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RobotsCrypto - decentralized computer game with the possibility of making real money
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21.02.2018 02:28
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Robotscrypto_En 27 Apr, 02:35
Robotscrypto_En 17 Apr, 03:29
Robotscrypto_En 5 Apr, 10:07
Robotscrypto_En 26 Oct 2018, 11:48
One more interesting news from RC Games.
We are the first of a number of similar companies to start developing a new board game called RoboClash, which will be the next step in the development of RobotsCrypto. The characters of the game are the robots Prospector and Technician, they are already in pre-production. Soon they will be presented, follow our news, so as not to miss)
More details about the board game on our website in the section RoboClash.
Subscribe to our Facebook page and keep up with the latest news.
We are open to cooperation and mutually beneficial partnership. We are waiting for your suggestions by email:
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Robotscrypto_En 24 Oct 2018, 12:52
Robotscrypto_En 24 Oct 2018, 12:51
Friends, we all waited for it for so long, and finally it happened!
On October 17, we presented a new update of our game to a wide audience of players at the Crypto Games Conference 2018 which took place in Minsk, Belarus. New design, upgraded smart contract, and most importantly, the economy of the game become even more accessible and more attractive. Test your strengths in strategy now! The game is waiting for you. Join, it will be interesting !!!
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Robotscrypto_En 23 Jul 2018, 15:30
Dear friends, important news! ?

Today, July 23, RC Games LLC acquired from the developers copyright for the game RobotsCrypto. These means that we waiting serious changes that you will observe in the near future!
Follow our news and do not miss the fun!?
Robotscrypto_En 27 Jun 2018, 14:38
Robotscrypto_En 27 Jun 2018, 14:38
Robotscrypto_En 27 Jun 2018, 14:38
Robotscrypto_En 27 Jun 2018, 14:38
Today we are participating in Europe’s largest business event - Blockchain Conference 2018, held on June 27-28 in Amsterdam.
The conference brings together more than 8000 blockchain industry representatives, covering the leading brands, who are developing the most advanced blockchain technologies.
The two-day program includes participation in the ICO & Cryptofinance track, studying the
regulations, ICO tools, and changes in venture capital models.
Special emphasis will be put on the blockchain evolution and its applications.
This event will host world leading companies' founders, directors, managers, developers as the spokesmen, sharing their knowledge with us.
The participants will have a marvelous opportunity to learn about the most advanced technologies and their free integration!
The event will include a number of meetings and signing of cooperation memorandums with several world-known companies!
Press releases will be published very soon.
Follow our news and do not miss the most interesting part!
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Robotscrypto_En 14 Jun 2018, 12:48

We are going to attend another interesting event, which will be held June 27-28 in Amsterdam.
Let's present our new vision of the development of our gaming platform to international experts and investors.
Interesting meetings and negotiations have already been planned.

Follow our news and you will learn a lot of interesting things!

Join now. Event link:
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Robotscrypto_En 23 May 2018, 22:37
Robotscrypto_En 23 May 2018, 22:37
Friends, we take part in the next conference - Russian Blockchain Week 2018, which takes place from May 21-25 in Moscow.
The RobotsCrypto team is represented by CEO & CTO Oleg Lunin.
The conference exceeded all our expectations. Ahead of us is waiting for two more cognitive days with an interesting program and discussions.
Robotscrypto_En 20 Apr 2018, 18:20
Today we finally complete our work on updating site of the game.
Also, we launched mobile adaptation to always be aware of what is happening on the marketplace.
Soon, more news on the additional features of game mechanics awaits all players. Of course we continue to work on creating games for each generation of cryptotechnics.
Robotscrypto_En 20 Apr 2018, 18:20
Robotscrypto_En 2 Apr 2018, 20:56
Robotscrypto_En 31 Mar 2018, 15:32
Robotscrypto_En 31 Mar 2018, 15:32
Soon we will choose three winners, between which we will divide 1 Etherium!

Casting of the rafflre will take place on the channel

April 2, 2018

at 18:00 (UTC / GMT)

Don't miss it, maybe you'll be the luckyone!
Robotscrypto_En 24 Mar 2018, 18:50
Remind you that very soon, on April 2, we will raffle 1 Ethereum for repost and subscribe to our group on Facebook!

Who has not joined yet - hurry up ? ↪️