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✅ A trifle, but nice: the Austrian post office will issue a collection stamp, ownership of which can be registered on the Ethereum blockchain

Thursday news:

🔸 Bakkt trading cryptoplatform announced the start of testing of bitcoin futures on July 22

🔸 Binance lures projects to its decentralized Binance DEX platform with the possibility of free listing on the main exchange

🔸 The Block reports that Bitfinex and Bittrex cryptobirds have expanded the list of data provided to undergo the verification procedure for fear of regulators

🔸 About the blockchain: British company Legal & General will launch the world's first retirement blockchain system based on Amazon Web Services, one of the world's leading precious metals trading companies, Wheaton Precious Metals, will use the blockchain to control deliveries

🔸 In the financial terminals of Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg and on the portal TradingView crypto indexes will appear, taking into account news feeds and social networks

🔸 The game giant Ubisoft is looking for options for using the blockchain, in particular, the possibility of tokenizing game objects according to the ERC-721 standard is being considered
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🔸Nexo - Better Than Any Bank Account -

🔸 Get instant cash by local bank transfer in 45+ currencies using your crypto as collateral without selling it

🔸 Earn 6.5% interest on your Stablecoins & EUR, paid out daily. $100M custodial insurance

🔸 How it works?

1. Deposit Crypto Assets to Your Secure Nexo Account

2. A Credit Line Becomes Instantly Available. No Credit Checks

3. Spend Money Instantly by Card or Withdraw to Bank Account

🔸No Minimum Repayments, No Hidden Fees
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✅ Indian authorities have prepared a bill that prohibits the use and storage of cryptocurrency, and the offender can go to prison for 10 years

Saturday news:

🔸 In Russia, fines may be introduced for mining, issuing, handling and creating cryptocurrency exchange points on the basis of public blockchains. Such plans of the State Duma were voiced by the head of the financial market committee Anatoly Aksakov

🔸 The international tax group J5, which includes investigators from the USA, Australia, Great Britain, Canada and the Netherlands, conducts 60 investigations about money laundering using cryptocurrency

🔸 Pereobulis: Siam Commercial Bank, the leading bank of Thailand, apologized for its earlier statement and said that it has no plans to use XRP

🔸 Litecoin again became the top 4 cryptocurrency by capitalization, and Bitcoin is trying to rise above $ 8,000

🔸 The developers of Ethereum Classic will test the Atlantis update in the test network, which should ensure a simple transfer of dApps between the ETC and ETH blockchains

🔸 German pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim and medical startup Solve Care will launch a blockchain platform to assist in the treatment and prevention of diabetes mellitus
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What is FUD and FOMO

The concepts of FUD and FOMO every day accompany traders and investors in cryptocurrency. They appeared a long time ago and are used in almost all spheres of human life.

FUD (Fear, uncertainty and doubt), which translates as fear, uncertainty and doubt, is a common tactic of psychological manipulation that is widely used in marketing and propaganda. FUD techniques surround us everywhere, for example, notifying antivirus program of the need to install updates, otherwise your computer will be at risk.

FUD tactics are universal because it can be aimed at creating a negative mood, as well as a positive one. On the cryptocurrency market, it can be made to sell or, on the contrary, buy an asset.

FOMO (Fear of missing out) or loss of profit syndrome - a strong fear of missing an important event or missing a good opportunity may be the result of a FUD.

On the crypto-market, FOMO is an important factor for parabolic growth, that is, not a single native can do without it. It seems to a trader / investor that now literally everyone makes a profit and therefore he buys despite the current price, often ignoring technical analysis data, important news and just common sense.
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✅ Sitting on two chairs: the head of Binance Changpeng Zhao explained that the exchange would block users from a number of countries from accessing the Binance DEX website, but not against them avoiding this restriction and continuing to trade

Monday news:

🔸 Reddit users report that on the LocalBitcoins p2p-platform, the function of selling bitcoins for cash during a personal meeting was lost. The site has not yet commented on this situation.

🔸 Bitcoin developers Gregory Maxwell and Peter Velle presented the Erlay protocol, which is able to increase the bandwidth of the Bitcoin network by 75%

🔸 EOS holders voted to reduce annual cryptocurrency inflation from 5% to 1%

🔸 The Wall Street Journal: UBS, the leading financial holding company in Switzerland, will launch a bitcoin-like bank token for international payments during 2019

🔸 Waves Platform announced the imminent expansion of the Waves Client functionality and the launch of a new website for Waves DEX

🔸 Bitfinex launched the first decentralized OTC platform based on the Ethfinex subsidiary site

🔸 Media: Polish crypto-exchange Coinroom stopped working and is suspected of exit-scam
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✅ Bloomberg: Bitcoin volatility reached 4.7% in May and continues to grow. This is the largest figure in 2019

Wednesday news:

🔸 Today, Binance Crypto Exchange made two major transactions for $ 1 billion in BTC between its cold wallets, which shook the whole community quite well. The exchange also reported about 90% readiness of a large-scale update of the trading interface.

🔸 Study: Diar calculated that during the bear market, large Bitcoin holders increased their positions by 26%, which can be seen from the change in the balance of the wallets that store from 1,000 to 10,000 BTC

🔸 Cryptobirth SBI Virtual Currencies has confirmed its plans to delist Bitcoin Cash this summer, while they will leave Bitcoin SV on the site. Against the background of this news, BSV is trying to take revenge and return to the top 10 cryptocurrency 😱

Bit Bitfinex Exchange decided to repeat for Binance and promised to reduce trade commissions to the holders of its recently released LEO token. Also the Bitfinex coin became available for margin trading.

🔸 EOS Cryptocurrency Receives iOS Wallet and Chrome Browser Extension
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✅ Bitcoin refuses to move away from the $ 8,000 level. And BNB continues to set new price highs, which is supported by confirmation of rumors about the marginal trade launch at Binance.

Surprisingly active were the Russian authorities. They ignored, criticized and demanded to ban Bitcoin, but then they listened to FATF and made a number of edits to the future regulation of cryptocurrency

Weekly digest:

🔸 The source code of the test network Telegram Open Network is available for open access

🔸 US mobile operator AT & T started accepting cryptocurrency payments via BitPay service

🔸 Media: Facebook cryptocurrency will be launched in early 2020

🔸 The WhatsApp messenger launches a bot with the help of which users can send each other BTC, ETH, LTC and ZTX project token

Нидерланд The ​​Netherlands Fiscal Information and Investigation Service has closed Bestmixer [.] Io Bitcoin Mixer for laundering $ 200 million

Май Miner manufacturer Innosilicon released ASIC for mining anonymous anonymous cryptocurrency Grin

🔸 SEC USA once again failed to decide on Bitcoin-ETF from VanEck and SolidX companies and postponed consideration of their application. Meanwhile, the NYSE Arca Stock Exchange also filed documents to launch Bitcoin-ETF

🔸 Bitfinex Crypto Exchange announced the launch of its own platform for the initial exchange offer and called it Tokinex

🔸 News from China: as part of the cryptocurrency fraud case, the court confirmed that Chinese citizens have the right to own and exchange bitcoins

🔸 Protection against hidden mining has been added to Firefox web browser.

🔸 The manufacturer of luxury Swiss watches Franck Muller has released a new model with a built-in bitcoin wallet

🔸 Coinbase has added support for steyblcoin DAI
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✅ Vitaly Buterin suggested mixing ether transactions to increase anonymity. Oddly enough, the new hardfork is not needed for this 😉

Friday news:

🔸 Media: Facebook cryptocurrency will be launched in early 2020. This time, the social network was credited with the name GlobalCoin, and Gemini and Coinbase could be the first in the list queue.

🔸 Our answer to Zuckerberg: The Block, with reference to insiders, reports that the blockchain platform Telegram Open Network has been successfully tested and will be launched this fall

🔸 Binance confirmed the quick launch of the margin trading function

🔸 US mobile operator AT & T started accepting cryptocurrency payments via BitPay service

🔸 Coinbase has added support for steyblcoin DAI

🔸 Scam Alert: A phishing Trezor Mobile Wallet application was found on Google Play that is not related to the official Trezor wallet and is aimed at stealing cryptocurrency
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✅ Attorneys Bitfinex and Tether obtained the right in court not to provide documents that do not fall under the jurisdiction of the prosecutor's office of New York. And what are we hiding there ... 🤔

Thursday news:

🔸 Last night, many Binance users complained about problems with the stock exchange. Changphen Zhao reported that everything was fixed, but the site's clients continued to write in social networks about problems with bidding

🔸 The Central Bank of the Russian Federation received several complaints from private investors in cryptocurrency, who are dissatisfied with the fact that the price of their assets is not growing. All complaints are about one particular coin, but the Central Bank does not speak on which

🔸 Grayscale Investments has received permission from the US regulator FINRA for listing Ethereum-trust securities on the over-the-counter market, the price of which will depend on the market value of the broadcast

🔸 Manufacturer of luxury Swiss watches Franck Muller has released a new model with a built-in Bitcoin wallet ⏰

Нидерланд The ​​Netherlands Fiscal Information and Investigation Service has closed Bestmixer [.] Io Bitcoin Mixer for laundering $ 200 million

🔸 Leading Swiss stock exchange SIX Swiss Exchange develops steablcoin with reference to the national currency
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✅ Facepalm: Nikolai Arefyev, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy, said that if Bitcoin had been invented in the 1990s, all the money would have flowed offshore and Russia would have been ruined🙈

Monday news:

🔸 The WhatsApp messenger launches a bot with the help of which users can send each other BTC, ETH, LTC and ZTX project token

🔸 After the incident with the sale of Bitcoins on Bitstamp, the BitMEX Crypto Derivative Exchange will connect the Kraken quotes

🔸 Scam Alert: BitConnect fraudulent project is going to restart on July 1 ⛔️

Май Miner manufacturer Innosilicon released ASIC for mining anonymous anonymous cryptocurrency Grin

🔸 Statistics: over the past 12 months, 10.5 million BTC have never moved. And in April, Cryptocompare recorded an increase in trading volume on centralized cryptobirths paired with Fiat by 85%

🔸 Crypto Exchange OKEx launches futures trading on TRON
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Binance published an article about their OTC-service.
✅ Despite the sharp drop in Bitcoin on Friday, the market was able to recover and we close the week with BTC at $ 8000

Cryptobirge Binance, though not without problems, updated its security system and announced a new IEO. As a result, BNB Coin goes up again and sets a new price record.

Weekly digest:

🔸 Cryptobirge Cryptopia could not recover after hacking and officially announced the start of the liquidation process.

🔸 A Sberbank client reported that he had received income from cryptocurrency and was sent an official request from the bank with a request to disclose information about the cryptograph and equipment for mining 😱

🔸 Bakkt trading platform announced that it has completed the development of Bitcoin futures contracts and is already starting the first stage of testing the site functionality

🔸 German stock exchange listed stock notes on LTC and XRP

🔸 Bitfinex announces successful collection of $ 1 billion in a closed round of sales of the LEO token. Listing scheduled for May 20

🔸 Head of BitMEX cryptobirth Arthur Hayes announced a record trading volume on the site on May 12 - more than $ 10 billion

🔸 Gemini Crypto Exchange and Flexa payment network launched a project by which leading American retailers can accept payments in cryptocurrency

🔸 US SEC spokeswoman Valerie Schepanik said that IEO's cryptobirds might be accused of violating the law on securities dealers. Also SEC again postponed consideration of the application for Bitcoin-ETF from Bitwise

🔸 Bloomberg: Internet auction site eBay denied rumors about accepting payments in cryptocurrency 🤐

🔸 On May 15, the Stellar blockchain did not work for two hours, because all the validators of the Stellar Development Foundation were offline

🔸 Blockstream Company Launches Platform for Issuing Security Tokens on Bitcoin Sidechain Liquid

🔸 Cryptocompany Grayscale Investments bought airtime on popular American channels to broadcast advertising with the slogan: “Throw gold! Buy bitcoin! ”
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✅ V obvale bitkoina vinovat neizvestnyy treyder, kotoryy prodal 5000 BTC po tsene $6200 na kriptobirzhe Bitstamp. Ploshchadka obeshchayet provesti rassledovaniye, mozhno podumat', eto chto-to izmenit 🙈

Novosti pyatnitsy:

🔸 Bloomberg: v posledniye dni pol'zovateli kriptobirzh Bitfinex, BitMEX i Kraken vyveli s ploshchadok na $622 mln bol'she sredstv, chem zaveli

🔸 SMI: Coinbase i Fidelity Investments sorevnuyutsya mezhdu soboy za pokupku bitkoin-koshel'ka Kharo

🔸 Sud ostavil v sile zapret na ispol'zovaniye Bitfinex aktivov Tether. No predstaviteli birzhi dovol'ny i zayavlyayut, chto v novom reshenii suda nakonets-to chetko propisano chto imenno zapreshcheno i na kakoy srok 🤨

🔸 Analitiki Coin Metrics utverzhdayut, chto Ripple vyveli so svoikh schetov tokenov XRP bol'she, chem ukazali v kvartal'nykh otchetakh na summu v $84 mln

🔸 Issledovaniye: Security Research Labs obnaruzhili, chto tret' nod v seti Ethereum ne ustanovili vse neobkhodimyye obnovleniya i mogut byt' podverzheny razlichnym tipam atak

🔸 Kriptokompaniya Grayscale Investments kupila efirnoye vremya na populyarnykh amerikanskikh kanalakh dlya translyatsii reklamy so sloganom: “Brosay zoloto! Pokupay bitkoin!” 📺

🔸 Kriptobirzha Poloniex boitsya problem s regulyatorami, poetomu yeye kliyenty iz SSHA bol'she ne smogut torgovat' tokenami: ARDR, BCN, DCR, GAME, GAS, LSK, NXT, OMNI i REP
✅ An unknown trader is to blame for the Bitcoin crash, who sold 5,000 BTC at a price of $ 6,200 at Bitstamp. The site promises to conduct an investigation, you would think that it will change something

Friday news:

🔸 Bloomberg: in recent days, Bitfinex, BitMEX and Kraken cryptobirth users have withdrawn $ 622 million more from the sites than they did

🔸 Media: Coinbase and Fidelity Investments are competing with each other for the purchase of Haro's bitcoin wallet

🔸 The court upheld the ban on using Bitfinex Tether assets. But the representatives of the exchange are satisfied and declare that the new decision of the court finally clearly spelled out what was forbidden and for how long

🔸 Coin Metrics analysts claim that Ripple withdrew XRP tokens from their accounts more than indicated in the quarterly reports in the amount of $ 84 million

🔸 Study: Security Research Labs found that a third of the nodes in the Ethereum network did not install all the necessary updates and may be subject to different types of attacks

🔸 Cryptocompany Grayscale Investments bought airtime on popular American channels to broadcast advertising with the slogan: “Throw gold! Buy bitcoin! ”📺

🔸 Poloniex crypto-exchange is afraid of problems with regulators, so its US customers will no longer be able to trade tokens: ARDR, BCN, DCR, GAME, GAS, LSK, NXT, OMNI and REP
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What is OTC Trading

The abbreviation OTC stands for Over the Counter, which literally translates - bypassing the market. This is about over-the-counter trading, when a deal is made directly between the seller and the buyer.

OTC-trading appeared on the securities market. The peculiarity of such a transaction is that the fact of buying / selling does not go through the list of exchange orders, therefore it does not affect the value of the asset. This allows you to conduct operations on large amounts, without the risk of arranging a pump or dump. Also, OTC-trading provides increased anonymity, because only the seller, the buyer and the intermediary (guarantor) know about the transaction. The latter can be the cryptocurrency exchange, many of which have already opened OTC platforms for large and institutional investors.

According to various estimates, the volume of OTC trading on the cryptocurrency market is equal to or exceeds the trading volume on the stock exchanges. And as an additional factor of hiding a deal, they often sell not a cryptocurrency, the transaction of which can be traced through the blockchain, but access keys to the cryptocurrent where the necessary amount is stored.
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✅ Today, the average price of Bitcoin has risen several times above $ 8,000, and XRP fired and reached 41 cents. It remains only to hold these positions ... ✊

🔸 Microsoft is developing a decentralized user identification system based on the blockchain bitcoin

🔸 Gemini Crypto Exchange and Flexa payment network launched a project by which leading American retailers can accept payments in cryptocurrency

🔸 Binance warns you about technical work on Wednesday, May 15th, which will take from 6 to 8 hours. At the time of service trading, deposit and withdrawal of funds will not be available

🔸 This is a twist: SEC representative Valerie Schepanik said that the cryptobirds conducting IEO could be accused of violating the law on securities dealers

🔸 The rating of honest crypto-exchange from the CoinGecko analytical service: Binance, Coinbase Pro, Bitfinex, Kraken, HitBTC

🔸 The company iFinex Inc., which owns Bitfinex and Tether, is trying to achieve the removal of the injunction against transactions between the stock exchange and the issuer of the stablebcoin, as well as reduce the term for the use of reserves Tether to 45 days 🙏

🔸 The future is already near: Samsung promised to add cryptographs to the budget models of their smartphones
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✅ On Sunday, the average price of Bitcoin reached $ 7,500. Altcoins supported the growth of the market, as a result of which its capitalization added $ 32 billion

The sensation of the week was the theft of 7,000 BTC from the Binance exchange. The site promised to upgrade the security and compensate for all the losses of customers. Withdrawal promises to resume early next week.

Weekly digest:

🔸 Bitfinex Crypto Exchange published white paper LEO token, on sales of which plans to earn $ 1 billion. Most likely, all tokens will be redeemed during the closed round among major investors.

🔸 Technical director and co-founder of TRON Lucien Chen announced he was leaving the project because Justin Sun turned the platform into a centralized one 🤔

🔸 Facebook changed advertising policy and allowed blockchain technology announcements. Cryptocurrency advertising will be required to obtain permission, and ICO remain banned

🔸 Over the past 30 days, Bitmain has reduced its mining capacity for Bitcoin by 88%

🔸 A well-known Bitcoin developer Peter Velle published a Bitcoin softformer code for adding Schnorr signatures and Taproot technology

🔸 Waves Platform users will be able to authenticate through the KYC Connect application

🔸 Blockchain Transparency Institute identified the most honest cryptobirds who do not overstate trading volumes. Three leaders were Kraken, Coinbase and Upbit

🔸 The release of Litecoin Core v0.17.1 client took place; in the new version, commissions were reduced and privacy was improved

🔸 US SEC has applied for an ETF fund based on BTC and ETH quotes from Crescent Crypto Index Services LLC

🔸 Another 14 companies have joined the use of Bitcoin's sidechain Liquid Network, among the newcomers Huobi and Bitfinex

🔸 Regulation in the USA: SEC and CFTC have requested additional funding to control the cryptoindustry, and FinCEN has published a cryptocurrency regulation guideline, according to which dApps can be classified as money transfer services
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✅ As a result of the friendly decline in Altcoins, the cryptocurrency market lost $ 7 billion, and the share of Bitcoin rose to 54.8%

🔸 Rumors: Samsung is developing its own cryptocurrency Samsung Coin, based on the code Ethereum

🔸 Wall Street Journal: Coinbase will close the office in Chicago, which has been developing the direction of high-frequency trading, and will dismiss all its employees

🔸 A subsidiary of the French financial conglomerate, Societe Generale, issued 100 million euro tokenized securities on the Ethereum blockchain

🔸 Lightning Labs launched a desktop wallet for the Bitcoin Lightning Network

🔸 Study: Diar recorded an increase in trading on decentralized exchanges since the beginning of 2019, in April this figure will exceed $ 100 million

🔸 The Binance Coin cryptocurrency support has been added to the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet
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✅ April 1 continues, Ilon Mask indicated in his Twitter profile that he is the former cryptocurrency CEO Dogecoin. The community invites him to return to this position 🐶

Wednesday news:

🔸 The bull run continues: BTC at $ 5,000, the market added $ 16 billion, trading volumes reached almost $ 90 billion, and Bitcoin Cash became the growth leader, rising above $ 300

🔸 Jamaica Stock Exchange with the support of a Canadian startup Blockstation will open in the test mode Bitcoin and Ethereal trading

🔸 The record for the number of Bitcoin transactions in a single block was set at 2718, and, taking into account the increased rate, the capacity of the Lightning Network network exceeded $ 5 million

🔸 The Nimiq project announced the purchase of a 9.9% stake in German WEG Bank AG and now it is the third blockchain co-owner of the bank, together with TokenPay and Litecoin Foundation

🔸 Study: DataLight analysts have concluded that in 10 years Bitcoin will be the dominant payment system in the world. Just wait a bit 😉

🔸 Blockchain browser Brave started testing its own contextual advertising service, for viewing which users will receive BAT tokens
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🌏Bitcoin ATM Burgled In Memphis

The Bitcoin ATM provider, BitKing LLC started its operations last November with just one machine based in downtown Memphis but now they have suffered their first burglary in one of their machines located at Railgarten on Central Avenue in Memphis. Their story gained some traction on the popular social network, Reddit and so CCN reached out to Sean Pezeshk for more information in regards to the stolen ATM.

Pezeshk is the firms primary operator who runs BitKing along with Josh Roberts. He says that in the last few weeks, the ATM was hijacked. The ATM was the only target of the burglary but even though the thief could have stolen some luxury items such as liquors, they decided to hit the machine. The thief/thieves stole the ATM shortly after the last employee left and according to BitKing, they were watching the place with an eagle eye.

The machine was found the next day at a dog park nearby. The local authorities are looking into the robbery but there isn’t much to go on. You might think that there would be fingerprints on the device which would be inconclusive at trial but they didn’t find anything from it anyway.
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