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31 Dec 2019, 19:52 (53 дня назад)
Репост из: Telegram Beta
🔥 Telegram 5.13 for Android and iOS

Color Gradients in Themes, Send When Online, Verifiable Builds and More

• Theme Editor 2.0. Enjoy a new advanced theme editor and themes with color gradients and patterns.
• Send When Online. Schedule messages to be sent when your recipient comes online (only works if you know their online status).
• Select venues more easily when sharing your location and creating a location-based group.
• Stay in search mode when you select multiple messages while using search inside a chat.
• Podcast and Audiobook support. Apps will remember your last position when resuming playback of audio files longer than 20 minutes.
• Active Sessions moved to main Settings page as "Devices".
• Show inactive channels and supergroups list when the ~500 limit has been reached.
• Mark Archive as read. Long press the archive folder and marking them all read.
• Use @GmailBot to get in touch with relatives and friends that are stuck in the past.
• Send a single 🎄 or ☃️ to any chat to set the mood with the latest animated emoji.

You can now also verify that your version of Telegram was built from the exact same open source code we publish. Security researchers are welcome to check out Telegram's Guide to Reproducible Builds for iOS and Android

🟢 Also in This Update for Android

• Enjoy improved Instant View including the new Search tool.
• Latest Emoji 12.1 support.
• Get sleek dark maps when viewing locations in Night Mode.
• Choose video quality in a more intuitive way when sending videos.
• Check out new animations when jumping between messages in a chat, opening global search or pulling out the hidden archive.
• Drag the screen down on profile pages to expand profile pictures.
• Select part of the text in any message to copy, share, etc.
• Turn off Raise to Speak to disable recording a reply after listening to a voice message in phone mode.
• Use timestamps like ‘00:45’ in audio captions and replies to automatically create links that play the audio from that specific moment.
Switch to Night Mode and back directly from the left menu.
• Multi-sharing from other apps. You can now tap and hold to select multiple recipients and even add a comment.
• Sending contacts now uses a simple, card-style interface that won't take up your whole screen (unless you pull up to expand it).
• Discover 31 other bug fixes and improvements, one for each day in December.

🟠 Also in This Update for iOS

• Adjust the size of text throughout the app or sync it to your system setting.
• Choose which types of Telegram chats will be suggested in the iOS Share Sheet (iOS 13.2+ only). Go to Settings > Data and Storage > Other
• Switch Accounts faster for multiple accounts, simply 3D Touch on the app icon.
• Member lists: the shorter scrolls. The long member lists will collapse, so you can get to the ‘Leave Group’ button without scrolling.
• New design for setting up the 2-step verification password.
• Enjoy improved CarPlay support.
• Play Vimeo and Twitch video in Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode. Note: it was available on old app v4.x
• Reindex Unread Counters command in Debug settings.

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Happy New Year! 🥳