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I heard you were tired of people's uninvited opinions, so here's mine.
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С упоминаниями
Rosie's Echo Chamber 4 Feb, 06:43
Trans European women literally cannot be beautiful, sorry sisters
Rosie's Echo Chamber 4 Feb, 06:09
Batman: "I have to beat this opponent using wits and my intelligence and not just brawn"

*2 scenes later*

*cut to batman beating the absolute shit out of the guy*

Brain over brawn? Nah.
Rosie's Echo Chamber 4 Feb, 02:47
Ngl I have a huge crush on Prince Sidon from BoTW
Rosie's Echo Chamber 2 Feb, 11:31
I stand in agreement with the decision of the mods of the leftcom subreddits to ban pedophiles and denounce the pedophilic "leftcom gang" that unfortunately represents Marxists on twitter and Instagram. These people are leftoids but with a new aesthetic, morons who learned a few more quotes to impress other morons. Fuck them. @leftcomloli is a disgusting human being.
Rosie's Echo Chamber 1 Feb, 22:19
Can confirm:

Didn't piss in a frog's mouth when I was younger, became a girl.
Rosie's Echo Chamber 31 Jan, 18:24
U wot
Rosie's Echo Chamber 30 Jan, 23:44
I feel vibrations through my chest, neck, and face whenever I talk. These voice resources are worthless.
Rosie's Echo Chamber 30 Jan, 23:43
What the fuck is "resonance"
Rosie's Echo Chamber 30 Jan, 18:17
💞Marx💞 be nimble🚶🏻 Marx be quick🏃🏻💨 Marx has a rock🗿 hard dick 🍆😍! 1⃣cummy💦 2⃣cummy💦💦 3⃣cummy💦💦💦 4⃣💦💦💦💦! Marx cums💦 so much he can't cum any more🙈🙉🙊! Ghost cummy👻💦 Ghost cummy👻💦 don't be scared❌😖❌! There's always more cummies💦👅 that can be shared👬! Marx makes me ☁squishy☁ Marx makes me 💧wet💧Marx treats me like his little pet🐈🐩🐕! Send this to 69 🔬SCIENTIFIC🔬 socialists or else you'll 🚫never🚫 get any cummies💦💦💦 again 😦😳😎
Rosie's Echo Chamber 30 Jan, 17:46
Rosie's Echo Chamber 30 Jan, 17:45
Rosie's Echo Chamber 29 Jan, 16:00
Yall saw Tyler at the grammys? This man is a treasure
Rosie's Echo Chamber 29 Jan, 12:18
Yo anyone remember those gory wojak edits in 2017 that was all like this one date as if something big was gonna happen? And then nothing happened? What was up with that?
Rosie's Echo Chamber 28 Jan, 05:03
Just tried dick for the first time. Bit of a slow cummer but we got there. 7/10 would try again.
Rosie's Echo Chamber 27 Jan, 19:28
Rosie's Echo Chamber 26 Jan, 19:51
"in MY personal utopia all the things would be GOOD and PERFECT and the roads would be made out of candy!" - an actual 12 year old probably
Rosie's Echo Chamber 26 Jan, 19:50
Rosie's Echo Chamber 26 Jan, 19:50
one of the goals of communism is to reduce work and workers and automating everything, however this works in communism because the wealth won’t accumulate under the owner of the machines as there will be no owner

if we were in a communist society, amazon’s workerless stores would be a great ambition
Rosie's Echo Chamber 25 Jan, 23:32
Complicitism within liberal circles in America is fucking terrifying, I have people genuinely arguing what Manning did was right but how she did it was wrong and that she should have done it the "right way" and not "been so reckless".
Rosie's Echo Chamber 25 Jan, 23:30
American "revolutionaries" don't see the extreme irony in having to file a permit for a protest.