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24.12.2017 02:16
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18.02.2019 20:25
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Marketing Masterpiece 15 May, 02:00
Why do people always buy iPhones? iPhone 3, 4, 5, and, finally, the model X? Others wonder why a new, only slightly improved smartphone is needed if the previous one is still totally functional? The answer is simple - this behavior is imposed on the consumer. A similar strategy is called "sloanizm." It appeared in the 20s of the last century and today is one of the most popular marketing strategies.

Alfred P. Sloan was president of General Motors, which every season produced new models of cars with minor differences from previous ones. For the artificial increase in demand, large advertising campaigns were conducted, so that the owners of the novelties felt exceptional.

But in fact, they were just made to believe that the race for the latest models is an indispensable attribute of a successful, self-sufficient person. Sloanizm - the marketing strategy named after its creator Alfred P. Sloan is actively used today: you probably regularly see advertising banners screaming "New!", "The Last Model!" and alike.
Marketing Masterpiece 14 May, 20:00
​​"Kids Leaving Home? Try This 'Child Replacement Program'," says the slogan of the Pedigree dog food campaign.
Marketing Masterpiece 14 May, 15:00
​​Japanese bun
Marketing Masterpiece 14 May, 04:21
​​You will become what you dream of becoming - just build a future
Marketing Masterpiece 11 Feb, 23:02
​​Fitness center advertising
Marketing Masterpiece 10 Feb, 23:33
​​Pizza advertising with steam coming from it. Looks very appetizing!
Marketing Masterpiece 10 Feb, 03:00
Much of what Red Bull does can be called experimental marketing. Examples are: the airlift cup "Air Race", the creation of its own "Formula 1" team and the creation of various sport competitions.

However, the coolest of all events organized by the Red Bull was the space parachute jump of Felix Baumgartner. The event was called "Red Bull Stratos". The jump from the stratosphere was made from a height of 39 kilometers, and the whole world watched it live on the webcast.

Felix overcame the speed of sound and landed near Roswell (New Mexico). Freefall continued for 4 minutes and 19 seconds at a top speed of 1,342 km / h. Baumgartner beated the record for the highest jump with a parachute, which has been undefeated for 52 years. As a result, the Red Bull brand was given an unprecedented PR-effect.
​​Adventures can be anywhere. "Transparent" billboards with Sony Playstation advertising.
​​Great outdoor billboard ad from Nike!
When there is nothing to say, companies usually praise their quality. Actually, what do most of the commercials talk about? Each product praises itself, even if there is no reason to. But on the other hand, Domino's Pizza showed self-criticism, earning millions on it.

Marketer Patrick Doyle conducted a detailed analysis to understand the reasons for Domino's pizza low demand. It was enough to just try their pizza to understand what was wrong. As a result, a self-criticising thesis was chosen for the new advertising campaign. People on the other side of the screen were harshly criticizing Domino's Pizza: "Dough is like cardboard!", "No ketchup, and ordinary sauce!", Etc. The video also reported that Domino's Pizza employees took into consideration all negative reviews.

In addition, boards on which visitors could write down their dissatisfaction appeared in Domino's restaurants and crowded places.

As a result, there was a huge increase in demand.
​​Your teeth will become as healthy and strong if you brush them with toothpaste Formula.
​​Colgate: Close the tap while brushing!

"What you waste in 2 minutes is all his family has for a day."
The advertising agency called Euro RSCG Australia was doing rebranding, changing their name to Havas Worldwide. However, the agency decided to not only change the name and brand image, but also to change the world for the better. They drew attention to how sad were the citizen faces, hurrying to work from home and back. The study showed that 97% of Australians do not feel happy on their way to work and back. And the agency decided to change that.

They baked hundreds of cookies, found an old mustang and drove it on the streets of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane at the rush hour, "selling" cookies for a smile. The agency not only increased the recognition of its brand, but also raised the mood of hundreds of people.
​​Another good ad for Heinz Ketchup.
Advertising of "Imodium" - everything is clear without words.