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28.06.2018 12:49
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Aamicoin 16 Oct 2018, 07:26
Aamicoin 14 Oct 2018, 10:39
Aamicoin 28 Feb 2018, 08:19
Our pre sale round has been going to end soon. Hurry up!
Aamicoin 26 Feb 2018, 06:53
Our pre-sale round had started
Aamicoin 25 Feb 2018, 22:30
Now you can deposit your ETH. You can confirm every transaction onto the blockchain as we display everything very transparently. However, if you experiance any trouble please let us know at support@aamicoin.com, so we can fix it.

Note: the withdraw wallets are not activated yet. Tomorrow we will work on them.
Aamicoin 25 Feb 2018, 22:25
We are proud to announce that Aamicoin registrations are now open

-> https://aamicoin.com

If you need any help you can contact support on support@aamicoin.com
Aamicoin 22 Feb 2018, 14:48
Quick update!

We are almost ready. We believe that by end of the weak we will launch our initial coin offering.

We understand some of you are getting angry with all those delays and we apologize but at the same time you have to understand that releasing an ICO is not an easy task and we don't want to make any mistakes to damage the projects long term growth, therefore we ask for little bit more patience. Thank You.
To‘liq o‘qish
Aamicoin 22 Feb 2018, 07:32
In 2 hours our registration is going to start. Stay on the page
Aamicoin 22 Feb 2018, 05:50
Aamiplus plans to go completely decentralized by utilizing already
existing blockchain applications. All data and multimedia uploads will be stored on the blockchain by the end of 2018, as stated in our roadmap.
Aamicoin 22 Feb 2018, 05:49
By integrating the Tor API to our mobile applications, we hope to
keep Aamiplus a secure and private social network. Tor functionality will be opt-in and only used by the account if requested.
Aamicoin 21 Feb 2018, 17:44
Seamless Apple Pay and Android Pay integrations will follow
shortly after. The instant access debit card will cost approximately
$10 in Aami to order the physical card, and approximately $2 in Aami to generate a virtual card for Apple Pay or Android Pay.
Aamicoin 21 Feb 2018, 17:43
The Aamiplus debit card will connect directly to the user’s account
wallet. The debit card will allow users to spend their Aamicoin as fiat
currency anywhere in the world. Fees will be minimal and as the
card uses Visa infrastructure you can use it almost anywhere in the
Aamicoin 21 Feb 2018, 14:21
Aamiplus account wallet will be able to hold and store any Ethereum
ERC20 standard http://token.Shapeshift.io integration will allow users to
Convert between tokens seamlessly straight from their Aamiplus
Aamicoin 21 Feb 2018, 14:21
By getting in early you’ll have the chance to be the first in the world to hold Aamicoin. As more users join Aamiplus, the demand for Aami will increase, while the total amount of coins will never exceed 12,500,000.
“Aamiplus is giving the power back to the people”
Aamicoin 21 Feb 2018, 14:21
Aamiplus will create a gateway between Aamicoin and the real world by offering an instant access debit card that can be used almost anywhere on earth. Be a part of history by participating in the Initial coin offering.
Aamicoin 21 Feb 2018, 14:21
Aamiplus is a feature rich platform that allows you to communicate with friends and family in multiple different and unique ways, while providing state-of-the-art security and privacy.
Aamicoin 21 Feb 2018, 14:21
Almost 2.5 billion people on earth use some form of social networking. Account data is harvested and accessed by large corporations every day. Aamiplus is a new generation of social network. All data and uploads will exist on the blockchain instead of centralized servers.
Aamicoin 20 Feb 2018, 22:43
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Aamicoin 20 Feb 2018, 22:42
Aamicoin ICO token info
Aamicoin 20 Feb 2018, 22:42
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