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This channel aims to provide the most profitable trading recommendations for FREE.
We provide honest and clear information about trading #BTC, #ETH, #BNB and another TOP alts.
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🚨 🚨 20,000,000 #USDT (20,049,308 USD) transferred from Tether Treasury to #Binance
⬆️ Do you agree with this chart bitcoin price movement?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Bitcoin is a bubble
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Bitcoin 10,000$ NOW!
Starting in 2014, April and May were the most successful months for #Bitcoin. Historically, the spring-summer period, according to the observations of Messari analysts, brought profit to investors in 69% of cases.

April 24 was the expiration of the 3-month April futures contracts. Tomorrow will be settlement on these contracts! On April 27-28, settlement funds will flow into the May contract. As you can see, the May Long Contract and on the 23rd the volumes have already gone there.

May expiration will be on May 29. May promises to be a very hot month! 🔥
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How #Bitcoin has change your life?
  • Same as before, no changes.
  • I have a bit more freedom now and fulfilling life.
  • I’m not happy with crypto.
  • I just start to learn what crypto is...
  • Bitcoin completely changed my life.
  • I don’t have any Bitcoin, but I think it’s a safe and stable active. Will buy soon.
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To what level will the price of Bitcoin fall?
  • 3500$
  • 3000$
  • 2500$
  • 2000$
  • 1500$
  • 0$
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Will we fall to what level?
  • 3500$
  • 3000$
  • 2500$
  • 2000$
  • 1500$
  • 0$
The #Bakkt platform has a new record for the number of open positions - $ 13 million.
At the same time, the daily value on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) is $ 249 million.

In addition, the price of bitcoin futures on the #CME exchange briefly crossed the line of $ 10,000 and reached a maximum of $ 10,030. The price maximum on the platform is accompanied by an increased trading volume, which in January increased by more than 250%. On top of that, on the 4-hour chart, the GAP is starting to appear with targets at $ 8,200!
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I want to add a little oil to the fire!
#BTC #Bitcoin #Review

About the block in the region of 9500-10340, I have repeatedly said in my reviews. So, we have already come close to this block and the resistance in the form of 9500 will be very serious, which we will not break through the first time!

At the moment, we are over support, which runs at 9200. Resistance in the form of 9400 can only be pierced with shadows. We have been sitting in the range of 9275-9400 for a day. 4H and 1D charts in the overbought zone and indicators are off-scale and even daily dangling in the flat will not let the indicators cool down.
Yesterday, the 1D chart closed with the Hangman pattern, which on an uptrend means a trend change.
I am expecting that tomorrow or today, knocking down the stops of shorts and flying down.
Judging by the fact that we grew quickly, we will also fall most likely quickly.
The closest dump level is 8500-8300. If a miracle happens and the buyer turns out to be stronger, then after 9500 we’ll fly to 10300, but judging by the accumulation of blocks for sale, we won’t break through the first time 9500.
Plus on Friday there will be a closure of short contracts on CME. All factors indicate a decrease (overheating of indicators, accumulation of blocks for sale, expiration of CME contracts, various levels and patterns).
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What position are you in the market?
  • Long-position
  • Short-position
  • I'm outside the market, just watching
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CME opened with a gap at the level of 9060-9290 this is another plus in the direction of the dump. Now we have three gaps below, which need to be closed.
1st - 9060-9290
2d - 8595-8495
3d - 7700-7645
And the third one just comes there as I say above. On СME, the price is slightly different, somewhere around 50-70$, just on regular exchanges it's 7500

Look, yesterday the longs stood in place and they already started to grow, and shorts began to decline (liquidate)

Everything goes according to the plan that I described above.
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Hi guys! #Bitcoin #manipulation
Today I will tell you a secret how they will manipulate the crowd in the coming week, a maximum of two! I already wrote a couple of times about the psychology of the market, and without it in any way! Not understanding how and what drives the price, technical analysis does not work in this case. Sit down more conveniently, I'm starting my story!

All of you remember the price movement from 3k to 14k, and then the long and painful correction, which turned into a bear market. Someone thinks that the bottom has already been passed, but even more people are expecting 5k and lower, I want to upset the second immediately, until such a scenario is observed! And you all know that since the end of September from 8500 I have been actively collecting longs, and I have repeatedly talked about where we will have a bottom. On the October pump I dumped most of the longs at 9800-10300, although no one was waiting for him except me. But it doesn’t matter, then I started to open longs from 8500 again and my last entrance was at 6469 and I got the average entry for longs at 7500 and now I am safely dropping off parts of it, taking from each movement the prices of a thousand percent ROE (or 10-15 % price movement).

When we formed a bottom in the region of 6400, we had a very strong growth from 6410 to 7490. At that very moment, the bottom became clear and a wave of growth began to arise, the end of which will be approximately 11500. Here you have all this movement on the chart .

What to expect and what I want to warn our beloved subscribers from. Now, in the region of 9500, the upward movement will stop and there will be a very strong drain, at least at 8300, and at most at 7500, which I have already mentioned many times. Judging by the polls in the chat rooms, now most of the people in shorts who came from January 13-14 i.e. They began to come from 8k. and all their feet are at a maximum of 9640. Therefore, now we are still a bit older to knock out all the shorts. On growth from January 26 or from 8300, long-distance players began to accumulate, who want to pick up movement up to 10k and higher, and their feet are in two zones. The first is 8200-8150, and the second is 7650-7550. So, at the end of growth, we will have a shake out of shorts, and then immediately with 1-2 huge candles they will also demolish the longists. Throughout the fall to 7500, the mass of waiters will again begin to believe in 5k and will joyfully beat the cue ball with goals of 5k so that there they roll over and go on all shoulders under credit funds to enter longs with goals at #tothemoon. But their expectations will be in vain and they will again be punished on the margin call on a sharp pump, as it was at the end of October. Bitcoin will immediately rise from 7500 to 10300 and there it will already be fixed and will complete its movement to 11500. Naturally, from 10300 to 11500 a crowd of hamsters will come running again, who will start buying with the goals for last year, but they will have to sell there, and not buy. This is how all this insidious plan will look like on a chart.
I summarize, until Friday we observe the level of 9500, on Friday we are preparing for a strong drain up to 7500, there we will have an expiration of the latest short-term futures on CME. Arthurchik with #BitMEX is already rubbing his hands at billions in liquidation. Then through a small sidewall there will be a strong movement to the area of 10300, and then a smooth growth to 11500. Well, then we will look, while the plan is like that! Here is such an insidious market psychology and plans for manipulators!

I wish you all profitable trades! 📈
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Estimated #Bitcoin price movement before Halving.

The whole scenario, as I see it, with all areas of interest for the next three months!

At the level of 9100$, resistance is about which the price will break a couple of times and from which there will be a correction. First, the correction will go by 50% Fibonacci, then by 23.60% or 38.20% and then we will break through the resistance and go beyond $ 10,000. But if we break through 9100 from the second time (i.e. now), then increase to 9500-9600 to the upper border of the ascending channel and from there we will go for a very deep correction.

While we touched the zone of interest 9075-9250 for the second time, we are now observing, either we break through and go to 9500-9600 (the upper boundary of the channel) or go down to the zone of interest 8295-8200 and see what happens. If the zone withstands, then let's go test 9100 again, if not, which I expect, then we will go to the second zone of interest 7870-7689 and we will turn around from there. There we have the bottom of the channel and the Fibonacci level of 50%, an ideal place to turn around and go beyond the level of $10,000. But if this zone breaks through, then we go to the third zone of interest 6933-7235 and in this case, after a long lateral movement for 2-3 months, we will gain momentum again.

Look how perfectly all trend lines fit in this model, both descending and ascending, but how they look closer.

On January 14, #BTC broke the downtrend line in the region of 8400 and there was already a retest of this trend, the breakdown is true for all breakout qualifiers, and price projectors indicate an increase from 10,200 to 12,600. At the moment, we are seeing the first signs of a price decrease, which At least 8600-8500 will happen, and the maximum is 7700-7500. Today I closed another part of the long position at 9191 at the peak. In the area of 10500-11000, I want to close all my positions of the longs that I’ve been collecting since the end of September, where I got the average entrance of 7500. Then I immediately plan to roll over into shorts with goals of 9-8k. Then again close all the shorts and already roll over again in the long with goals at 16-18k.

Trade correctly, trade wisely and think constantly.
There is no simple money in the market.
All our clients who trade according to my recommendations are happy for calm and systematic trading, which makes it possible to pick up from 10 to 30% of the price movement from the market.

I wish you all profitable trades! 📈
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Thoughts on #BTC at the moment 💬

#XBTUSD #BitMEX #Bianance

In addition to the last post, I want to add the following:

The 1W chart closed with an almost complete absorption of the last 9 weeks. Sneaked over the global downtrend lines, over the middle of the Bollinger Channel, over all movings, in the area of ​​the Ichimoku green cloud and over the Fibonacci line, 50% of all growth in 2019. Weekly support at 8462 and 7870. Resistance at 9075.

On 1D chart they hit the upper boundary of the rising channel. Now there is a correction, which can last up to 7500. On all growth from 6400 to 9200 there were three impulsive movements. After the first impulse, #Bitcoin made a correction to the Fibonacci line 61.80%, after the second by 38.20% and after the third so far by 23.60%, and it has never been at the level of 50%! Of the supports, the first one is at 8578, which looks weak, then 8295, then 7700 and 7525 are the strongest support, which coincides with the Ichimoku cloud and the middle of the Bollinger channel. Of the resistances, we have a level of 9075, then by the frequency of touches of 9550, then 9832 and psychological in 10k.

At 4H timeframe, there is every chance of going from the current level to 9500 or 9800. While lying on the upper border of the rising channel, 50MA, the middle of the Bollingel channel and the upper border of the green Ichimoku cloud. If in the next day we don’t leave bodies below 8500 and go into the zone 8760-8885, then there is every chance to renew the current high. If we drop in price with under 8500, then the nearest support is at 8295, then the level in touch frequency is 8100 and the last is 7475.

Trading on Bitcoin futures on the #CME exchange opened with a gap down (8955-8720, a gap of $ 235), so I look forward to a quick close of this gap. If this happens from the current ones, then with a high degree of probability #BTC will renew new highs. If the fall lasts, then we will close the gap through a deeper correction. According to the support on the CME exchange, this is 8300, then 7965 and the zone 7715-7500 in which the micro-gap also remained (7645-7700). The resistance is 9210, then 9655 and then there is already a cluster in the 10k region.

Bitcoin domination, I think, will continue with a bearish trend and the decline will continue in the region of 65.92 - 64.33%. The resistance is the level of 68.86%, where 50 and 100 mid-moving ones pass, the middle of the Bollinger channel, as well as the lower border of the Ichimoku cloud. All this indicated that at this moment altcoins prevail in growth on Bitcoin.

The USDT dominance shows signs of growth and I expect an upward movement of 6-8% to 2.12%.
Further downward correction will resume and there will be a fall of about 30%. Accordingly, the cryptocurrency market will sag a little on growth, and on the decline in the dominance of the stablecoin #Tether #USDT, the market will begin to grow again, but given the fact that I expect a decrease in the dominance of bitcoin, then altcoins will grow faster!

The index of fear and greed at the moment is 53 points and the last time such an indicator was observed in early November 2019.
The average percentage of volatility over the past week was 4.68%
The main blocks for the purchase and sale of TOP exchanges can be found here. Judging by the locations, I can assume that now the price is being clamped in the range of 8300-8800 and there will be a struggle for 8500-8600. If the buyer turns out to be stronger, then the price will go to 9500, and if weaker, then the price will be taken to the big block at #Binance in the zone 8100-7200, where the buyer wants to get a position at an average price of 7500.

I wish you all profitable trades! 📈
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🐋 A couple of days ago, the #Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange made a transaction at 124,946 BTC ($ 1.1 billion), which is 0.7% of the total coin turnover. The commission for one of the largest transfers in cryptocurrency was only $80.

This morning, 1,500 bitcoins were left on the exchange’s hot wallet, and 123,447 BTC were transferred to another address, which was confirmed by CTO Bitfinex Paolo Ardoino.
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What language do you speak confidently?
  • English
  • Español
  • Русский
  • Українська мова
  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • 中文语言
  • 日本語
  • Tagalog
  • Francés
  • Portugués
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#Bitcoin goes to Chinese New Year! What to expect in the near future $6k or $12k?

A new trading week begins with a correction, but it’s for the better! It is better for the market to make a correction now than to do it with 10k or even worse from 11-12k! We are starting the Chinese New Year, which can bring any surprises! If in the near future #Bitcoin will show growth in the zone 8760-8850, and from there it will make another retest of the Fibonacci level of 23.60% and the level of 8462 and will not go into the shadows for these levels, then we can expect continued growth (here's an approximate price movement)! In general, I expect a correction in # Bitcoin to the level of 7500, from which the uptrend will last up to 10k and if an aggressive seller does not appear there, then the growth will last up to 11-12k. The picture looks very bullish and there are no signs of a global sale. But we are not talking about #tothemoon yet, for this we need to close all the questions below and confidently fix above 8500-9000.

Write your comments, ask questions on the topic of those! Reposting post to friends is also welcome!

Thank you all for your attention!
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#Binance conducted the 10th quarterly burning of BNB tokens in the amount of 2,216,888 BNB (~ $ 38.8 million) 🔥