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Worldwide Asset eXchange™
WAX is the safest and most convenient way to create, buy, sell, and trade virtual items - to anyone, anywhere in the world.
Website: https://wax.io
Telegram Discussion: https://t.me/wax_io
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WAX and the Fan Controlled Football League have partnered up ahead of their first season launch in 2019! @FCFLio is the first league to let the fans call the shots... like real-life Madden.

Get the partnership details and learn more about FCFL here: wax.io/blog/fcfl-x-wax-powering-a-new-era-of-celebrity-collectibles
Introducing the WAX Creator: a self-service tool to create NFTs on the WAX Blockchain! Create $WAX Collectible Cards, WAX Stickers, and WAX Digital Art on the WAX Blockchain in just a few minutes - for free.

Learn more (demo coming soon): https://wax.io/blog/introducing-the-wax-creator-a-self-service-tool-to-create-nfts-on-the-wax-blockchain
Some may think increasing the WAX Token supply from 1.85 billion to 3.7 billion tokens through the Genesis Block Member (GBM) program will result in inflation for stakers. Despite what you might imagine, this token supply increase will likely have a deflationary benefit for stakers, and deflation is incredibly good for a token holder. Details: https://wax.io/blog/how-can-an-increasing-wax-token-supply-lead-to-deflation
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Whether you’re a developer trying to select which blockchain to run your dApp on or if you have an existing dApp on EOS or another chain, WAX offers the tools to maximize profits while delighting customers. Here are the top 10 reasons to run dApps on WAX: https://wax.io/blog/the-top-10-reasons-to-run-dapps-on-wax
In-game currency for one of Paramount Studios' top mobile apps, The Godfather: Family Dynasty, now trades on the WAX Blockchain! To celebrate, we're giving away $20,000 worth of Godfather Gold, which can be used to purchase items in the game. Enter to be one of 700 winners here: https://wax.io/godfather-x-wax Good luck!
Introducing the WAX Account! The WAX Account is similar to a wallet and is designed to provide WAX Token holders with even more utility than a standard wallet. It will be available when the WAX Blockchain mainnet launches on June 30. Details: https://wax.io/blog/a-sneak-peek-of-wax-account-features
WAX and Hyperblocks are excited to announce that the platform will be one of the 21 WAX Guilds when the WAX Blockchain mainnet launches on June 30, 2019. Learn more about Hyperblocks and WAX Guilds here: go.wax.io/Hyperblocks
Earn more WAX: Introducing WAX Block Rewards, Staking and Voting, Guilds and more. WAX Block Rewards is the voting and rewards system designed to increase community participation in the selection of guilds and blockchain improvement proposals. Details: https://wax.io/blog/earn-more-wax-introducing-wax-block-rewards-staking-and-voting-guilds-and-more
WAX Blockchain and Protocol Token Release Update: Introducing the Genesis Block Member Program (GBM). GBM participants will receive daily token rewards for 3 years. To be eligible, you must participate in the WAX Token Swap which begins June 30. Details: go.wax.io/Genesis
COMING SOON: The WAX Blockchain and Protocol Token Release

Get the release date and an overview of the upcoming process here: https://tokenswap.wax.io/

Detailed instructions will follow as we near the release date, plus information regarding guilds, staking rewards, voting etc.
🔓 WAX All Access is now live!

This SSO and OAUTH service allows you to log-in to any WAX-powered site with Facebook, Steam, or create a separate login. You'll also need a WAX All Access account to participate in the upcoming WAX token release event.

More: go.wax.io/All-Access
🤖 WAX and Robot Cache are kicking off our partnership with a WAX Sticker giveaway! The marketplace is the first site to buy, sell and mine for virtual currency to earn free PC games, and has partnered with WAX for Early Access, free IRON and more.

Details: go.wax.io/robot-cache
Z1BR and WAX are teaming up to give away thousands of exclusive, limited-editions skins! These brand new skins can be unboxed on your favorite vIRL site, then either redeemed in Z1 Battle Royale, traded on WAX ExpressTrade, or sold on OPSkins.com. Enter: go.wax.io/wax-z1br
NEW: We've officially added blacklight mode to the WAX Explorer. To try it out, simply view a vIRL in the WAX 360 Item Viewer and click the lightbulb icon enter blacklight mode: https://media.wax.io/360-viewer/?id=18264
NEW: The WAX Explorer now displays trading and unboxing activity in real-time. See what items are trading on the beta WAX Blockchain such as collectible sneakers, Magic: The Gathering cards, apparel, WAX Stickers, and more in real-time here: https://explorer.wax.io/?refid=telegram-3030219&medium=social