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С упоминаниями
Liquidity.Network 17 Sep, 20:39
Are you using ledger live ? It will come hopefully in ledger's next update.
In the meantime, do you know how to spend your LQD using another wallet like mycrypto ?
Liquidity.Network 17 Sep, 20:21
Still can’t see my LQD tokens with ledger live !
Liquidity.Network 17 Sep, 07:36
Thank you Chemist for your kind words. Feel free to review our project anytime. If you have any questions we're here to answer.
Liquidity.Network 17 Sep, 04:11
Hi..! Impressive work on your platform. I'm a YouTuber with over (34k ) subscribers in my bag.  I would like us to take this project to the moon. PM me if you want me to review your project on my ever growing youtube channel
Liquidity.Network 16 Sep, 12:51
I have it here
Liquidity.Network 16 Sep, 12:51
Liquidity.Network 16 Sep, 12:48
Still can't see it there
Liquidity.Network 16 Sep, 12:47
Good thank 👌🏻
Liquidity.Network 16 Sep, 12:26
I applied, LQD should be added soon.
Liquidity.Network 16 Sep, 11:54
We applied, we will be listed soon.
Liquidity.Network 16 Sep, 11:22
Hi Nikos, I just checked, LQD is supported in Blockfolio.
Liquidity.Network 16 Sep, 08:59
Thank you Tomasz!
Liquidity.Network 16 Sep, 07:03
Very nice presentation! Congrats!
Liquidity.Network 15 Sep, 23:35
Liquidity.Network 15 Sep, 15:47
To my knowledge there was a no photo and recording rule (standard for Scaling Bitcoin afaik), besides the talk recordings.
Liquidity.Network 15 Sep, 15:08
Can u share some photos?
Liquidity.Network 15 Sep, 07:53
Looking forward to the Starkware Sessions tomorrow.
Liquidity.Network 15 Sep, 07:53
I believe the live recordings of the talks should be soon online.
Liquidity.Network 15 Sep, 07:52
Scaling Bitcoin was amazing. Many very nice people, open discussions about protocols and the state of blockchain.
Liquidity.Network 15 Sep, 06:22
How is Israel, @arthurgervais ?