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С упоминаниями
TheFrontEnd🔥 27 Jan, 23:12
OK, most of you used this approach and don't see why it can be debatable (although a few mentioned in comments several concerns, well done).

The reason I pointed this one out is because doing this often is a bad idea.

I failed to compile a list of articles and proper explanation, but all I want to point out here is that using arrow functions in React in this way can cause you rendering problems when your app grows. You should use it very carefully with paint flashing in browser to ensure you don't render unnecessary things.

The main issue is that a lot of react tutorials online teach you to do this and a lot of even senior frontend devs do that (to a point where it starts causing problems, trust me I've seen it too many times). The main explanation being: "well why not, it's documented that it's fine to do so here and here" .

I suggest researching why this is not always good (since I'm terrible in finding time to explain and write a proper post).

You can start with the below article that goes into explaining this one (but please go further in your research, testing it yourself is the best way):
Читать полностью
TheFrontEnd🔥 26 Jan, 11:08
It's been a while since I shared promising dev channels here, this one is quite new, but I belive its 🔥

I remember some of you got pretty excited last time I shared a Russian guy and his English IT channel. So there is another one, who is definitely worth mentioning:


Take a rest from endless news and enjoy his original amazing content

Definitely have a look!

📹 Youtube
📖 Telegram
🦕 Deno: Develop REST API + mongoDB + Linux (Ubuntu) | Let's Code
This time we will implement something more interesting than yet another bot. Today, we'll develop a REST API using Deno and connect it with the MongoDB database. To make things even cooler, we'll develop and run it on Linux (Ubuntu). I hope you enjoy this video. 00:00 Introduction 02:04 Let's add the dependencies 04:48 Implement the POST /gists 14:08 Implement the GET /gists 21:26 Implement the GET /gists/{id} 26:14 Implement the PATCH /gists/{id} 31:24 Implement the DELETE /gists/{id} 38:25 Thank you for watching Source code: GitHub Gist API: A package for API development with Deno: A MongoDB driver for Deno: How to Install MongoDB on Ubuntu: Follow me: * * * #deno…
Читать полностью
TheFrontEnd🔥 13 Jan, 17:28
Are you using arrow functions like in the above screenshot?
  • Yes.
  • No.
  • See results.
781 голосов
TheFrontEnd🔥 13 Jan, 17:27
Are you using arrow functions in your React apps?
TheFrontEnd🔥 12 Jan, 21:00
To those struggling with all that new Web dev noncence like React with those CSS in JS 🤷‍♂
🤷‍♂️ 81
TheFrontEnd🔥 12 Jan, 11:08
Did you know one of those website you visit in incognito mode actually removes jQuery and adopts Vue.js?

Interview with their Web developer

Regardless what you think, the dev work there is one of the toughest with the amount of users and graphical content they have to deal with.

Pure science 🔥💦
🍆 24
💦 55
TheFrontEnd🔥 11 Jan, 23:56
Talking about useful APIs for your next pet project

Printful - Lets you upload designs, preview items, and then order almost any type of merchandise via API. Printful handles shipping and manufacturing

Mux Video- Handles all the complexity of working with video, just upload the file and Mux creates multiple versions of it and pushes to a CDN. Also supports live streaming

Lob - Lets you send postcards, letters, checks, and more with a few lines of code

Twilio - Already well known for SMS, but they've expanded their product range a ton and have a bunch of new features to play around with

Plaid - Makes it easy to connect to users bank accounts and takes care of security and regulations

Google Cloud AI - Could have put a few different companies here but I like Google's AI APIs because they give you $300 in free credit, plus most people already have a Google account so sign up is easy

Coinbase - Free public API for real time crypto price data via websocket, also historical data. With an account you can place orders if you wanted to make a trading bot

Open Secrets - Provides data on pretty much any politicians in Congress, voting records, fundraising, and lobbying

New trading bot anyone? Btc is at 30k😂

PS found this list on reddit
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TheFrontEnd🔥 11 Jan, 23:50
Video calls in apps

Will soon be adding video calls in our app at work.

Found Twillio that seems pretty smooth and straightforward to use for my case.

Also with React Native wrapper.

Was it so hard, telegram? 😂

Has any of you guys use that? Mind sharing your experience with the community? Any pitfalls? Things to look out for?
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TheFrontEnd🔥 2 Jan, 22:57
I was forced to ask you a question. Do you guys use tiktok? If you want to discuss welcome to our chat.
  • Yes. I use tiktok.
  • No. I don't use tiktok.
  • Other (explain in chat)
1101 голосов
TheFrontEnd🔥 2 Jan, 11:08
Книги по Angular, JS, Node, React, Vue и другим современным FrontEnd фреймворкам.

Содержание канала:

1. Только новые книги 2016+ года

2. Только современные фреймворки, JQuery тут не будет

3. Суперский бот с поиском книг по программированию: @knigohub_bot

4. Много книг на русском языке
TheFrontEnd🔥 2 Jan, 11:08
Right, so below is also relevant for all of English speaking ones here. I'm sharing a channel that has a number of frontend related books in Eng in pdf and epub. Hope you find something useful there.
TheFrontEnd🔥 30 Dec 2020, 19:41
A good list of tips and advices for your React development
TheFrontEnd🔥 29 Dec 2020, 12:10
TheFrontEnd🔥 29 Dec 2020, 12:10
TheFrontEnd🔥 29 Dec 2020, 12:10
That's 3 years of this channel at a glance

Thought I'd share
TheFrontEnd🔥 29 Dec 2020, 11:08
font-weight: 300 considered harmful (and a fontconfig workaround)
TheFrontEnd🔥 28 Dec 2020, 13:00
Did you know that the highest paid remote jobs are in IT & Digital?

@remotejobshg telegram channel prepares a selection of the top remote vacancies especially for you.

After subscribing, you will get:

- Fresh remote jobs.
- Chance to take part in cool projects from the USA, Europe, Latin America, Asia etc.
- Opportunity to improve your skills and become a real guru.
- High salary up to $ 15,000 / month.
- Ability to work from anywhere in the world!

Subscribe to @remotejobshg channel - this is a chance to change your life!
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TheFrontEnd🔥 26 Dec 2020, 20:56

Thanks god they came in. I'm one of those people who always like to break components apart to make it reusable and small.

Quite often I noticed that functional components still want some state to be togglable. This used to be a pain as you either have to transform to class or play football with passing stuff from and to child / parent components.

And now it's all about

const Child = ({prop1, prop2}) => {

return smth

As a benefit setLoading(false) is much more concise than
this.setState({ isLoading: false})
Читать полностью
TheFrontEnd🔥 24 Dec 2020, 12:00
Yet another toast 🥪

Looks neat
🥪 13
🔥 19
TheFrontEnd🔥 23 Dec 2020, 23:24
An extensive guide on JS for React

Worth a read 🔥