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Just Football 25 Apr, 15:23
Come and check one of the best channels about football & sport in general. Live stats, latest news and exclusive interviews right now and right there. Subscribe! ☄️

Just Football 24 Mar, 20:20
Estimated transfer value of all players born in the 2000's
Just Football 22 Mar, 01:52
Did you know?

In 2014-15, Cristiano Ronaldo scored 38 non-penalty goals in La Liga (48 in total). From the 38, one was scored off his left hip, six via his left foot and 12 from headers. Real Madrid's record was 21–1–3 when he scored.
Just Football 16 Mar, 21:44
Neymar, Messi, Pogba, Verratti, De Bruyne and Alberto all enter the green zone.

Neymar, in particular, has been insane this season.
Just Football 14 Mar, 02:28
"MesSi iS a PuSsY"
"rEaL mAdRid DnA"
Just Football 14 Mar, 01:40
BREAKING: Liverpool set to be awarded Premier League title amid coronavirus chaos.

Options include a 22-team Premier League next season, possibly dovetailing with the winter World Cup. [Telegraph]
Just Football 13 Mar, 15:29
Wash your hands ⚠️
Just Football 12 Mar, 01:37
Can we just appreciation what Zinedine Zidane and Real Madrid did?! This Liverpool team is being spoken about as one of the all-time greats and yet they couldn't even do the DOUBLE.

Zidane and RM 3-PEATED the UCL!
Just Football 11 Mar, 00:16
Real Madrid lost 15 Points out of total 25 to bottom half in La Liga this season:

2 vs Valladolid (15th)
3 vs Mallorca (18th)
3 vs Levante (11th)
2 vs Real Betis (14th)
2 vs Celta Vigo (17th)
3 vs Real Betis(12th)

Just Football 6 Mar, 03:23
Manchester United's since the 2-0 loss to Burnley:

✅ 6-0 vs Tranmere
✅ 1-0 vs Man City
⚪️ 0-0 vs Wolves
✅ 2-0 vs Chelsea
⚪️ 1-1 vs Brugge
✅ 3-0 vs Watford
✅ 5-0 vs Brugge
⚪️ 1-1 vs Everton
✅ 3-0 vs Derby

✓ W6 – D3 – L0
✓ 22 scored (2.44 p/g)
✓ 2 conceded (0.22 p/g)
Just Football 3 Mar, 01:40
Thibaut Courtois made El Clasico look easy this season 💪

He's the first Real Madrid goalkeeper to keep two clean sheets against Barcelona in the same season since Miguel Ángel in the 1974-75 season 🧤

He's also kept more La Liga clean sheets than any other 'keeper (12) 🛑
Just Football 2 Mar, 11:45
Analysis on Assists:

Jadon Sancho and Thomas Müller have both benefited from good finishing whilst Kylian Mbappé has been harmed by bad finishing.
Just Football 2 Mar, 01:31
Mariano's goal after only 50 seconds is the fastest scored by a substitute in El Clásico in LaLiga this century.
Just Football 1 Mar, 00:38
xG map for Real Madrid - Manchester City

basically every Pep CL match in the last seven years except his team won
Just Football 29 Feb, 22:25
It’s the 90th minute and Liverpool are losing 3-0...

But “You’ll Never Walk Alone” is loud and clear from our away fans this afternoon.

Simply the best fans in the world.
Just Football 28 Feb, 01:47
Odion Ighalo: "The T-shirt is for my late sister. I lost my sister in December, and she is very dear to me, she is a good MUFC fan too. We hoped for this moment, but now I am in United she is not here to see what is going on. So it is a bit emotional for me." [mutv]
Just Football 27 Feb, 02:07
Ilkay Gündogan completed 96% of his passes vs. Real Madrid (74/79) including 50 in the opposition half.

City's unsung hero. 👏
Just Football 21 Feb, 14:45
Just Football 21 Feb, 14:45
Just Football 21 Feb, 14:45