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Liquidity.Network 8 Dec, 09:46
Hmm interesting thanks
Liquidity.Network 7 Dec, 19:18
That depends on how the hub that you're using collects transaction fees. If we are running hubs, we will require LQD as a means of payment for using the network.
Liquidity.Network 7 Dec, 17:54
iirc they said it will be used with a similar model like bnb when the TEX comes into the main net
Liquidity.Network 7 Dec, 17:51
I would like to sell 200 Either coin.
Liquidity.Network 7 Dec, 16:40
Hi, I read an older article from 2018 about the token utility. I read that the token itself is not needed to make use of the payment hubs. Is there any new use cases to drive demand for the token?
Liquidity.Network 6 Dec, 00:03
Indeed Tom, we're currently updating the client library and this will persist for the time being unfortunately.
Liquidity.Network 5 Dec, 21:46
Liquidity.Network 5 Dec, 21:41
Turns out going to the mainnet hubs transfer endpoint gives a 503 error.
Liquidity.Network 5 Dec, 21:26
Turns out going to the mainnet hubs /transfer endpoint gives a 503 error.
Liquidity.Network 5 Dec, 21:21
I'm getting errors when making transactions on mainnet (other networks are unaffected), both on the app and using the javascript library.
Liquidity.Network 5 Dec, 19:58
I have a business connected with selling LED lights, and I would like to ask you if you know any platforms based on the blockchain technology that are connected with lighting. I've found BuyAnyLight that is creating the platform to buy or sell lights and get lighting consultations, 3D design, and so on. But they are on the development and the presale stage at the moment, and I want to ask you if you know other platforms similar to this one.
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Liquidity.Network 3 Dec, 03:52
Liquidity.Network 3 Dec, 03:21
Liquidity.Network 3 Dec, 03:05
Liquidity.Network 2 Dec, 20:54
It should be here.
Liquidity.Network 2 Dec, 20:54
Liquidity.Network 2 Dec, 19:27
Liquidity.Network 2 Dec, 19:22
Liquidity.Network 2 Dec, 16:05
Liquidity.Network 2 Dec, 16:04
I assume TEX will remain a beta until it gets released on mainnet, which afaik is dependent on FINMA approving Liquidity Networks proposal to start trading.