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Welcome to official channel of Proxygram Plus Messenger.

feel free to ask question about blocking of telegram @Hmz_aa

Link to download:
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Proxygram Plus 10 Oct 2019, 10:52
✋Ladies and Gentelmen
👋And my dear followers

✈️Proxygram team has been working on a new project, thats why we couldn't answer all of your questions some times.

📌Here are some answers on your questions :

1️⃣- Why does your team not rolling out new update?
- Actually there are 2 reasons:
-first one is because of new Google play policies. New rules requires to update your app up to 64 bit version. But for some reason Google doesn't allow us to do it. So we are working on it.
-The second reason is that we have been working on a NEW PROJECT which surely you will enjoy. Soon we are going to release it and we hope you will SUPPORT us. Proxygram team has been working hard on this project.

2️⃣-Why are there so many ads on Proxygram?
-first of all, we are really sorry that our ads has been annoying you and brought some discomforts for you.
-We had to enable ads in order to support Proxygram team and gain some resourses for a new project
-As soon as we publish new App , we are going to disable ADS so you can enjoy Proxygram as you have been doint it before.

-New Browser app✅
-New highly protected call app❇️
-New updates for Proxygram Plus✳️

Thank You for you patient and loality and stay tuned! It really means a lot for me💖🖤❣️💟
Sincerely your Team Lazyfire 🐢
📎Contacts: @hmz_aa
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Proxygram Plus 6 May 2018, 08:52
Okay,The settings has been changed, and proxygram works in many devices , but the connection is a bit slow, and not all of the users can connect so far
@proxy_socks5_bot try this bot out if it's not working, or the site
Proxygram Plus 2 May 2018, 19:42
My friends , I'm going to buy proxi-server special for Proxygram Plus

⭐️And im going to enable ADS for only 2 DAYS to collect money for new PROXY-SERVER⭐️

🔥Its only for 2 days!🔥
Thank you
Proxygram Plus 2 May 2018, 18:14
⭐️Thank you for voting⭐️

Please note that Proxygram Plus is more secured than Telegram.
Our team worked hard for a long time creating this app, and goverment blocked Proxygram Plus's proxy-servers as well.And some users say that they cant download from Play Store , so We made some changes in setting of Proxygram plus (proxy) , and you just need to download VPN for Android and it will work perfectly, so start using Proxygram:

Here are some good and free VPNs that i recommend for android:

Psiphon is good vpn that has been tested by time:

Hotspot shield VPN is a veteran in VPN market:

VPN Proxy master - some say that it is good vpn, but i havnt tested it yet:

VPN Melon - really good vpn as well:

Cyber ghost is exellent VPN that i recommend :

Hideman free vpn is fast vpn but sometimes not safe:

Hola free VPN is veteran of VPNs as well:

Thats it, if you have some questions and troubles , contact me @Lazyfire
Share with your friends to help them
Subscribe to our channel to be informed for latest news : @ProxygramPlus
Proxygram Plus - Proxy VPN messenger - Apps on Google Play
Proxygram Plus Messenger is an UNOFFICIAL messaging app that uses Telegram's API that uses different Proxy-servers in order to avoid blocking Telegram messenger, if it is under the blockade of the authorities of your country. You can call your friends from your contacts if they have Proxygram and chat with them How it is works? We set up different proxy-servers in sousce code of this Proxygram messenger so you could use this messenger free. Why Proxygram Plus? Because we significantly optimized Telegram API in fact it works faster. What if, it doesn't work? Here's solution. In some cases , the authorities are trying to block the different types of proxies, so sometimes our proxies could be under attack , so we RECOMMEND you to join our CHANNEL in Proxygram plus.You must join our official channel : @ProxygramApp If you face some issues , Please contact us in Telegram/Proxygram Plus : @hmz_zaa FAST: Telegram is the fastest messaging app on the market, connecting people via a unique, distributed network of…
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Proxygram Plus 2 May 2018, 16:39
Are you using Proxy/socks5?
👍 365
👎 501
Proxygram Plus 2 May 2018, 16:36
Allright lets make a quick vote , it can help us a lot!

Are you using vpn?
👍 831
👎 196
Proxygram Plus 2 May 2018, 07:05
Attached file
Proxygram Plus 2 May 2018, 07:05
Please, share with your friends with this app! #DigitalResistanse
Proxygram Plus 2 May 2018, 07:03
Okay , here are the things! Apperantly , Iranian goverment trying to block Proxygram as well,because it was the only messenger that worked a couple days, so i'm trying to find a solution and by the god's will, Proxygram/Telegram will work today! Thanks for your patient )
Proxygram Plus 1 May 2018, 20:49
New instruction in 2 hours , for our Iranian friends
Proxygram Plus 30 Apr 2018, 23:05
Скоро будут еще гайды по обходу блокировки и чтобы это не повлияло на скорость🔥

Soon, we publish more instruction on how to bypass and avoid the lock or blocking so it wont affect to the speed 🔥
Proxygram Plus 30 Apr 2018, 22:38
🔥 Avoiding Blocking of Telegram with Proxygram🔥

Some people text me that , Proxygram is not working. Here are some solutions to keep in touch with everybody and continue reading channels.

🌎 With this links , you can easily avoid any blocking

👏Or use these links to bypass the lock in one click.

The use of any VPN is also suitable. Just enter that word in the App Store or Google Play.

🤖 Bots that help bypass the lock
@socks5_bot(or website, if its already blocked in your country)

If there are any problems - try to open the link in the browser, it will work.

Have tried everything? Here is a working link, a 1-click proxy

If you do not want to stay here alone - discard the instructions to friends, family and colleagues. Cancel the lock in three clicks!

If you have any questions , please text me @LazyFire
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Proxygram Plus 29 Apr 2018, 23:16
🔥 Блокировка Proxygram 🔥

Друзья, мне пишут что у некоторых не работает Телега. Что бы и дальше оставаться на связи с кем общаетесь и читать каналы, пользуйтесь этой инструкцией.

🌎 С использованием этих ссылок вы легко обойдёте любую блокировку

👏 Или используйте эти ссылки чтобы обойти блокировку в одно нажатие

Так же подойдёт использование любого VPN. Просто введите это слово в App Store или Google Play.

🤖 Боты, которые помогут обойти блокировку
@socks5_bot (или на сайт, если Telegram к тому моменту уже заблокируют)

Если возникли проблемы - попробуйте открыть ссылку в браузере, заработает.

Все уже поставили? Вот рабочая ссылка, в 1 клик ставит прокси

Если не хотите остаться тут одни — скиньте инструкцию друзьям, близким и коллегам. Отменим блокировку в три клика!
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Proxygram Plus 26 Apr 2018, 14:32
Welcome to official channel of Proxygram plus
Добро пожаловать в официальный канал Proxygram plus
Proxygram Plus 22 Apr 2018, 12:59