seen someone go HAM ljke you do when youre really focusing on something. you also made the first part of this yr WILD with all ur atheism

ana: u get a poetic/artsy award bc ive read/seen ur work and holycamoley i FEEL things deep down. i know that youve been through so much and this yr has been a lot of ups and downs but uve powered through like a trooper anyways so u also get a TROOPER AWARD. ALSO LASTLY, fuCKING HAIR AND BODY GOALS AWARD LIKE U M M I DID 10 SWUATS AND MY BACK HURT LIKE ??? GIB BOOT !!!

jules: my fave babby linguist award, i feel like ur gonna be amazIN IN THE FIELD, YOU ARE SO PASSIONATE ABOUT THE THINGS YOU LIKE AND AAAAAAAAAA MY BB also u get the LOTS OF LOVE award bc you have so much lub to share and you care so much about the people around u I, M M,, MM. just keep your head up, focus on your goals, and you will be unstoppable i KNOW IT

luke: FAVE FELLOW LINGUIST AWARD LIKE DUDE YOULL BE AMAZING IM JUS .... I LOOK UP TO U A LOT BC OF UR PASSION FOR IRANIAN LANGS also on a related note u grt the biggest indo-iranian nerd award BUT YEAH keep absorbing all this info and youll be unstoppable in uni wew. O and also fellow punmaster award, i almost forgot

ray: greatest cantomeme shitposter award !!!! also silent hero award bc u go through a lot of stuff on ur own and yet ur still getting through it all, even if it sucks along the way. AND UH CS/CODING AWARD BC DAMN I WISH I KNEW HALF THE SHIT U KNEW

sietse: my fave dutchie and the coolest canto learner handsdown I CANT BELIEVE U PUT UP WITH ME PESTERING U WITH CORRECTIONS BUT UR AWESOME, NEVER CHANGe

albin: i think ive actually known u the longest out of everyone here but u get the loving urself award !!! u might not feel it but ive seen a LOT more confidence and self improvement coming from you the past few yrs ALSO FUCKING MANDO GOALS AWARD ????? LIKE UH GIB KNOWLEDGE PLS

charlene: getting through hk education and discovering ur seckshoeality award 我知你今年特別辛苦,不過捱埋下年就可以讀返一啲你鍾意讀嘅嘢架啦,加油呀 !!!!! 我哋永遠支持你 YA BONC wew that was cheesy

thomas & estelle: FAVE COUPLE AWARD bc honestly i aspire to have a relationship likr this also FAITH IN MY GERMAN COMPETENCY AWARD HAHAHA, u guys are rly cool tho and i wanna get to know u guys better !!

morkus: the kinkiest but also nerdiest gay manz i know ??? we gotta meet up if i cum berlin pv !!! also catfish award goes to u bc i barely ever interacted with joshs catfishes tbh, but considering i had a pv with anne and aslan I WAS SHOOK

hiantong: SINITIC GOD AWARD and just GENERAL KNOWLEDGE KWEEN??? i look up to u bc ur a senpai to me !!! i hope you find happiness and success in 2018 my frend
To‘liq o‘qish
Bæyo 1 Jan 2018, 07:16

best catfish - josh (sorry morkus)
second best catfish - mitra and her 127 fakes
least likely to be a catfish, most inspiring for managing TLs - margot
best dark souls player - ehsan
best bartender - farbod
best music taste - shahin, anaïs
best mom - anaïs
best dad - anton
best furry - avaro
best dog photo stockpile - nick
most patient, kind and helpful - parvin
most british accent - hossein, jules
most kosher - a tie between ofir and larisa
most bizarre memes - raymonf
plej malmalmalmalbona - marco
darudo-est bom - cameron
chillest - kartik (literally never even seen this guy agitated)
#1 saddest anime betrayal - anne
#1 most badass anime fight - taha vs his purple-tinted camera
purest, most good - ewen and taha i couldn't pick favorites
coolest people i don't talk to as much - maite, ryagami, ana, sietse, jay, maxens

sorry to anyone i missed, this is just what i have off the top of my head
To‘liq o‘qish
Bæyo 1 Jan 2018, 07:16
The Esmargot 2017 Awards
Best bee wife: Anabel
Best daneaboo: jules as always
The only furry I’ll ever not hate: Morkus
My favorite franch tichar: Estellééé
Future superior to my german professor: thomas
Tele otp: thomstelle
My favorite french learning partner: Hosein (literally no one I’d rather have as a “classmate”)
My soulmate in typoese: ewen
My best SON: ray
Favorite esperantist: Marco
Person who’s been on tele since the start but i only just started to adore and I’m so stupid for waiting this long bc i literally love her: jennie (honorable mention to victor)
Funniest dialogues: jennie and cam
tudo tudo BOM: cam
Umass 2023: luke
Best overall: anton (literally who tf else)
best drunk caller and rabbit owner: imanol
Transcends his human form to have a bajillion gifs/great world politics discourse: bayo
Most underrated hands down: cason
Best Dutch teacher who literally helps with all my dumbass questions and tolerates my bike jokes and overusage of the word lekker: sietse (serieus dankjewel voor al je hulp schatje)
Still la meilleure banane: adonaicito ilysm
Still most innocent: taha
Im literally so sorry i broke our 270+ streak pls forgive me: carlos
went MIA just before these awards came around sucks to be him: ofir bby
Back from the dead: victor
I miss u: jay and max
Best new icelandic addition: alaina
Biggest linguistics nerd: Anaïs
Favorite french merdeposte: melon, stache, et mariage
My amazing Russian English lang exchange partner ilysm: larisa
Funniest sarcasm and hatred of life: lars
An amazing friend that went to see pistache for me while he was in Belgium I’m forever grateful: marco
Most enthusiastic and i wish we talked more: forte bby
Takes no bullshit telegram dad: bert (shoutout to his students that i called once)
Even bigger weeb than last year: ehsan
still hasn’t mailed me a crocodile: nick
Person i wanna talk to more: jasper
Still drunk russian: antoshka
i hope ur dick gets blown off in the army so u wont ever pass on your genes: josh
least realistic josh catfish: oksana
Most realistic josh catfish: io
Jennie josh catfish: hanna
Double-dipped name for two separate josh catfishes: maria
Biggest cuck: tiana
Rip to the people we lost: noah, alexis, max, jay, jag, ethan

Most fulfilling TL of the year: nederlands
Artist of the year: lil kleine
Katya Zujev: Katya Zujev for becoming even MORE of an angel HOW does she DO IT ????
Umass: meningitis
Groupchat of the year: BFE (honorable mention: kazoku’s reincarnation)
Daddy majid: pinkross.ir
Fled from: gay chat lmao rip
My awards last year were definitely way funnier but oh well

Anyway thank you all for helping me to grow and understand other beliefs and worldviews and if i hadn’t met you guys i definitely wouldn’t be who i am today, and i can’t imagine my life without y’all now
Happy new year bitches
To‘liq o‘qish
Bæyo 1 Jan 2018, 07:16
dan repost: squadchatbot
"margot" was mentioned by @nickrobson.
The Down Under NY Awards 2017
(aka the What the fuck, it's not NYD yet! Awards)

best australian - me
best new zealander - me
best oceanian - me
best nick - me

now onto the real awards

best austrian/australian multinational - marco

master of TL swapping - jules
master of abstinence - ewen
master of memeing in german - luke
master of teaching me swedish - albin
master of being a fake hongkonger - sietse
master of pretending they're NOT a frog - estelle
master of eating a burger with cutlery without making the whole thing FALL APART - thomas
master of dropping biscuits at train stations - lars
master of living in south germany and denying it - marco
master of making me laugh too much right before nyd - margot
master of visualising depression - charlene
master of making jules happy - jensen
master of not knowing what a fucking biscuit is - jensen
master of somehow not being a uni student yet??? - jasper
master of random-ass canto messages - ray
master of making weird clicking sounds with his mouth - michael
master of knowing that boost is in fact the best brand ever - shixuan
master of timing his sleep pattern so he goes to sleep right as i wake up and vice versa - taha
master of knowing too many languages - morkus
To‘liq o‘qish
Bæyo 1 Jan 2018, 07:16
dan repost: Hey, fellas!
The Jules Rules awards, 2017:

•My favourite and my best, the Anna to my Elsa, the person who’s changed my life the most, someone I love and treasure dearly: Marco

•Someone who has always inspired me to do more and be more and love more, a best friend I’m truly grateful to know and spend time with: Margot

•The guy who is so perfect that he is beyond humanity: Ewen

•No really though you’re an absolute gift to my life and I don’t know what I’d do without you, I feel so blessed to know you and I hope we’re always friends: Ewen

•The newest addition to my life, someone who’s made me happier in just one month than any other relationship has, someone I hope to spend a very long time with: Jensen

•A wonderful and intelligent fella that I have a lot of hope for and confidence in, and I’m very glad I’ve gotten to know more this year: Taha bean

•A fella whose friendship I treasure dearly, and who has done the unthinkable on numerous occasions-made me rethink my viewpoints on Swedish and find it appealing: Nick ❤️

•An unexpected bestie that arose from being catfished, the funniest, gayest, furriest fella I know: Morkus ❤️

•Cutest fluffiest sweetest bestest huggiest boyo, a true friend who’s stuck with me through most of my tele days: Crej

•Fella who’s helped me out when I was struggling, gave me hope, always shoves logic down your throat when you need it most, and is just a really great guy all around tbh: Thomas

•Chaton that I’ve always looked up to and admired, someone I hope to talk to more when my French isn’t cancerously tragic: Estelle

•Hottest guy I’d chase after if he weren’t married: Frajeo ??

•My favourite ever that I get to scream about British icons with: Charleneeee

•Cutest fella to ever fella that I wanna be better friends with: Jasper

•Best boyfriend of my best friend that I wanna get to know more: Larsie boi

•Best brit, and an all around awesome fella: Canerom

•Coolest chick I’ve gotten to know in gay chat: Sx

•People I’m super fucking grateful for: entire English admin team and everyone in the English chats, you guys give me purpose and I love you all

•Another mass of people I’m truly thankful for and love to bits: POLYGLOSSIA AND THE ADMIN TEAMMMMM

•My favourite couple of all time that gives me hope in life: Estelléé and Thom

•Someone I’m mean to but actually wanna get closer with because I unironically think she’s funny and nice af: Jenni

•Artsiest, cutest, funniest, most honest bean that I can’t wait to see graduate: Anabee

•Fuck you, that is all: Josh

•World’s best shitposter polyglot: Agung

•Best nudes/wank vids: Dariush

•Best Austrian: Nick

•Biggest cuck: Tiana

•Best language learner 2017: Margot for being able to get so much done in so many langs and stick to her goals

•Best catfish: Morkus because at least he didn’t try to make me fuck him lmaooooo

•Best electrical engineer: Jensen ???❤️

•People I wanna get to know better: Victor, Jordo, Jasper, everyone else who’s cool and I don’t know much

•People I don’t talk to much anymore and miss dearly: Anabee, Carlos, Navya, Alexa

•Best New Years video maker: me tbh

Jules getting emo as always:
I just want to say a thank you to everyone who has come and gone, or even better, stayed, in my life during my time on telegram. High school was really hard for me, looking back you guys are truly the only reason why I was happy and motivated, and I’m so thankful for that. Now that life is great in college, I feel blessed that you fellas are still with me. You are amazing people, and I am grateful that I get to have such cool and amazing friends all over the world, it really is an awesome and unique experience that we have here. I feel like I personally have grown and learned so much because of all of you, and I hope to keep growing and learning, and constantly become a better version of myself. happy new year, I love y’all ☺️❤️

-this may be edited as the day goes on if I forgot anyone or just feel like it-
To‘liq o‘qish
Bæyo 1 Jan 2018, 07:16
Der Quèque's 2017 awards
(Thomas feel free to edit)

?Otp of the year: Dariush and Hebrew
?Belgianboo whose progress in French I'm PROUD of: Margot
?Chaton: Hosein
?Best Grammar Nazi: Bayo
?Kpop and good shitposter: Cameron
?The most Danish of the Ameribrits: Jules
?The most fluent in typoese (also incredibly funny): Ewen
?Dad of the year: Anton
?Best catfish: Josh
?2nd best catfish: Morkus
?French shitposters of the year: Melon and Stache
?Best international couple: Marco and Lars
?Best Australians: Marco/Nick
?Lidl lover: the "original" Lars
?Best Jaqueline: Thomas' bff from his English class
?Furries: Morkus/Ofur
?Artistic soul of the year: Ana
?Autistic soul of the year: pretty much everyone (?)
?Emoji of the year: ??????
?Best rapper: Big Shaq

Will probably be updated ??
To‘liq o‘qish
Bæyo 1 Jan 2018, 07:16
Morkus award 2017:
This was a year of great ups and downs. The world is in a worse shape than a year ago and so much happened that I don't think I can list it all... For me this year has been a year of ends and beginnings. I've left school and started uni, I found my langs, I deepened friendships and lost some.
Well you all know what happened, time for what we've been waiting for, le awards
Le biggest catfish: Josh (I was a great contender to win that prize myself but then the Joshbomb hit
Le biggest emotional rollercoaster: Betül
Le biggest breakup: Morkus x School
Le best couple I ship more than my life: Estelle and Thomas
Le friend I really like but didnt talk as much with this year which is sad: Forte
Le biggest cancer: Language Learning
Le biggest time waste: This summer
Le best travel: Lisboa (my lub I will return)
Le sadest non-existent thing: my sex life
Le biggest loss: Noah (celtic squad is deader than manx at this point)
Le fave zionist: Cameron
Le fave fetish: XXXXXXX
Le worst way telegram affected le real life: Sleep schedule
Le biggest foe: Time Zones
Le weirdest fandom: Furries
Le best friend: Margot
Le best pv for relationship stuff: Jules
Le best idea: splitting meme channels and personal channels
Le weird thing that shouldnt be as hot as it got: Dariush
Le best musician: Adonai
Le best lang: Catalan, Mandarin, Portuguese
Le best admin: Bert
Le weird time waster: Conlanging
Le biggest turnoff: Clubs that allow smoking
Le best squad: BFE
Le best bean: Ewen
Le best new added member of the squad: Ofir
Le place to be: Comfy in bed on telegram
Le weirdest meme: sending josh's dick in an isis chat
Le dumb meme: Blocking Lars
Le best music group: Zoo
Le 2017 activity that needs to stop: Having fake accounts on tg
Le most laid back person: Anton, Bayo
Le most underrated lang: Spanish
Le most underused thing: Facebook
Le meme of the year: Suicide
Le lang nerd of the year: Marc
Le photoshopper: Stache
Le fave person that still cares for old greece: Melon
To‘liq o‘qish
Bæyo 1 Jan 2018, 07:16
dan repost: bum❣️

Best overall bee: margot my rock
Best artsy bee: me obvi
Bee that made my day a lot: MAITE GIRL
Beest music: jordo boyy
Best club penguin bee: EWEN
Beegest glow up: max
Bee I really want to hug: sietse boy :)
Beegest catfish: josh, oksana, hannah, who else??? wait they're all josh
Smartest bee: ani ani ani my lov
Bee that'll always bee there: sav ❤️
Beest singing partner: Lars
A bee i'd let choke me: victor LOL
My actual hive: barlos
Bee that deserves to own a liquour shop: caNeron
A bee that i'm connected with on my mat: Maruko :)
A bee that is trying her hardest: Jules!
otp... tawen

Special mentions to those who have begone from telegram: noah, jag, leo, always in our h(ives)earts ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Beest couples: obvi thomas and estellay, dariush and his hand, anne and aisha, sav and nehal
Beest lang: English again! for allowing us to learn all the beautiful languages we all speak and for allowing ME to have met all of you and have laughed, cried, and panicked WITH you
Most underated lang: umm polish hello??? hello?????
Cutest lang this year: dutch

Things I learned this year because of you:
-Club penguin makes great friendships
-Music is the way to bond
-There isn't such thing as reading too much
-Being yourself is the best thing you can do!!! t. Josh
-If ever catfished, expose
-If ever hurt, talk it out
-If ever got a good meme, share it
-How to take better food pictures
-Calls are laughing therapy
-Being poor and distance are social constructs so just close your eyes
-Everything is very fragile! Be careful with what you say and do

Bee advice:
-Stay present
-Listen to your gut
-Smile when you want to!
-Cry when you need it
-Close your eyes and let go when you can't change a situation
-Grudges are for Losers
-If you can't say it out loud just write it out :)

I love you all so much! Thank you for always helping me become a better version of myself even though you all are SO far away ❤️ I wouldn't be who I am without you all, and that's a scary thought. Thanks for the crises, the drunk calls, the pIcTuReS on snap, the tears and the laughs. I wish you all the very best, even if we've hurt each other at some point. I probably always will unless u fuck me up then imma THROW SOME HANDS!!!! hehe. I hope I get to meet more of you this 2018, I hope y'all see me graduate, and I hope we stay in touch even if some of you leave, just like I've done with the ones that have left. Let natural selection come for our groupchat again hehehe. Again, I love you all!!! Happy New Years :)
To‘liq o‘qish
Bæyo 25 Dec 2017, 09:25
Bæyo 25 Dec 2017, 09:25
Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bæyo 9 Dec 2017, 03:50
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Bæyo 5 Dec 2017, 01:27
dan repost: futurepolyglot
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Bæyo 12 Sep 2017, 20:54
dan repost: futurepolyglot
"Bubble bath"
Bæyo 12 Sep 2017, 20:54
dan repost: futurepolyglot
"The view from Oklahoma"