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Smart Investor 15 Jun, 11:06
Hi guys!

🔹Facebook has raised about $100 million from Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and Uber and other investors in its cryptocurrency project. The funds will provide the token to be used in WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

🔹Binance has closed access to the site for US traders. However, the exchange announced the opening of a platform in the United States in partnership with BAM Trading Services.

🔹Circle Pay is closing, but the company will continue to develop the USDC stablecoin, the SeedInvest crowdfunding platform and the Poloniex crypto exchange. If you used the service, carefully read the terms of withdrawal.

🔹Google started using Chainlink blockchain startup systems. The Chainlink service will transfer data from web services based on the Google App and BigQuery to decentralized applications on Ethereum. Against this news, the LINK token rate has risen by 60%.

🔹On June 17, the first IEO will start at the Binance DEX site from Raven Protocol. The project plans to raise $500,000 through the sale of a 3% issue of the issued token.

🔹Europol began developing a computer game through which employees could learn how to combat crypto crime. The main skill that will give the game - tracking transactions in the investigation of crimes.

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Smart Investor 14 Jun, 12:21
Hi guys!

🔹Binance will add to the listing of coins with Binance DEX, if they gather a large community, and the daily trading volume during the month will be more than $ 50,000.

🔹Bitfinex and Bittrex block accounts and aggressively de-anonymize users. Bitfinex users are asked to provide personal data and the purpose of their activity. And Bittrex users - provide confirmation of employment information, the amount of retirement income and confirm transactions.

🔹The creators of Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry, Ubisoft, can introduce a blockchain to save game items in the form of ERC721 tokens. The tokens themselves can also be used by players for exchange.

🔹July 22 will begin testing crypto futures on the Bakkt platform.

🔹On June 15, the Cardano project's Shelley test network will be launched. The developers also say that they will conduct hardfork if in the near future digital assets continue to grow and do not fall in value.

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Smart Investor 12 Jun, 10:29
Hi guys!

🔹Visa launched the payment blockchain-system, Visa B2B Connect, based on the Linux Foundation Hyperledger Fabric blockchain for direct B2B payments.

🔹TRON launched its SUN Network. The update includes an increase in network bandwidth, scaling it and smart contracts (DAppChain). Changes will reduce power consumption (which is relevant to miners) and will increase the safety of dApps

🔹Nasdaq will add cryptocurrency pricing and analysis tools to its Quandl institutional framework.

🔹Margin trading on Binance moved to the testing stage. Holders of tokens are selected for the test.

🔹Zap released in beta wallet for Android. But you should use it with caution - the version is raw, so says the developer himself.

🔹The largest South Korean Kookmin Bank together with Atomic Labs launches a deposit service for digital assets.

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Smart Investor 11 Jun, 10:02
Hi guys!

🔹May statistics from Google in Africa, Canada and Australia showed that the number of search queries for the word “bitcoin” increased significantly, overtaking the previously leading queries about Tesla, Trump and Kardashian.

🔹Over the past six months, about $518 million has been raised through IEO, according to The Wall Street Journal. The publication writes that the most popular venue for holding tokensale - Binance Launchpad - takes a commission of about 2−5% of the attracted amount of IEO.

🔹Five months after the commissioning of the main network, the Zilliqa project launched smart contracts in it. PepsiCo tested the blockchain: using smart contracts, we were able to increase the effectiveness of marketing operations by 28%. Ticker on the exchanges - ZIL.

🔹In Wyoming, a member of the blockchain working group predicted that the holders of cryptocurrency from Facebook would be compensated, and the company could perform the functions of the Central Bank to determine the share of national currencies in order to determine the value of its own coin.

🔹Although mining and cryptocurrencies are prohibited in Iran, the minister acknowledged the problem of the irrational use of state subsidies, which are given to electricity. If they listen to the minister, the miners will be deprived of cheap electricity.

🔹The finance ministers and central bankers of the G20 countries asked the FATF to create recommendations and requirements for cryptocurrency companies, and the Financial Stability Board - to monitor risks.

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Smart Investor 8 Jun, 11:00
Hi guys!

🔹Facebook director of financial services and payment partnerships in Northern Europe announced that the company will publish white paper for its Libra cryptocurrency project on June 18. Facebook also posted 28 vacancies for blockchain specialists.

🔹On June 1, hackers attacked the GateHub service, hacked 80-90 user wallets and pulled out 23 million XRP tokens ($9.6 million) from them. Currently under investigation.

🔹The Chicago Options Exchange (CBOE) will complete Bitcoin futures trading on June 19 at 15:00 local time.

🔹Any resident of India, who will be caught in the use of cryptocurrency, can be imprisoned for 10 years in accordance with the bill "On the prohibition of cryptocurrency and the regulation of official digital currencies" of 2019.

🔹Due to the collapse of the CLAM cryptocurrency price and its low liquidity, the marginal lenders of the Poloniex exchange lost 1,800 BTC ($14 million). Responsibility for damages exchange laid on borrowers who have not repaid their positions.

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Smart Investor 7 Jun, 13:04
Hi guys!

🔹Facebook GlobalCoin token can be launched this month, and employees of the company will be able to receive a salary in this cryptocurrency. Users will be able to purchase it through the "physical portals". The company also plans to transfer control over its cryptocurrency to 100 outside investors, who will buy the status of a node in the GlobalCoin network for $10 million.

🔹Visa will become a partner of the Japanese startup LINE Pay Corporation, which develops mobile applications, in order to get access to blockchain-based services for cross-border transfers for its clients.

🔹Siam Commercial Bank (SCB), the largest Thai bank, reported on several successful test cross-border transfers using technology from Ripple.

🔹The developer of Lightning Network offered his bitcoin scaling option called Utreexo - a dynamic battery of unencumbered transaction balances that can facilitate the management of full nodes in the bitcoin blockchain.

🔹The European Commission calls on Malta to tighten control over money laundering through cryptocurrency platforms that are opening up in its jurisdiction.

🔹Binance will continue to issue its own stablecoins in the next few months.

🔹The US Department of Energy's science lab investigated the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero discussions on Reddit and found out that Bitcoin collects 3,600 comments per day, and Ethereum and Monero each collect 500 and 380 comments.

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Smart Investor 6 Jun, 15:59
Hi guys!

🔹 announced a series of sales of Ethereum, TRX, EOS and ATOM with a discount of 34-50%. Promotions will be held at weekly intervals starting June 6th. Only VIP level 3 and higher can participate in them.

🔹The CEO of the bankrupt Mt.Gox intends to create an operating system on the blockchain, which will be better and more efficient than other analogues.

🔹The Malaysian Securities Commission registered the first three cryptocurrency exchanges in the country at once: Luno Malaysia, Sinergy Technologies and Tokenize Technology.

🔹CoinMarketCap introduced its own block explorer for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

🔹Tether has become popular among Chinese traders, according to analytical company Diar. From the beginning of 2019, they bought USDT for $10 billion.

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Smart Investor 5 Jun, 11:01
Hi guys!

🔹Apple will introduce the CryptoKit cryptographic toolkit into the upcoming version of the iOS 13 operating system.

🔹Coinbase trader was able to earn $15 million in just two hours, selling 25,000 BTC to the exchange for $215 million, and then buying coins for $200 million after the fall of the Bitcoin exchange rate last night.

🔹Ethereum based debt instruments from Cadence will be added to Bloomberg Terminal.

🔹Representatives of LocalBitcoins explained the prohibition of the exchange of cryptocurrency on fiat money in person to observe the need to comply with Finnish laws.

🔹 company intends to pay Voice tokens to all users who will pass the verification procedure in its blockchain social network, providing an identity card.

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Smart Investor 4 Jun, 12:23
Hi guys!

🔹Access to the Binance DEX website is closed to IP addresses from 28 countries and regions, including the USA, Crimea, Belarus, North Korea and Venezuela.

🔹Facebook is consulting with the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) on the regulation of its cryptocurrency project GlobalCoin.

🔹A group of 14 major financial companies from Europe, the USA and Japan, led by the Swiss holding UBS, want to start using the “bitcoin-like asset” for international payments in the coming year.

🔹 at its last event announced that it will launch its social blockchain network, Voice, EOS based on the blockchain called EOSIO 2 and the new network engine EOS VM.

🔹The LocalBitcoins crypto-exchanger removed the option of exchanging Bitcoin for Fiat during a personal meeting in all supported regions. Now only electronic crypto-fiat transfers are available to users.

🔹Over the past week, 5,190 bitcoin futures contracts were opened on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), which is the historical maximum for this instrument.

🔹In the blockchain of Binance Chain, the first Binance stablecoin was launched - BGBP, tied to pound sterling.

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Smart Investor 31 May, 11:18
Hi guys!

🔹Telegram has released a test client of TON testnet. With it, you can create simple smart contracts for TON wallets and run them through a special server, check the already created smart contracts and send them messages.

🔹Bitcoin tested the $9000 mark and after that rapidly rolled back to $8600. At the same time, some Binance users opened margin trading.

🔹California Cred startup will create a crypto-credit service together with the Binance exchange and transfer its Ethereum LBA tokens to the Binance Chain.

🔹Coinbase, the largest US exchange, is considering launching margin trading, but is still discussing the regulation of this option.

🔹A new version of the Launch Kit toolkit for quick launch of exchanges and other trading platforms based on the 0x protocol has been released. Now you need only a few minutes to create an exchange and only one line of code.

🔹Zcash Foundation has released a new wallet Zepio, which implements private default transactions cryptocurrency ZEC.

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Smart Investor 30 May, 10:54
Hi guys!

🔹Accredited and institutional investors buy Bitcoin through the Grayscale tool for $11,000 already, overpaying almost 40%.

🔹Bitcoin SV increased by 50% and took the 8th line of the rating due to the fake message of the Chinese stock exchange that the coin will be listed over to Binance again. Local investors believed it.

🔹The updated version of the Binance Exchange is under 90% availability and will be launched soon.

🔹IOTA increased in price by 12% per day due to the upcoming Coordicide update, which will save the network from the mechanism of "coordinator", speed up transactions, increase the scalability and efficiency of nodes.

🔹The number of bitcoin whales has increased over the past 9 months. Now they have 26% of all BTC emissions on their wallets.

🔹The EOS startup published a code for the wallet application on iOS devices and Google Chrome browser extensions.

🔹The German regulator accuses CoinBene's crypto-exchange to work without a license and unauthorized trading. The exchange denies this, since it is not located in the country.

🔹The Federal Financial Supervision Authority of Germany (BaFin) approved the holding of the country's first STO cryptocurrency lending platform Bitbond. STO token BB1 will last until July 8 and should attract €3.5 million. Bitbond is also known for creating BitcoinPPI, the index for tracking the cost of Bitcoin to Big Mac.

#differentnews #binance
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Smart Investor 29 May, 11:08
Hi guys!

🔹J.P. Bank Morgan has created a new mechanism to ensure the anonymity of Zether transactions for blockchains based on Ethereum and other systems. It hides all the data of the sender and how much money is sent.

🔹The South Korean government wants to tighten control over the cryptocurrency industry in the country, as it fears overheating of the market due to rising cryptocurrency prices. This is probably why local traders are leaving the Korean exchanges: LocalBitcoins have dramatically increased the volume of transactions with Bitcoin among users from South Korea.

Coinbase, the largest US exchange, and Kik start-up are launching a fund to help representatives of the crypto-industry DefendCrypto, which will help to cover legal costs in proceedings with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

🔹Company Blockchain Wine Pte. Ltd, which sells wines in Asia, uses the OpsChain corporate blockchain from EY as a base for creating the TATTOO Wine Platform for selling and tracking wine for cryptocurrency.

🔹The launch of the first decentralized exchange based on the EOS blockchain from Switcheo and the startup Obolus took place.

🔹Microsoft has added a bitcoin symbol to the service for working with Excel tables. The icon can be found among other currency formats in the service settings.

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Smart Investor 28 May, 10:31
Hi guys!

🔹BitTorrent announced the creation of a decentralized P2P file storage system of the new generation. It will be launched on May 30th. Token against the background of this news soared by 20%.

🔹On the BitMEX exchange, short positions of $131.4 million were liquidated after the jump in the Bitcoin rate on Sunday, May 26.

🔹A mistake during the recent hardfork of Bitcoin Cash led and double waste of 3392 BCH. True, this double waste caused damage only to the hacker.

🔹Bitcoin miners' daily income reached $17.5 million. The complexity of bitcoin mining, the amount of fees for its transactions and the income from them is growing.

🔹Bitwise Asset Management sent a letter to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in which it proves that the Bitcoin market is smaller than it seems, and also much more efficient and orderly than in 2018.

🔹Yahoo Japan will launch its own crypto-exchange on May 30th. At first, it will be available for regular trading Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as margin trading Bitcoin Cash, XRP and Litecoin.

🔹Bitcoin in the markets of Argentina broke a historical record of value, reports the Financial Times. Its price today was 394,000 Argentine pesos, which equals approximately $9,000. Record in peso is set due to the devaluation of fiat currency.

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Smart Investor 25 May, 11:22
Hi guys!

🔹The main network of Telegram Open Network (TON) will be launched in the third quarter of this year. Her testing completed successfully.

🔹Facebook can launch its billing network and cryptocurrency GlobalCoin at the beginning of next year. While the company is discussing issues of regulation, listing and providing liquidity with experts and potential partners.

🔹Samsung Technology Corporation will add cryptocurrency support to the Samsung Pay payment service.

🔹Vitalik Buterin published a white paper of protocol for transaction mixing Ethereum. It does not support the desire of users to hide their addresses during transfers.

🔹Kraken cryptocurrency exchange issued 250 employees out of 800 wages in Bitcoins last month.

🔹The Binance interface will change when the margin trading function is launched. The Margin tab and a warning about the risks of this type of trading will appear on the page.

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Smart Investor 24 May, 09:40
Hi guys!

🔹The SIX Swiss Exchange Stock Exchange is developing a stablecoin tied to the Swiss franc for its tokenized asset trading platform, which will be launched in 2020.

🔹The American telecommunications giant AT&T, in partnership with BitPay, began accepting cryptocurrencies to pay for its services.

🔹Two phishing apps (Trezor Mobile Wallet and Coin Wallet) aimed at Trezor hardware wallets were found in the Google Play mobile app store.

🔹The Swiss Franck Muller company will release an Encrypto watch, combined with a wallet for deep cold storage of bitcoins.

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Smart Investor 23 May, 10:30
Hi guys!

🔹The trading volume of Bitcoin futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) reached a historic high in May. By May 13, 33.677 contracts were made at CME, which is equivalent to $1.3 billion in bitcoins.

🔹The Fantom Foundation and the Binance Chain will create a multi-active crossbar system for ERC20 (Ethereum), Fantom and BEP-2 (Binance Chain) tokens.

🔹The new version of the Firefox browser has added protection against hidden mining and tracking of digital fingerprints on sites that are visited by the device owner.

🔹Galaxy Digital company sold for $71.2 million its stake in the startup cryptocurrency developer EOS Thus, the investment in paid off by 123%.

🔹The Ethereum Foundation invests $30 million in key ecosystem projects throughout the year: Ethereum 2.0, developer training, security and sustainability of the current version of Ethereum, and community support.

🔹Community celebrates Bitcoin Pizza Day. On May 22, 2010, crypto-enthusiast Laszlo Heinitz bought pizza for 10,000 BTC ($79,253,225 at today's exchange rate).

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Smart Investor 22 May, 09:10
Hi guys!

🔹The cost of Binance Coin has overcome the mark of $30 amid the appearance in the account of the mysterious tweet containing only three characters - "2.0".

🔹Bitfinex Exchange announced the launch of a platform for holding Tokinex tokensales, which will begin work on June 13. To participate in IEO, you need to go through the Blockpass application and deposit funds into the account.

🔹Between 13 and 19 May, more than $1 billion were traded on Ethereum at Coinbase. Analysts attribute the growth in Ethereum trading volume to the return of large investors to the market.

🔹Venezuela will refuse to pay in Visa and MasterCard systems from November 2019 due to US sanctions. They will be replaced by the national payment system, which the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Central Bank of the country will have to develop in 2 months. Now in the country the most popular means of payment are cryptocurrencies, among which Dash leads.

🔹Kraken offers professional investors to buy at least $1,000 in shares to raise €9.1 million. Exchange issues securities in conjunction with the platform BnkToTheFuture.

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Smart Investor 21 May, 11:06
Hi guys!

🔹The Fintech-company Libra Network is registered in Switzerland, which is expected to be engaged in the development of a stablecoin for the Facebook social network.

🔹WhatsApp users can now make transactions in bitcoins, litecoins, ethers and native tokens Zulu Republic ZTX thanks to the launch of the Lite.Im bot from the Zulu Republic development team.

🔹The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has again postponed the decision on Bitcoin-ETF from VanEck/SolidX.

🔹JPMorgan analysts believe that Bitcoin repeats its path in 2017 and 2018. Now, as then, the real and intrinsic values ​​of the first cryptocurrency are diverging.

🔹Bloq Labs has released Titan software, which is designed to make it easier to set up and manage ASIC miners on farms, as well as to improve the efficiency of mining.

🔹In a cryptocurrency report, the European Central Bank recognizes that digital assets can pose a threat to the global financial system only if they completely replace deposits and cash.

🔹The third halving of bitcoin will take place after the extraction of the 630,000 block, which will occur next year. After that, the value of the reward for adding transactions to the blockchain will be reduced from 12.5 to 6.25 BTC.

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Smart Investor 18 May, 10:46
Hi guys!

🔹Bitcoin rate sharply collapsed from $7,800 to $7,000. At BitMEX, its price reached $6,380, and at Bitstamp - $6,100. The most likely cause of the incident - an unknown trader has applied for the sale of 3645 BTC ($26 million) on the Bitstamp exchange. Following Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies fell by 8-15%.

🔹Amazon got the rights to use the technology it invented to develop cryptographic systems similar to blockchains based on the Proof-of-Work mechanism. The technology will be used to combat DoS and DDoS attacks.

🔹On May 20, the KuCoin exchange will add to the listing its first metastablecoin, price is tied to four stablecoins: USDC, PAX, TUSD and DAI. The coin will begin to trade under the ticker NUSD (Neutral Dollar) in pairs with Bitcoin and USDT, and its withdrawal can be done from May 22.

🔹Estonian authorities have complicated the process of issuing licenses to cryptocurrency companies: consideration of applications has been extended to 30-90 days, the duty has been increased from €345 to €3330, and only companies registered in Estonia can receive the license itself.

🔹Ripple underestimated the amount of coins issued by 200 million XRP, or $84 million. This conclusion was made by the analytical company Coin Metrics on the basis of a study of the quarterly financial report of the startup.

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Smart Investor 17 May, 10:32
Hi guys!

🔹Only 376 people own the third of all issued Ethereum coins, and 20% of bitcoins are in the hands of 448 people, analysts of Chainalysis calculated.

🔹Opera Web 3's crypto wallet will soon start supporting Tron cryptocurrency, as well as other altcoins throughout the year.

🔹On May 15, the Stellar blockchain ceased to function correctly for two hours due to the fact that all trusted validators from the Stellar Development Foundation, chosen by the majority of network validators, were offline.

🔹The outflow of funds from cryptographic, including Bitfinex, BitMEX and Kraken, has exceeded the inflow by $622 million over the past five days.

🔹The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) again postponed consideration of the Bitcoin-ETF application from Bitwise.

🔹Because of the hacker attack on the Binance exchange, among the holders of crypto assets, the demand for hardware wallets from Ledger has doubled. After updating the security systems, the exchange will add support for hardware wallets.

🔹Blockstream has launched its first Liquid Sidechain product for the simple release of adjustable security tokens.

🔹After hardfork of Bitcoin Cash, on May 15, the network started having technical problems: updated and non-updated nodes also split into different chains, which is why the Bitcoin Cash network became unsafe for transactions. The developers managed to create a patch and stabilize the system.

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