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The official announcement channel for Nucleus Vision Token Generation Event.
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March was great for us as we made conscious efforts to build a stronger ecosystem and expanded our presence to explore new opportunities.
Read the monthly newsletter to know more:

We're noticing miscreants & imposters who are trying to create confusion & spread fake news.

All our updates including meetups, community programs, partnerships, product & technology developments, and other announcements will be coming from our OFFICIAL CHANNELS only.
We welcome Umang Software and Data Processing Lab onboard as our partners to explore joint go-to-market strategies. Read more
At Nucleus Vision, we're making a continuous progress. Our CEO - Abhishek is excited to share what's cooking inside. Read the complete update here
Due to the overwhelming response from online merchants to avail nCash Pay New Year Offer, we're extending the offer till 28th Feb 2019 to bring more businesses into the Nucleus Vision ecosystem.
Avail the offer now:
With nCash Pay, gear up your business for the decentralized future of payments.
Explore now:
Our year in review - lots of ups and downs and some key milestones achieved. With the learnings of the previous year, we promise you that 2019 will be even bigger!
#Retail #Blockchain #IoT
Read more:
Join Abhishek Pitti, Founder & CEO - Nucleus Vision, for an AMA live now.
To all Nucleus Vision Supporters,

On 18/10/2018 the official Nucleus Vision Twitter account was suspended by Twitter. This seems to be in line with numerous other blockchain and crypto handles being banned by Twitter. At this point, we are unsure on the reason for suspension and our team is working towards getting the suspension lifted.

We assure the community that all our content on Twitter is in accordance with their guidelines.

Further communication on this will be rolled out through our Medium, Telegram, and Facebook channels.

Thank you for your continuous support.
Team Nucleus Vision
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To all our supporters,
We are really excited to share few updates with our community to share our progress on sensor performance and product development.
Dear Nucleus Vision supporters, we here by clarify that Nucleus Vision does not have any official Telegram Group. We request you not to join any Telegram Group claiming to be the Official Nucleus Vision Group. Please do not fall victim to any fraud/ schemes carried out in such groups. Hence forth all official announcements from the company will be released on this official announcement channel. Please stay connected with us here.
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Don't miss out! Our CEO, Abhishek Pitti will be speaking about Driving Mass Adoption through businesss at the Blockchain Pioneer Submit #Signapore today at 11.30 (GMT+8). Stay tuned!
To, all Nucleus Vision supporters!

After much deliberation, we have decided that it is in our best interest to close our Telegram group, and that this is the right time to do so.
Here is a detailed update from our CEO, Abhishek Pitti on the latest development and the reasoning behind this :

We will be transitioning all communications on Telegram to our channel -

Also we would love to stay connected with you on : Twitter, Reddit & Facebook

Please feel to write to if you need to reach out to our community managers.

Team Nucleus
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