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07.05.2018 18:02
7 May 2018, 09:26 (660 дней назад)
Forgot to mention one amazing under the radar project's crowdsale whitelist that is currently still open: HeroNode at:

What is HeroNode?
Hero Node is a cross chain DApp (decentralized app) development platform that allows DApp developers a base to build DApps easily without worrying about building their own blockchains/frameworks.

My review:

Despite their telegram groups @HeroNodeOfficialGroup and @heronode2 having a combined 125k+ members, a lot of these members only joined for their airdrop. Still, besides this many influencers in the space have been praising HeroNode recently AND Fenbushi Capital AND Qtum AND Draper Dragon fund are investors which you can check on the HeroNode website. I still believe it is still underhyped in the West. I give HeroNode an 80 rating for hype, which can easily grow when the West finds out how underrated this project is.

Token Metrics
A week ago HeroNode had a USD pegged hard cap at $15,000,000 and I gave it a 92 for token metrics on my spreadsheet, however this week they announced a change to 31000 ETH which translates to a ~$24,000,000 USD cap at an ETH price of $800 USD. At this new hard cap I still believe the hard cap is undervalued for a project of this scale. HeroNode’s presale gave investors a 20% discount, however these investors have all their tokens locked for at least a month after crowdsalers receive their tokens, which is great for crowdsalers since they can’t be dumped on for several months at least. I downgraded HeroNode’s token metric rating to an 85 on my spreadsheet due to the hard cap increase.

All 4 of HeroNode’s cofounders have been working together at Dianrong (China’s largest p2p lending platform) for over 2 years, which gives me a lot of confident in the long term survival of the project as well as their technical capability to successfully carry out the project. I give HeroNode an 87 for its team rating. Prominent team members’ Linkedin profiles can be found here:

We are seeing a burst of DApps entering the Blockchain space and it's clear the amount of DApps planning to be built will not slow down over the next few years. In my opinion, in the medium-long term DApp developers will NEED a platform like HeroNode to reduce DApp developers' burden of creating frameworks from scratch and allowing them to accelerate their development. Their code is open sourced and you can check yourself and see they are far along with their development of their product:
I give HeroNode a 90 for their adoptability score based on these factors.

My overall score for HeroNode is 87.

Remember to follow the channel for future reviews and upcoming ICO news:

Also check out my spreadsheet here for all of my ICO review scores and extra notes: