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Worldwide Asset eXchange™
WAX is the safest and most convenient way to create, buy, sell, and trade virtual items - to anyone, anywhere in the world.
Website: https://wax.io
Telegram Discussion: https://t.me/wax_io
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Репост из: Byron | Myth.Market | GPK.Market & more
Heroes.market is LIVE! 📣

Buy & sell digital trading cards and packs from the upcoming NFT mega hit Blockchain Heroes!

Packs for Blockchain Heroes will be available for $WAXP on August 8th here: heroes.market! 📆
Репост из: Julian | ZenBlocks.io | WVU’20
WOW! WOW! WOW! WAX is ON fire 🔥🔥🔥

Captain Kirk actor William Shatner nifties sells out in a record 9 minutes; popular hit game CEO joins the WAX Advisory Council; WAX marketplaces are a hit on DappRadar; and so much more!

It is very exciting to be in the World of WAX!

Here is a recap of last week and a summary of this week's amazing events on WAX!

We are just...WOW!

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Репост из: Praveen Yalamanchi
Here is William Shatner’s video interview posted today by ZenBlocks (WAX Guild) along with link to a panel discussion by Evan Vandenberg, VP of business development at WAX.

WOW!!!!! William Shatner NFT Mega Packs SOLD OUT in 3 minutes, Standard Packs SOLD OUT in 9 minutes!

BIG thanks to the WAX and William Shatner communities for your enthusiasm!

Now buy, sell, and trade on secondary markets like:

🛒 shatner.market
🛒 collectables.io
🛒 wax.simplemarket.io
📢 NOW LIVE: William Shatner's first series of #tradingcards is NOW available featuring:

🔸5 BRAND NEW rarites
🔸Trading card shards system
🔸Limited #ShatnerWAXPacks supply
🔸Trading cards attached to PHYSICAL autographed memorabilia

Get them before they're gone:
🗨 The WAX Community prepares for William Shatner trading cards on the WAX Blockchain!

Find trading partners and discuss the upcoming launch here: https://t.me/waxXshatner

#ShatnerWAXPacks go up for sale on TODAY @ 12pm EST at shatnercards.io
Репост из: Byron | Myth.Market | GPK.Market & more
We're proud to present: https://Myth.Market! 🎉

Myth Markets are convenient online marketplaces to buy & sell digital collectibles from Topps, Blockchain Heroes & William Shatner and more.

🛒 Check out:

https://Shatner.Market (card release tomorrow)
📢 NEW: We are pleased to welcome Elan Lee, CEO at Exploding Kittens, to the WAX Advisory Council!

Learn more about the WAX Advisory Council: council.wax.io
🖖 IT'S HAPPENING: The legendary actor William Shatner will release his personal memorabilia this Thursday, 07/30/2020 at 12pm EST on WAX!

Get ready for BRAND NEW rarities:

🛸Golden Ticket

Stay tuned for details on the #ShatnerWAXPacks sale!
Репост из: WAX Community Media outlet
Alienworlds cinematic trailer has launched.

Explore more details about this metaverse in the coming weeks.

Official telegram:
💰 NEW! "WAX ON: The TOP 6 Revenue Models in technology"

In our newest episode of WAX ON, USDT and WAXP co-founder William Quigley walks your through the Top 6 revenue models in technology.

Curious what those revenue models are? Watch episode 36 here: go.wax.io/WAXON-Revenue-Models
WAX ON: The TOP 6 Revenue Models in Technology
----- Let the community know what you think! Join us at: • Twitter - https://go.wax.io/WAX-Twitter • Discord - https://go.wax.io/Discord • Telegram - https://go.wax.io/WAX-Telegram • Reddit - https://go.wax.io/WAX-Reddit • Facebook - https://go.wax.io/WAX-Facebook ----- Disclaimer The information contained herein is for general informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial, legal, or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker(s). Buying and selling cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker(s) does not guarantee any particular outcome. Past performance does not guarantee future results. You should do your own research, incorporating your own personal financial situation and risk tolerances, before making any purchase or trading decisions. The speaker(s) is not an investment advisor, broker or dealer. Your financial decisions are solely your responsibility.
Репост из: WAX Community Media outlet
Teaser on Tomorrows interview with Ben Fairbank, CEO of RedFOX Labs, the team that are bringing Kogs to WAX.

The full episode goes live at 16:00 CEST tomorrow 2020-07-28.

Репост из: Robrigo - EOS Detroit
Greetings WAX Community,

The First Inaugural $WAX Office of Inspector General Election is now live! Read more about how to participate here. https://medium.com/@waxoig/nominations-open-for-the-first-inaugural-oig-election-9d46a19e4480

Please help us get the word out here: https://twitter.com/eosiodetroit/status/1283508832006819840

If you have feedback and/or bug reports please DM me and I'll make sure it is considered! Thank you.

Live site: https://oig.wax.io/
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Репост из: Stephane Bisson - EOS Nation
📣 To promote today's Race For Rares we're giving away a FULL SET (Base A) of the GPK Exotic series!

🗳 To enter the draw: Follow EOS Nation on Twitter, retweet the tweet linked below with a comment before 12pm ET and make sure to include "#RaceForRares65" & tag 2 friends that are into NFTs!

🌶 To compete in the Race for Rares for a chance to earn Spicy Rare NFTs and other prizes, join today's EOS Hot Sauce Premiere live on Youtube at 12pm ET!

Retweet contest: https://twitter.com/EOS_Nation/status/1287367484962635777

EOS Hot Sauce 65 Premiere at 12pm ET today: https://youtube.com/watch?v=NlugrAhcUTM

IMPORTANT: You must sign up (free) to be eligible for Season 1 prizes: http://eosnation.io/spicy
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Репост из: Julian | ZenBlocks.io | WVU’20
WOW! Another great Week on WAX!

Animoca's Chairman joins the WAX Advisory Council; you can now buy WAX using a debit or credit card via MoonPay.io; OIG election for a new Inspector General to replace ZenBlocks begins, and much more in this WOW!

📢 It rained gold!

All 30 winners of exclusive golden "GPK Goes Exotic" #tradingcards received their prize!

Check if you got lucky here: toppsgpk.io/inventory

Got one? Tweet a screenshot of the card in your inventory to @wax_io and @ToppsDigital using #GPKWAXPACKS!

A list of all winners can be found here: go.wax.io/GPK-Goes-Exotic-GOLD
Репост из: Stephane Bisson - EOS Nation
Congrats to all the EOS Hot Sauce #64 Giveaway winners! 🥳

The Animated Tiger King Daniel NFT is now immortalized on the WAX blockchain! 😂

🌶Spicy Rares winners: Soleone, Starcho Warscho, Bilbo Baggins, carface100, eoswatchdogs

🐅GPK packs winners: carface100, OhMyCoinsspic, Wallas Pena, денис, Bitcoin Benny

🗳 Tune in Sunday for the next EOS Hot Sauce Giveaway!

Animated Tiger King Daniel NFT: https://wax.atomichub.io/explorer/asset/1099511641262
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🤠 #GIVEWAY: Show off your MOST EXOTIC GPK #tradingcards to win #GPKWAXPacks!

Details below 👇

📢 NEW: We are pleased to welcome Yat Siu, Founder and Chairman, Animoca Brands, to the WAX Advisory Council!

Learn more about the WAX Advisory Council: council.wax.io
Репост из: Julian | ZenBlocks.io | WVU’20
WOW! It’s been another amazing Week on WAX!

New product launches, more partnerships and experienced advisors - what more can a blockchain want?!

In this episode, we summarize the amazing events of this week. But first, here is a recap of last week’s WOWsers!