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InCoin Eng (crypto news) 12 Dec 2019, 14:15
✅ Opinion: Managing Director of Grayscale Investments Michael Sonnenshine believes that in the coming years millenials will receive $ 68 trillion of inheritance and part of this capital will be invested in cryptocurrencies 💰

Wednesday News:

🔸 BitPay cryptocurrency provider added support for PAX, USDC and GUSD stablecoins

🔸 Nike plans to tokenize its products with the Ethereum blockchain to protect against fakes 👟

🔸 Japanese startup Nayuta announces the release of its Lightning Network mobile wallet with a built-in bitcoin node for Android devices

🔸 FinCEN USA financial regulator announced about receiving 11 thousand notifications from cryptocompanies about suspicious transactions. Your exchange may be among them ...

🔸 Here it is: Danish tax authorities are asking crypto traders to report on all transactions from 2016 to 2018, indicating the rates at the time of the transaction, purchase goals, wallet data and screenshots from exchange accounts 🙈

🔸 Rosseti will test blockchain technologies for electricity metering, Waves Enterprise will be one of the solution providers
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InCoin Eng (crypto news) 11 Dec 2019, 18:01
It’s real results! Now he added risk-management strategy developed by himself, with boost/increase of deposit, with his unicum/special analysis and vision of the market. No 'water' , no photoshopped screenshots or nothing like it maybe 🐮 bull or maybe 🐻 bear. (Maybe up and maybe down).
Everything is strict on the case, come in and make sure yourself
InCoin Eng (crypto news) 11 Dec 2019, 13:53
✅ US CFTC Chairman Heath Tarbert believes that bitcoin and cryptocurrencies do not threaten the financial system, but the global stablecoin is potentially dangerous. And right ... 😇

Tuesday News:

🔸 Binance Exchange added the ability to trade bitcoin futures in the iOS application and announced the achievement of an average daily trading volume of 370,000 BTC

🔸 Regulation: The US SEC approved the NYDIG Bitcoin Strategy Fund, an investment fund based on BTC futures for institutional investors, and the financial regulator of Sweden authorized the sale of Amun AG cryptocurrency ETP to private investors

🔸 Bloomberg: 80 Japanese banks are ready to join the JPMorgan blockchain payment platform. Ripple will respond with music selling service for XRP ... 🤨

🔸 Ledger cryptocurrency wallet developers added Tezos staking function through Ledger Live app

🔸 Frank Amato, an early investor in the BitMEX crypto exchange, is suing and demanding compensation of $ 300 million for refusing to provide a 0.5% stake in the company

🔸 Bitcoin first entered the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the Chinese government ranking. And EOS confidently holds the first place in it, despite the evidence of centralization and the current network operation in overload mode пере

🔸 MakerDAO developers are discussing the introduction of a 24-hour delay in protocol management to prevent the potential threat of withdrawing all collateral from the smart contract in ETH
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InCoin Eng (crypto news) 30 Nov 2019, 22:40
✅ Bitcoin failed to gain a foothold above $ 7,800 and the price fell back to $ 7,600. Is the growth over? .. 🤔

Saturday News:

🔸 Media: The Russian division of the Huobi crypto exchange announced the acceptance of deposits in rubles and the early launch of the IEO platform

🔸 The thin troll is not about the appearance of Vitalik Buterin, but about his proposal to transfer the EOS cryptocurrency to sharding to improve transaction speed and decentralization. As if Ethereum had long passed 😁

🔸 Bakkt head Kelly Loffler may soon take the post of senator from Georgia, but then you will have to look for a new leader for the crypto trading platform

🔸 During the first 9 months of this year, the crypto bank of Mike Novogratz Galaxy Digital received an income of $ 58.4 million
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InCoin Eng (crypto news) 18 Sep 2019, 17:13
✅ The share of bitcoin in the market decreased to 68%, because altcoins decided to have a small celebration. Especially distinguished ETH, XRP and TRON 🤔

Tuesday News:

🔸 BitPay cryptocurrency payment service has announced the imminent addition of Ethereum support

🔸 Wells Fargo & Company financial holding launched its own stablecoin for international payments between its branches

🔸 It's serious: the U.S. Army is looking for a contractor to track cryptocurrency transactions 🧨

🔸 Media: In Lithuanian Narvesen stores and Lietuvos Spauda kiosks, they will sell bitcoin vouchers of 50, 100 and 999 euros

🔸 Bitcoin: the number of wallets with a balance of 10 BTC or higher reached a historic maximum, and the share of SegWit transactions exceeded 50%

🔸 Caution: a new ransomware virus is spreading via email as a resume, which requires $ 1,500 in BTC for returning access to data ❗️

🔸 Decentralized exchange Sparkswap offers residents of 21 US states to buy bitcoins for dollars and receive them via the Lightning Network
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InCoin Eng (crypto news) 3 Sep 2019, 16:08
✅ The price of bitcoin is not happy yet and dropped to $ 9,600, but the hashrate of the first cryptocurrency set a new record - 83.526 EH / s 👍

Intrigue of the week: The People's Bank of China denies the imminent release of national digital currency this fall, but does not refute work on it ...

Weekly Digest:

🔸 Lending platform for lending to margin traders has been launched on the Binance exchange, and futures products have been announced that promise to launch in September

Швейцарии Swiss financial regulator FINMA for the first time issued banking licenses to blockchain companies, lucky startups SEBA Crypto and Sygnum

🔸 Research: According to Coin Metrics, the profitability of bitcoin mining for all time exceeded $ 14 billion

🔸 The Florida court did not believe the faktoshi Craig Wright and ordered to recover from him 550 thousand BTC in favor of the relatives of Dave Kleiman 😁

🔸 Ethereum Foundation has issued $ 2 million in grants to develop the initial phase of Ethereum 2.0

🔸 Facebook announced the recruitment of specialists who must ensure that Libra cryptocurrency meets regulatory requirements

🔸 Study: Chainalysis estimates that only 12.7% of bitcoins passing through BTC mixers are really related to illegal transactions

Trust Trustnodes portal reports that the first stage of Ethereum Istanbul hard fork may be delayed due to the unpreparedness of the Parity client developers

🔸 BBC: French police detected and neutralized a virus miner that infected 850 thousand computers in 100 countries

🔸 The Portuguese Tax Administration has stated that cryptocurrency payments are not subject to VAT 🤑

🔸 Urgently update the Bitning Lightning Network client due to a vulnerability identified in the code. Actual for various LN implementations, including from ACINQ, Blockstream and Lightning Labs

🔸 Research: The number of virus attacks by miners in the I quarter of 2019 increased by 29%, most often they extract Monero
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InCoin Eng (crypto news) 27 Aug 2019, 16:39
Button Wallet has unveiled what it claims is the first free cryptocurrency testing playground on the Telegram Open Network and is giving away a small number of Telegram's gram cryptocurreny to encourage adoption.
Any Telegram user can activate Button's Telegram Open Network wallet and receive the 6.6 testnet grams on the account.
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InCoin Eng (crypto news) 9 Aug 2019, 13:43
✅ At night, bitcoin again torn to the price of $ 12,000, but again unsuccessfully. But BTC's market share is already 68.9%, what's next? .. 🤔

🔸 Bloomberg: 318 addresses own 80% of all USDT, most of the coins are brokers working with China, and exchanges Binance, Huobi and Bitfinex

🔸 Greedy Binance: CoinDesk reports that an unknown hacker, Bnatov Platon, helped the exchange establish a 7,000 BTC kidnapper and asked for 300 BTC as a reward. But he was called a blackmailer and in revenge he began to merge the KYC data of the site users into the network

🔸 Rumors: Cybersecurity company FireEye believes that a group of hackers supported by the Chinese authorities are conducting attacks on crypto exchanges

🔸 The Block analyst Larry Chermak came to the conclusion that 89% of ICO projects are unprofitable, but those who shot made their investors rich 🤑

🔸 200,000 smart contracts have already been launched on the Ethereum blockchain, according to Etherscan

🔸 Media: The mysterious site Nakamoto [.] Com may be owned by former Coinbase Technical Director Balaji Srinivasan
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InCoin Eng (crypto news) 1 Aug 2019, 16:11
✅ Bitcoin recovered above $ 10,000, for how long ... 🤔

🔸 LedgerX exchange was the first to launch the trading of bitcoin futures with the physical supply of cryptocurrency

🔸 Tomorrow, Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange will undergo technical work lasting 2-3 hours

🔸 Russian lawyers have proposed the option of adequate regulation of cryptocurrencies and mining taxation. We bet whether someone will listen to them ... 🙃

🔸 Tezos cryptocurrency grew 30% after news of the imminent addition to Coinbase

🔸 Sony became an investor in the Bitwala crypto platform in the first round of financing, a total of $ 14.5 million was raised

🔸 The UK financial regulator FCA published the final version of the cryptocurrency manual, where it defined security and utility tokens, and BTC, ETH and LTC were classified as exchange tokens 🧐

🔸 Media: Canaan Creative ASIC miner manufacturer secretly applies for an IPO in the USA
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InCoin Eng (crypto news) 15 Jul 2019, 11:19
✅ Bitcoin ended the week with a sharp drop to $ 10,700, which provoked another altcoin collapse. Most of all went on air ☹️

News of the week: Donald Trump said that the cost of Bitcoin was taken from the ceiling, and the head of the US Federal Reserve Jerome Powell called the first cryptocurrency an alternative to gold.

Weekly digest:

🔸 Crypto Exchange Binance officially launched a subsidiary trading platform with support for Fiat in Singapore and a platform for margin trading

🔸 Media: The New York Prosecutor’s Office brought a new charge against Bitfinex and Tether. The UNUS SED LEO exchange token may violate the law on the issue of securities

🔸 Forbes: Oil and gas giant Shell has invested in blockchain-startup LO3, which is tracking electricity consumption

🔸 The Opera browser for Android added support for Bitcoin, TRON and TRC10 standard tokens

🔸 Developer Kendrick Tan implemented the idea of ​​Vitalik Buterin and created a transaction mixing service for Ethereum 🤯

🔸 Cryptobirge KuCoin started testing its own platform for trading crypto-derivatives and named it KuMEX

🔸 TRON and BitTorrent presented a solution BitTorrent Speed ​​to speed up the download of torrent files

🔸 Bitstamp, the largest European crypto-exchange, has launched the Bitcoin Lightning Network node

🔸 Samsung Unveils Beta Version for Samsung Developers Ethereum blockchain SDK

🔸 The second largest Polish crypto-exchange Bitmarket announced the closure due to low liquidity. And in Japan, BitPoint crypto-exchange was hacked, with an estimated damage of $ 32 million in BTC, BCH, LTC, XRP and ETH coins

🔸 Finnish bitcoin broker Prasos announced the receipt of a license of a payment institution in the EU

🔸 IGA supermarket chain from Australia, which includes 1,400 stores, began to accept payments in BTC, ETH, LTC and BNB cryptocurrencies
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InCoin Eng (crypto news) 9 Jul 2019, 13:19
What is pukkamex?

pukkamex is a crypto derivative trading platform that shares its revenue with its user base. Amongst other unique features pukkamex offers fully automated copy trading, revenue sharing, insurance fund sharing with liquidated users and great tokenomics.

PUX token utility

- PUX holders receive 25% of gross revenue from trading fees paid weekly via smart contract.
- PUX token holders receive a share of the exchange’s insurance fund if they get liquidated.
- All exchange services are priced in PUX, all paid PUX are burnt.
- Quarterly token buyback and burn.
- Users are required to purchase PUX to access the copy trading functionality

Why Purchase PUX tokens now?

- Small soft and hard cap
- Team confirmed IEO soon
- Leverage trading accounts for 96% in traditional markets, slowly the tides are shifting in crypto with bitmex doing almost 14x trading volume of Binance. If pukkamex secures just a 1% market share they will distribute 10 million USD to PUX holders.
- 28k+ verified registered users.
- Token smart contract and revenue distribution smart contract have been successfully deployed.
- Youtube review with one of the most influential figures in crypto will be released next week.

Contact pukkamex

- Fully functional MVP with all features available
- You can purchase your PUX tokens today for a 10% discount over IEO price via
- URL:
- Join our Telegram Group:
- Tokenomics:
- Whitepaper:
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InCoin Eng (crypto news) 6 Jul 2019, 15:16
Ethereum developers can reduce emissions tenfold already in 2021

Ethereum emission can be reduced 10 times in 2021. This forecast was made by Justin Drake, Ethereum Foundation researcher.

“January 2020: launch of beacon chain. June 2020: The production of the lightweight client eth2. November 2020: fork eth1 # 1 to ensure eth2 completion. March 2021: fork eth1 # 2 to reduce emissions 10 times, ”he said, noting that the timing is likely to change in the process.

Previously it was assumed that the reduction in rewards from 2 ETH to 0.22 ETH will take place after a complete rejection of the Proof-of-Work mechanism. The likelihood that this will happen in 2021 is small, since a transitional period is required, during which smart contracts and other network tools will be transferred to the Beacon-chain with sharding support, Trustnodes believes.
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InCoin Eng (crypto news) 3 Jul 2019, 10:34
✅ Today, the average price of Bitcoin fell below $ 10,000 and pretty much spoiled many nerves, but in the evening there were buyers for these discounts

Tuesday's news:

🔸 The second one went: The Chicago Crypto Derivatives Exchange ErisX received US CFTC permission to trade in bitcoin futures deliverables. And when will Bakkt be allowed?

🔸 Binance wants to be like BitMEX: CEO Changphen Zhao spoke about the imminent launch of the platform for trading futures

🔸 The British mining company Argo Blockchain reported a revenue growth of 24% in the second quarter of 2019. Now I understand why the hash rate grows

Sberbank withdrawn from participation in the Masterchain blockchain project launched by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. The reason for leaving is low speed and poor safety 😱

🔸 Bloomberg: According to the Chainalysis report, since the beginning of the year 2019, there has been a purchase of $ 515 million in bitcoins in the darknet. By the end of the year, the amount of such transactions may exceed $ 1 billion.

🔸 In the Bitcoin sidechain Liquid, a development of the Blockstream company, atomic swaps are launched between any assets

🔸 Bitfinex Crypto Exchange returned the first $ 100 million of the borrowed $ 700 million to Tether, which previously secretly closed a hole in their own finances 💰
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InCoin Eng (crypto news) 29 Jun 2019, 13:16
✅ Today, Bitcoin recovered from yesterday’s dump and went up almost $ 1,500, but altcoins were not so lucky ☹️

Friday news:

Media: Binance Exchange and ShapeShift exchanger are discussing with Facebook options for adding support for their Libra cryptocurrency

🔸 The recent rise of Bitcoin to almost $ 14,000 could have been triggered by the official Chinese media, which called BTC a “safe haven” for investors

🔸 Crypt in each bank: Goldman Sachs investment bank follows the path of its colleagues from JPMorgan, that is, it develops its own cryptocurrency 🤑

🔸 Forbes: The Bitsane Irish cryptoblood guide disappeared with 250 thousand users assets, each holding an average of $ 5,000 on the site

🔸 Mining will not work: Iranian authorities confiscated 1000 BTC miners at two large mining farms, which were calculated by a sharp jump in energy consumption

🔸 According to a Binance Research survey, 50% of investors are confident that Bitcoin’s share will remain at 60% in 2020, and 30% of respondents expect the BTC share to increase to 80%
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InCoin Eng (crypto news) 27 Jun 2019, 16:16
🚀 Earn 8% Interest on USD, EUR, GBP, USDT, TUSD, USDC, PAX, DAI
👍 100% Asset-Backed Guarantee. Start Earning -

✅ How it works:

1. Go to Your Personal or Business Secure Nexo Account
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InCoin Eng (crypto news) 23 Jun 2019, 00:00
✅ Today, the price of Bitcoin exceeded $ 11,000 and then adjusted to $ 10,900. But the cryptophone bills still added $ 25 billion per day

Saturday news:

🔸 Regulation: FATF recommends that cryptobirds be compelled to combat money laundering and terrorist financing according to the standards of traditional financial companies, and France initiates the international group to study the token Libra

🔸 Rumors: Bitmain, an ASIC miner manufacturer, plans to hold an IPO again and this time it will submit an application in the USA

🔸 The developers of Ethereum approved two updates for the October hard forks Istanbul, which should reduce the cost of transactions and optimize the renewal of smart contracts

Бит Bitcoin Heschrate set a new record of 65.19 Th / s 👍

🔸 Crypto funds: Grayscale Investments has opened a trust on Ethereum, and Galaxy Digital will offer cryptocurrency options for institutional clients
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InCoin Eng (crypto news) 13 Jun 2019, 20:39
✅ A trifle, but nice: the Austrian post office will issue a collection stamp, ownership of which can be registered on the Ethereum blockchain

Thursday news:

🔸 Bakkt trading cryptoplatform announced the start of testing of bitcoin futures on July 22

🔸 Binance lures projects to its decentralized Binance DEX platform with the possibility of free listing on the main exchange

🔸 The Block reports that Bitfinex and Bittrex cryptobirds have expanded the list of data provided to undergo the verification procedure for fear of regulators

🔸 About the blockchain: British company Legal & General will launch the world's first retirement blockchain system based on Amazon Web Services, one of the world's leading precious metals trading companies, Wheaton Precious Metals, will use the blockchain to control deliveries

🔸 In the financial terminals of Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg and on the portal TradingView crypto indexes will appear, taking into account news feeds and social networks

🔸 The game giant Ubisoft is looking for options for using the blockchain, in particular, the possibility of tokenizing game objects according to the ERC-721 standard is being considered
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InCoin Eng (crypto news) 11 Jun 2019, 15:29
🔸Nexo - Better Than Any Bank Account -

🔸 Get instant cash by local bank transfer in 45+ currencies using your crypto as collateral without selling it

🔸 Earn 6.5% interest on your Stablecoins & EUR, paid out daily. $100M custodial insurance

🔸 How it works?

1. Deposit Crypto Assets to Your Secure Nexo Account

2. A Credit Line Becomes Instantly Available. No Credit Checks

3. Spend Money Instantly by Card or Withdraw to Bank Account

🔸No Minimum Repayments, No Hidden Fees
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InCoin Eng (crypto news) 9 Jun 2019, 14:23
✅ Indian authorities have prepared a bill that prohibits the use and storage of cryptocurrency, and the offender can go to prison for 10 years

Saturday news:

🔸 In Russia, fines may be introduced for mining, issuing, handling and creating cryptocurrency exchange points on the basis of public blockchains. Such plans of the State Duma were voiced by the head of the financial market committee Anatoly Aksakov

🔸 The international tax group J5, which includes investigators from the USA, Australia, Great Britain, Canada and the Netherlands, conducts 60 investigations about money laundering using cryptocurrency

🔸 Pereobulis: Siam Commercial Bank, the leading bank of Thailand, apologized for its earlier statement and said that it has no plans to use XRP

🔸 Litecoin again became the top 4 cryptocurrency by capitalization, and Bitcoin is trying to rise above $ 8,000

🔸 The developers of Ethereum Classic will test the Atlantis update in the test network, which should ensure a simple transfer of dApps between the ETC and ETH blockchains

🔸 German pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim and medical startup Solve Care will launch a blockchain platform to assist in the treatment and prevention of diabetes mellitus
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InCoin Eng (crypto news) 7 Jun 2019, 11:06
What is FUD and FOMO

The concepts of FUD and FOMO every day accompany traders and investors in cryptocurrency. They appeared a long time ago and are used in almost all spheres of human life.

FUD (Fear, uncertainty and doubt), which translates as fear, uncertainty and doubt, is a common tactic of psychological manipulation that is widely used in marketing and propaganda. FUD techniques surround us everywhere, for example, notifying antivirus program of the need to install updates, otherwise your computer will be at risk.

FUD tactics are universal because it can be aimed at creating a negative mood, as well as a positive one. On the cryptocurrency market, it can be made to sell or, on the contrary, buy an asset.

FOMO (Fear of missing out) or loss of profit syndrome - a strong fear of missing an important event or missing a good opportunity may be the result of a FUD.

On the crypto-market, FOMO is an important factor for parabolic growth, that is, not a single native can do without it. It seems to a trader / investor that now literally everyone makes a profit and therefore he buys despite the current price, often ignoring technical analysis data, important news and just common sense.
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