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Успей активировать денежную промку первым, их ограниченное количество👇🔥
Smart Investor 9 Aug 2019, 14:25
Hi guys!

🔹The identities of the cybercriminals who hacked the Binance exchange in May this year and stole 7000 BTC were found out by the hacker Bnatov Platon in the hope of receiving a reward from the site. However, Binance management refused to cooperate with him. Now, the offended hacker merges the personal data of the exchange users that he received into the network by breaking into an insider who helped hackers in May.

🔹The bill on the abolition of double taxation of cryptocurrency transactions has been re-submitted to the US Congress. If it is accepted, the country will be abolished 40% tax on the transfer of digital currencies and maintaining records of such operations.

🔹The Czech government intends to tighten requirements for the cryptocurrency industry by January 2020 in order to comply with anti-money laundering rules in the European Union. One of the measures will be a fine of $20,000 for unlicensed activities of crypto companies.

🔹The profit of blockchain companies from the sale of tokens was two times higher than the funds received by equity investment in the last six months, the analytical company teQatlas reports. Through ICOs, startups raised $2.09 billion, and venture capital investments - only $1.2 billion.

🔹Coinshares explained how the bull market in 2019 differs from the 2017 rally. The current rise is due to the interest of the Internet community and media attention, rising prices for altcoins and the support of large businesses and institutions.

🔹VC Trade Exchange, owned by the Japanese corporation SBI Holdings, was one of the first to introduce a KYC system that meets the updated requirements of the Financial Anti-Money Laundering Measures Development Group (FATF), which caused a lot of controversy and outrage in the blockchain community. It was created by the CoolBitX startup.

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Smart Investor 1 Aug 2019, 20:15
Hi guys!

🔹Sony became one of the investors in the German crypto bank Bitwala, which raised $13 million. Allegedly, a record was set for the sale of equity among German blockchain startups.

🔹Canaan Creative, one of the largest manufacturers of mining equipment in China, allegedly sent a request for an initial public offering (IPO) in the United States, which is expected to raise $200 million.

🔹The UK Financial Regulatory and Supervisory Authority (FCA) has presented the final version of the cryptocurrency industry guide. As expected, the final version of the document does not contain significant changes to the current regulatory framework, however, it determines the digital currencies that will be in the jurisdiction of the department.

🔹On July 31, the Binance cryptocurrency exchange announced the results of the initial exchange offering (IEO) of WINk tokens on the Binance Launchpad platform. According to Binance, 43,604 users took part in the qualifying lottery, in total they received 837,808 tickets, of which 200,000 (23.87%) were winning. Also, from August 1, users will be able to take part in the QTUM stacking.

🔹LedgerX, a provider of cryptocurrency derivatives, was the first US company to launch deliverable bitcoin futures. The new service was launched on July 31.

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Smart Investor 31 Jul 2019, 10:32
Hi guys!

🔹The Facebook report prepared for the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reports that the launch of the Libra cryptocurrency may be canceled due to the tangible pressure of regulators: “There are no guarantees that Libra or our associated products and services will be provided in a timely manner or generally will be available." However, this is a standard assumption in such documents.

🔹Tether decided to launch the USDT based on the Liquid Network, which was developed by Blockstream.

🔹One of the largest providers of crypto wallets, Blockchain, has launched its PIT trading platform. Registration on the new crypto exchange opened on July 30, and in the next two weeks support for about 26 tokens will be added.

🔹The investment company US Capital Global announced the launch of a tokenized venture capital fund. Among the assets of the $10 million fund, there are shares of such crypto companies as Coinbase, Bakkt, Nomics and Tagomi.

🔹Developers of non-castoidal eosfinex crypto exchange reported launching the site in full.

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Smart Investor 27 Jul 2019, 10:44
Hi guys!

🔹The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved the release and sale of cryptocurrency gaming startup tokens Pocketful of Quarters (PoQ). This is the first project in history that has received SEC permission to hold a tokensale based on the Ethereum platform.

🔹Three branches of the postal service of Croatia, located in Zadar, in the framework of the pilot project now offer a service of exchanging cryptocurrencies for local currency - the Croatian kuna. If successful, cryptocurrency exchangers will appear in all major cities of the country and tourist centers.

🔹The head of Huawei Technology Corporation believes that China should not wait for the launch of Libra cryptocurrency from the social network Facebook, but compete with it by releasing its own crypto asset.

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Smart Investor 26 Jul 2019, 10:52
Hi guys!

🔹According to Ripple's financial report, XRP was sold for $251.51 million in the second quarter of 2019, a 48% increase from the previous quarter.

🔹On the Internet, fraudsters began to massively launch sites offering to invest in the as-yet non-existent Libra token from the social network Facebook.

🔹One of the largest airlines in Europe, Norwegian Air, will launch a crypto-exchange in order for the company's clients to pay for their flights with Bitcoins, as well as to receive discount points from trading in cryptocurrencies.

🔹The Thai subsidiary Huobi received a license from the local authorities to launch a regulated trading platform for digital assets.

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Smart Investor 24 Jul 2019, 10:58
Hi guys!

🔹The economic commission of the Iranian government approved the mechanism for legalizing mining cryptocurrency and Bitcoin turnover in the domestic market.

🔹A working group of the Government of India has proposed a total ban on private cryptocurrencies in the country. All persons involved in transactions with private digital assets will fall under it: they face a fine of $3.6 million and a prison term of up to 10 years.

🔹The largest US cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has added over 5 million new users over the past 10 months.

🔹In the UK, scammers on behalf of the Financial Conducting Authority (FCA) send out letters promoting cryptocurrency investments. It is noteworthy that this regulator insists on a total ban on trade in cryptocurrency derivatives in the country.

🔹German authorities approved the release of the first tokenized secured real estate bond. The blockchain-startup Fundament, which will be able to offer retail investors to participate in a fully regulated tokensale of €250 million, will do this.

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Smart Investor 23 Jul 2019, 10:44
Hi guys!

🔹Bakkt platform for institutional investors launched in test mode trading in deliverable bitcoin futures, which allow to protect the contract owner from future fluctuations in the asset price.

🔹The network's hashrate of the first cryptocurrency updated the historical maximum - the cumulative computing power of the Bitcoin network reached 79.7 EH/s. Now the amount of Bitcoin computing resources is eight times higher than in December 2017, when the price of the first cryptocurrency reached its highest level - almost $20,000.

🔹SWIFT announced the successful testing of a new cross-border system, under which financial institutions in Australia and Singapore made a payment in 13 seconds.

🔹The German corporation Daimler, which owns the Mercedes-Benz brand, announced the start of cooperation with the European blockchain-startup Riddle & Code. Together, the company will develop and launch hardware crypto wallets designed to work inside cars.

🔹The US Financial Institutions Regulatory Agency (FINRA) has extended the reporting period for crypto and blockchain companies for a year.

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Smart Investor 20 Jul 2019, 12:48
Hi guys!

🔹Following the meeting of finance ministers and heads of central banks of G7, leading regulators opposed the fact that companies had the same privileges as government agencies in issuing payment instruments. In particular, we are talking about Facebook and Libra cryptocurrency.

🔹The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) launched an investigation into the American exchange for the BitMEX crypto-derivatives trading, trying to find out whether the exchange provided a service to US customers.

🔹In China, the court of Hangzhou during a trial between the now defunct exchange and one of its users recognized Bitcoin as “virtual property”.

🔹Today in the network of anonymous cryptocurrency Zcash passed the so-called "friendly" fork, as a result of which a new cryptocurrency appeared - Ycash.

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Smart Investor 19 Jul 2019, 10:55
Hi guys!

🔹The Japanese government is working on the launch of an international cryptocurrency payment system, which will act in a manner similar to the SWIFT banking transfer system.

🔹The Binance cryptocurrency exchange team “accidentally” earned $775,000 on the stacking of Stellar coins and decided to share the unexpected reward with users.

🔹Coinbase Cryptocurrency Exchange has launched three new tools that will help novice traders to trade cryptocurrencies. They are presented in the form of indicators.

🔹LibertyX, the first operator of Bitcoin ATMs in the United States, said it would install 90 additional machines in Arizona and Nevada, making it the largest provider of this type of service in the country.

🔹According to Google Trends, as of July 18, China occupies a leading position among the countries whose residents often searched for news about the Facebook Libra crypto project.

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Smart Investor 18 Jul 2019, 10:46
Hi guys!

🔹The stablecoin team of Tether announced the upcoming launch of USDT on the fifth blockchain, Algorand.

🔹The French Financial Markets Authority (AMF) will issue licenses to work for several crypto companies that have submitted relevant documentation and agreed to the new regulatory rules that will come into force this month.

🔹Over the past year, the number of patents on the blockchain, obtained by the IBM technology giant in the United States, has increased by 300%. IBM currently has more than 100 patent families, which exceeds the number of patents registered with other technology giants.

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Smart Investor 17 Jul 2019, 11:12
Hi guys!

🔹The US Treasury Secretary said that the administration of President Donald Trump has “very serious doubts” about Libra and that cryptocurrency is a matter of US national security.

🔹The CoinFLEX futures exchange is set to hold an initial futures offer (IFO) for the Polkadot project tokens. It is interesting that at the moment these tokens do not exist yet.

🔹MyDashWallet crypto wallet was hacked by hackers on May 13, 2019, and up to July 12, fraudsters had access to users' money and information. At the moment, the vulnerability is eliminated, however, the developers advised customers to transfer funds to other services for storage.

🔹Binance Crypto Exchange is probably planning to launch a platform with support for fiat currencies in South Korea. It is assumed that at the moment negotiations are underway with local regulators, but the company cannot yet provide any specifics.

🔹In Binance Chain successfully passed Galileo hardfork. Now delisting of trading pairs has become available in the blockchain system.

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Smart Investor 16 Jul 2019, 11:55
Hi guys!

🔹The founder of Ethereum suggested temporarily using third-party blockchain systems that have a lower commission for transferring byte information to scale the network. As one of the options, Buterin offers Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

🔹Next week in the United States Congress, hearings begin on the Facebook Libra cryptocurrency project, in anticipation of which a bill was passed to Congress prohibiting large technology companies to create their own crypto assets.

🔹In the Chinese city of Zhenjiang (Jiangsu Province), the police closed the mining farm and confiscated 4,000 devices. The reason for this was one of the largest thefts of electricity in the history of China - electricity worth 20 million yuan ($3 million) was stolen.

🔹A new type of crypto fraud has been discovered. Attackers call potential victims and immediately drop the call. If a person drives a phone number in the Internet search, one of the results for the request is an “error” page that transfers the user to a cryptocurrency wallet with a balance of 2.48981128 BTC (a little more than $26,000), and the password from the wallet is listed on the same page. However, in order to withdraw funds, it is necessary to replenish the account with up to 2.5 bitcoins, that is, with 0.01 BTC.

🔹The network has a proposed bill to ban cryptocurrencies in India, the development of which was reported back in June 2019. However, at the moment there is no official confirmation of the authenticity of this document.

🔹The leading credit card delivery company in South Korea, Shinhan Card, received a patent for its own payment system based on distributed registry technology. According to The Korea Times, the company has created “the world's first credit transaction service” based on the blockchain.

🔹Bitfinex Crypto Exchange intends to use at least 27% of the profit from margin trading fees in order to redeem UNUS SED LEO tokens.

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Smart Investor 13 Jul 2019, 15:50
Hi guys!

🔹The Japanese licensed BitPoint cryptocurrency exchange was hacked. As a result, the attackers managed to kidnap tokens totaling about 3.5 billion yen ($32 million). The work of the exchange is suspended.

🔹The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has granted YouNow Streaming Platform official permission to distribute 187 million Props tokens. Cryptocurrency will be distributed between users and content makers of the platform in order to raise their level of involvement.

🔹Venture company IDEO CoLab has announced the launch of its Startup Studio business accelerator, focused on businessmen and starting blockchain projects. The startup was supported by more than 20 organizations, including Amazon, Deloitte and Fedelity.

🔹During the event in Beijing, the former chairman of the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) called Libra a threat to modern international payment systems.

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Smart Investor 12 Jul 2019, 17:58
Hi guys!

🔹The developers of the popular Opera browser have released a new version of the Android application that supports Bitcoin and TRON tokens (TRX and TRC10). Prior to this, the digital wallet built into the browser only supported the Ethereum blockchain and ERC tokens.

🔹The South Korean giant Samsung has released a beta version of the software development kit (SDK) based on Ethereum, which will be available to owners of new smartphones from the Galaxy line.

🔹The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) officially authorized the Blockstack company in New York to hold a $ 28 million tokenail. This is the first such case in the history of digital currency crowdsales.

🔹Binance has launched a margin trading platform that is accessible to all users. The new option is designed for both institutional and retail traders. Changpeng Zhao in his Twitter reported that traders have already managed to take $15 million.

🔹Antmain’s mining pool, owned by Bitmain, received at least $150,000 less than it should have been, as a reward for adding a block to the bitcoin blockchain-network. On July 10, the network rejected the block after its actual production, and the miner who discovered it lost the award at 12.5 BTC ($146,200).

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Smart Investor 11 Jul 2019, 13:06
Hi guys!

🔹Goldman Sachs officially launched a cryptocurrency unit and announced a new job of a cryptocurrency project manager. In the message of the organization it is noted that this time the bank is ready to “move further than ever” in the field of digital assets.

🔹Anchorage, a crypto-custodian company serving institutional investors, completed a round of fundraising for Series B, raising $40 million. According to the company, this round was led by Blockchain Capital. Visa also took part.

🔹One of the five largest oil and gas companies in the world, Shell has invested an unnamed amount in the US energy blockchain start-up LO3.

🔹It is assumed that the South Korean corporation LG Electronics is developing its own cryptocurrency wallet. At the moment, the company is trying to register the appropriate patent. This is evidenced by the application on the website of the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

🔹Now users of Poloniex from the United States will be able to deposit and withdraw funds using bank accounts, as well as pay tokens with debit and credit cards.

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Smart Investor 10 Jul 2019, 11:15
Hi guys!

🔹The founder of the cryptocurrency TRON project reported on the launch of new software BitTorrent Speed, which will optimize downloads via BitTorrent. The program will by default be built into all the latest versions of uTorrent Classic for the Windows operating system. So users can earn BTT cryptocurrency by distributing files.

🔹South Korean technology Kakao giant has created a blockchain, which, according to company representatives, is capable of processing 300 transactions per second, which is 15 times faster than Ethereum. For comparison, Minter network currently processes 2,000 transactions per second.

🔹Bitcoins worth almost $9 million, stolen from the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, unexpectedly began to move on July 8. 707.1 BTC were transferred from the crypto-wallets of fraudsters by two transactions to unknown addresses for analysts.

🔹The website of the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) published a statement written in conjunction with the Financial Institutions Regulatory Agency (FINRA). In the document, the departments explained why decision-making on issuing broker-dealer licenses to crypto companies is delayed.

🔹July 9, Binance Crypto Exchange reported that it was going to reduce the number of confirmations for crediting funds in the Bitcoin and Ethereum networks, the two most popular cryptocurrencies.

🔹Claims of depositors of bankrupt Mt.Gox exchange will be bought at the price of $900 for 1 Bitcoin left on the platform. The necessary payments are ready to make Fortress investment company.

🔹The complexity of mining Bitcoin set a new record within two weeks. On July 9, its figure reached 9.06 T at block 584640.

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