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TOM - collaborative media about Telegram and TON ecosystems.
Collaborators (in alphabetical order): @aboutSMM, @tginfo, @tgmarketing
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Telegram Open Media 18 Jul 2019, 23:40
We're back.
Since there is not so much news about TON, at least for now, we will expand the list of topics.
1. Important things about Telegram and its ecosystem. Not review updates, of course.
2. Work with communities in general and chat rooms in particular.
3. Cryptoeconomics and Web 4.0 (sometimes, without fanaticism)

Anyway, let's start from TON related topic.

On July 1, a closed beta test of TON development toolkit was launched.

You may request an access to Beta on site. There is also a press-release avialable on (the site of the developer).
The following toolkit is now available:
- Solidity compiler
- LLVM (C compiler)
- Cloud IDE
Based on the information we know, they will be followed by:
- TON.Space - Tapp space for end users
- TappChain (DappChain but for TON, Dapps will become Tapps :) )
- TON Labs SDK

Apparently, the stage of TON testing after the recent (apparently planned) leak of the base files enters the active phase, which you can already join, if you know what to do on the Telegram's upcoming blockchain.
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Telegram Open Media 30 Apr 2018, 17:53
Iran just blocked Telegram. Details will follow.
Telegram Open Media 2 Mar 2018, 16:53
We might be denied the opportunity to invest in TON, Russian news web portal RBK reports. Three media sources have confirmed that Mr Durov's company documentation has a section acknowledging a possible cancellation of its ICO. The sources reason that Durov will be able to raise the desired amount anyway, however a public ICO means he won't get to choose whom to let in. That may drastically undermine the confidence of TON's first-wave investors. If it goes that way, the fact that Durov is selling a hypothetical volume of the Telegram monetization market (quite a meagre one so far) - and not the company shares or even token growth against ICO - will become a particularly critical issue. Telegram itself hasn't shown any signs of being able to do anything in that direction.

A traditional venture makes assessments based either on service monetization and its revenues or the audience size. But both evaluations are rooted in the "shares-for-money" model. This case is however not about selling "growth for money" but, generally, about the fact of monetization itself. And, again, it will be hypothetical and not soon.

As for the new and interesting: presumably, Gram allocation is going to change. From now on 52-54% out of 5 billion grams will be distributed among first- and second-round investors. 4% more will go to TON developers, and 42-44% won't be sold out and will remain as a reserve. Earlier, the reserve was "at least 52%", which was mildly indicative of an authoritarian rule in place. Then again, a 44% reserve is still...quite big. Very big.
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Telegram Open Media 27 Feb 2018, 09:17
TON investors have been promised a refund if Telegram does not release its tokens until October 2019.

Yet, another document says there may not be enough money for the reimbursement.
Telegram Open Media 22 Feb 2018, 11:07
Telegram Open Media 17 Feb 2018, 03:07
Now it’s official. According to Russian news daily Vedomosti, a notice has been submitted by Mr Durov to the SEC (US Securities and Exchange Commission) stating that he raised $850 mln from the investors.
Curiously enough, although expected, it is by no means the ICO proper. The sell-off was done for fiat money, and the purchasing of “securities” implies they are to be used in future token distributions. Well, a solid scheme. It has nearly nothing to do with the world of crypto enthusiasts though. :D Not that it is a bad thing. Business is better off dealing with dollars and euros than cryptocurrencies and is best off not selling company shares but gems in Clash of...sorry, my bad, grams.

P.S. - original report.
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Telegram Open Media 14 Feb 2018, 14:37
Attached file
Telegram Open Media 14 Feb 2018, 14:37
Yet another easter egg about TON. New official Telegram sticker pack Bull&Bear, inspired by cryptomemes, contains grams among all other references.
Telegram Open Media 9 Feb 2018, 14:17
Telegram just reached #1 rank in AppStore for Belarus, Ukraine and Kyrgyztan.
Telegram Open Media 6 Feb 2018, 12:05
What features to expect in the next Telegram versions:

1. Updated Global Search. We'll find out which algorithms are to be implemented when the update is out.
2. Grouping channels together into a separate dialogue. This function, which is kind of similar to news feed, had been introduced for a short time in the official Beta client for macOS. Having such a feed may result in some interesting changes impacting the advertising market in Telegram, as it will affect the read-through-rate among the people subscribed to a more or less considerable number of channels.
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Telegram Open Media 5 Feb 2018, 11:05
Telegram Open Media 1 Feb 2018, 19:20
Interesting numbers. Still, we think it's about peak downloads - services like AppAnnie shows about 4-5 mln. of official Telegram app downloads on Android in Dec'17.
Telegram Open Media 31 Jan 2018, 13:47
Line, a Japanese messaging service, is planning on integrating crypto trading left, right and center - in every possible way. Admittedly, this won't save the service from having to exist in the same cultural environment it is living in now. The Asian communication style is too peculiar for services born in that cultural framework to be popular anywhere else other than their homeland and its closest neighbours.
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Telegram Open Media 31 Jan 2018, 12:37
News feed. It will changes the whole ecosystem of Telegram channels. A lot.
Still in beta (on MacOS) but soon will be avialable on other platforms.
Telegram Open Media 28 Jan 2018, 12:49
#opinion #security
Comments from Russian presidential aide German Klimenko:

“Nobody seems to be noticing (I haven’t read anything of that sort at least) a fine nuance in that whole story concerning Telegram’s Pre-ICO: raising funds from the public makes Telegram into a typical regulated project that has to comply with all sorts of laws. Well, you do know the extent of genetic change a company experiences when going from private to public?”

It’s well worth a comment. Telegram turning public is almost certain, aye. Mr.Durov is a tactician though. When the issue does become relevant, he’ll give it a thought. We're intrigued to see what known methods and techniques Telegram’s team will use to turn the pressure its app is under from Europeans into their favor. Things in Iran cleared up of their own accord without any interference, as its economy was taking too much damage, strange as it may seem. Russia failed to avoid involvement, although it is still holding up (getting helped out). As for Indonesia, Durov visited it himself. What and who else is there to come up next? No freaking idea.
He is still, as things stand, able to cope with the money issue, with GRAM being at his disposal. And as for what comes next in terms of having to deal with institutionalized regulators, we’ll see.

Besides, in an interview Mr Klimenko was asked whether Telegram means to give access to user correspondence.

There is something worth pointing out in that respect. There were no such demands. Encryption keys were mentioned. Which is impossible now, even less in the future. Everyone knows that. It’s just the way laws are written and applied for exercising pressure that “not possible” is not considered an appropriate answer. Terrorism suspects using the app for correspondence - in Russia - also mentioned. That’s not only “encrypted chats”. Europe even wants to take preventive action and ban or filter ALL dangerous content.
Indonesia demanded that ISIL should be banned asap.
Iran demanded that channels encouraging people to stage a state coup should be banned, and they also recall poorly done, in their view, anti-porno campaigns.

Half of, if not more, Telegram’s public issues can be resolved by hiring more moderators and introducing an in-depth chat&channel content analysis.
In fact, even the ‘Report’ option, which is part of the Gram bounty program of sorts, can be useful. Lots of social services have experience in UGC moderation. Even in Russia, where Odnoklassniki, a social network, uses it to filter users’ pictures and avatars.
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Telegram Open Media 26 Jan 2018, 16:28
Silicon Valley investors line up to back Telegram ICO:

Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Benchmark and Sequoia Capital participate in Telegram token pre-sale with a $20 mln. share each, Financial Times reports.
Telegram Open Media 26 Jan 2018, 08:45
Telegram Open Media 25 Jan 2018, 23:54
May Day: Telegram and other social media platforms spanked by recent UK PM’s Davos speech.

Opinion: in fact, almost every country that suffers from the consequences of their aggressive politics can't properly handle the challenges of digital age. Shaming, blaming and multimillion € penalties. They are not alone though: most of the governments across the globe use exactly the same rhetoric. But the correlation between the number of dropped bombs and the restrictions for social services looks funny. At least.
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Telegram Open Media 24 Jan 2018, 21:03
How to ask the right question. Let us translate it for you: yes, it's true, but keep calm and wait for the public statements.
Telegram Open Media 23 Jan 2018, 20:50
Group chats limit is extended up to 75 000 members.