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Waves Tech is a powerful blockchain-agnostic ecosystem focused on inter-chain DeFi, the embodiment of technological freedom for blockchain-based finance.
Website: https://waves.tech/
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С упоминаниями
Waves Tech 21 Jan, 16:05
The Waves DAO is a tool for decentralized and transparent decision-making, offering all participants equal access to data and the process. This DAO model will be used by Waves Association members to select projects for grants and research work.

Find out more
Waves Tech 20 Jan, 16:24
The Gravity team has issued a thorough guide on integrating new blockchains into the Gravity network, using the examples of Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Worth a bookmark for developers!

Read the guide: http://amp.gs/MA4q
Waves Tech 18 Jan, 15:20
The Waves Association’s series of interviews with its members continues! Meet Luca Silvani, an active contributor to the Waves community, who shares the details of his journey with Waves and his views on blockchain prospects: http://amp.gs/MUxC
Waves Tech 15 Jan, 14:25
This is what all of you have been waiting for - the Moon Factor update for $NSBT is now activated! The update aims to strengthen the stability of $USDN backing and the entire Neutrino system.

More details
Waves Tech 15 Jan, 12:28
🔥 Crypto Horizon x Waves Protocol | Ask-Me-Anything(AMA) Session 🔥
Time: 22/1/2021 | 7 pm (GMT)

CryptoHorizon x Sten Lockholm
AMA will be held simultaneously at CryptoHorizon group (https://t.me/HorizonCZ) & Waves Arabic group

❇️ For entries:
1️⃣ join CryptoHorizon group (https://t.me/HorizonCZ) & Waves Arabic (https://t.me/WAVES_Arabic)

2️⃣ follow + RT + tag 3 friends + reply your questions to this tweet

AMA Session 1️⃣ (twitter questions):
Chat group will be muted During the AMA

Will be chosen 5 questions from twitter (10$ for each)

AMA Session 2️⃣ (live):
We'll unmute the chat for 1-2 minutes to allow participants to post their questions.
The speakers will choose 5 questions to answer (5$ for each)

AMA Session 3️⃣ (Quiz):
We'll ask 5 multiple-choice questions in the Waves Arabic Community (https://t.me/WAVES_Arabic) . You can answer every question once in this chat. First people who answer a question correctly will get rewards.

(5$ for each questions)
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Waves Tech 14 Jan, 21:29
Top Simetri Research rated projects by Price Performance in the last 365 days

SIMETRI Research is an institutional-grade digital asset evaluation product created by the research team at Crypto Briefing, added to CoinMarketCap’s DATA initiative. Their rating consists of tokens that have near-term catalysts as well as fundamental strengths. Let’s consider the top 15 Simetri Research rated projects by their current price performance during last year.
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Waves Tech 14 Jan, 17:03
Neutrino's inter-chain capabilities are expanding thanks to the upcoming integration with Chainlink Proof of Reserve!

The collaboration will enable seamless transfers between the two blockchains and help facilitate inter-chain communication between Waves and Ethereum.

Find out more
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Waves Tech 11 Jan, 15:54
Репост из: Waves Enterprise
We're breaking into 2021 with great news, as Waves Enterprise got trophies at the 2020 Jinse Award in the following nominations:

🏆 Top 100 Blockchain Enterprises of 2020 alongside the Waves ecosystem
🏦 The most valuable Consortium Blockchain of 2020 with other 4 projects

The award ceremony was conducted by Jinse, a top blockchain media company in China. Regards to our local representatives, full speed ahead to the Chinese market in 2021!
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Waves Tech 7 Jan, 17:20
Waves’ cards streak continues into 2021! Let us remind you of the variety of wallets in the Waves ecosystem, built for interacting with the Waves blockchain and a wide range of digital assets. All of the wallets offer different features! Visit this page for all details.
Waves Tech 6 Jan, 13:25
Despite Neutrino’s young age, in 2020, we were able to become the Waves blockchain’s most actively used decentralized application, with a rapidly growing user base. We definitely saw a year of growth, and we will keep it up in 2021. See our step-by-step progress.
Waves Tech 5 Jan, 20:43
Gravity's SuSy dApp enables pools for wrapped tokens on PancakeSwap, the first AMM and yield farm on Binance Smart Chain. Learn how to swap and provide liquidity to the pools from this article: http://amp.gs/Mzyh
Waves Tech 4 Jan, 12:36
Last year turned out to be special for Waves: we entered a number of partnerships, vital for future growth, our community grew in a dozen of countries, a range of projects were launched, and we will remember it as a year of integrity achieved by the Waves ecosystem.

Here’s a brief overview of our progress in 2020: http://amp.gs/MjMr
Waves Tech 1 Jan, 16:31
“DeFi degens”— traders and developers who are pushing the limits of decentralized finance — are named as people of the year by Decrypt. Sten Laureyssens, the Waves Association's a strategic advisor, is among them.

Read their insights on DeFi advantages and more.
Waves Tech 1 Jan, 11:28
Kicking off the New year with Sasha's insights into the past and future of stablecoins. Check out this good read by CoinDesk👇🏻

Waves Tech 31 Dec 2020, 13:26
Happy New Year to the entire Waves community! We’ve had an exciting year and we’ve achieved one of our important goals: the integrated, full-fledged Waves ecosystem provides a wide range of tech and products.

In 2021, stay healthy, feel happy and be successful in whatever you do! With love from the Waves team 🔷
Waves Tech 30 Dec 2020, 14:32
This year, the Waves team again took part in the Odyssey Hackathon! Solving the challenge, the team came up with a protocol for uniting people in emergency cases, winning the Ecosystem prize for the largest solution.

Read their insights and the Dutch police’s feedback: http://amp.gs/o5pi
Waves Tech 30 Dec 2020, 13:58
Репост из: Binance Announcements
Binance Staking Launches COS and WAVES Staking with up to 29.45% APY
Waves Tech 30 Dec 2020, 10:16
Top 5 Tokens by Alt Rank: December 29th

Alt Rank is a unique measurement by LunarCRUSH.com, that combines actual altcoin price performance relative to Bitcoin and social activity indicators.
Waves Tech 29 Dec 2020, 17:06
Here comes our final partnership for 2020 - with UNION, a full-stack protection platform for the DeFi space. The collaboration will focus on liquidity provision programs and building a smart contract protection instrument for Gravity.

Find out more: http://amp.gs/ooAg
Waves Tech 29 Dec 2020, 15:49
As 2020 comes to a close, the Waves protocol has been updated to v.1.3 on the stagenet! The new version features dApp-to-dApp invocations, updates to the Ride language and continued computations - unique functionality for executing transactions, which you won't find on any other blockchain!

For more details of the improvements see: http://amp.gs/oogi