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23.06.2018 19:51
25 Oct 2018, 12:41 (726 дней назад)
Репост из: Crypto Analytics Expert
 A month slight increase by Bankex

As we predicted, Bankex broke through the support line and went up. Analyzing the whole month, the token was traded at different levels, however the overall trend can be seen as bullish. On the background of the stagnation market, Bankex rate reached the index of more than 1250 satoshi today and then was corrected to the resistance level of 1125 satoshi. Now, we can see that on a pattern ''head and shoulders'' can be recognized. Regarding fundamental analysis , Bankex's team met the CEO -4.76% of Binance at UNCTAD WIF2018. Thus, it helps people to understand what blockchain is by creating a brief overview about the new technology. Stay tuned and be updated with the upcoming news.