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Telegram-TON integration will provide a clear path to cryptocurrencies for millions of people.
Contact, advertising: @Norris4uck
Manager: @tgxcrypto
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TON I Telegram 13 Oct 2018, 19:54
the world has been in great shock as CNN and BBC NEWS announced COINSIDE LTD as the best paying bitcoin mining and investment company in world now.

COINSIDE LTD IS the best mining and investment company,Because of the fair transparency in there transactions they gained partnership with the biggest bank in Denmark (DANSKE BANK DENMARK, it became our their ever partnership and also making them the first company to have finance institution support so their investors don't loose their investment in the company,so all their investors are highly covered if it comes for financial issues.

COINSIDE LTD has the best team of crypto traders that have best experience to trade with your coin and bring back profits,
Also their bitcoin mining farm produce over $550000 daily to pay our investors

Please Visit:
Coinside Limited was set up on 08 Aug 2006 and has its registered office in Co Dublin. Its current status is listed as "Active". It currently has 4 directors.

COINSIDE LTD is the first ever bitcoin investment company to be sponsored by one of the biggest GOLD company in world,

On all questions:
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TON I Telegram 6 Oct 2018, 09:31
TON представляет собой комбинацию следующих компонентов:

• TON Blockchain.
Гибкая платформа с несколькими блокчейнами, способная обрабатывать миллионы транзакций в секунду, с смарт-контрактами Turing, поддержкой каналов микроплатежей и множеством других уникальных функций.
• TON P2P Network.
Сеть будет использоваться для доступа к различным блокчейнам TON
• TON Storage.
Технология распределенного хранения данных. Доступ к файлам обеспечивается аналогично технологии torrent. "Хранилище" использует смарт-контракты для управления доступом к файлам.
• TON Proxy.
Это сетевой распределенный прокси-сервер, позволяющий анонимизировать участников сети. Способен сделать любой сервис, в том числе Telegram, эффективно защищенным от цензуры.
• TON Services.
Платформу для сторонних сервисов, предоставляя доступ к децентрализованным приложениям и смарт-контрактам.
Создан, чтобы делать использование децентрализованных услуг таким же удобным, как просмотр сайтов в Интернет
• TON Payments.
Сеть для микроплатежей, которая может использоваться для мгновенной передачи стоимости вне блокчейна между пользователями, ботами и другими участниками. Сеть имеет механизм гаранта, поэтому все транзакции безопасны
Распределенная хеш-таблица, используемая как «торрент-трекер» для TON Storage, как «входной туннель» для TON Proxy и как локатор сервисов для TON Services.

TON позволит легко интегрироваться с другими социальными сетями и приложениями, тем самым делая технологии blockchain и распределенные сервисы доступными для обычных пользователей.
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TON I Telegram 16 Sep 2018, 18:24
I present to you the best and trusted Bitcoin Investment, mining company that is paying their investors instantly and automatic.

Invest $20 earn $24
Invest $50 earn $75
Invest $100 earn &150
Invest $500 earn $750
Invest $1000 earn $2000
Invest $5000 earn $10000

Apparently. is the first ever bitcoin investment company to be sponsored by one of the biggest oil company in United Kingdom, Exxon Mobile
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TON I Telegram 16 Aug 2018, 20:51
What’s the best way to get educated about Blockchain, meet interesting people and find the big opportunities? Attending conferences and events! Imagine if you were taken back into 2009 where somebody told you about bitcoin and you got a lot of it. That’s the power of exclusive knowledge which you get by meeting new people. But sometimes it can be challenging to find the right event. What if you could do it all right on Telegram? This new smart assistant chatbot Eve helps you find blockchain events from around the world. You can also list your own events and get exposure. Talk to Eve now to find your way to grab the next big opportunity!
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TON I Telegram 18 Apr 2018, 11:27
TON I Telegram 10 Apr 2018, 13:27
Telegram messaging service might get blocked in Russia
It appears that Telegram will not provide FSB with any keys and will therefore be blocked in Russia. There is an established procedure for blocking messaging services which was already tested on other services (such as Line and Zello). However, the question remains how blocking will be technically done.

Theoretically, the authorities can block specific IP addresses of Telegram which can be problematic if Telegram uses a lot of IP addresses and is able to change them quickly. Some technical specialists claim this is how Zello currently bypasses the blocking, i.e. by frequently changing their IP address. However, even if Telegram took this approach, it would still decrease the number of users, since frequent unavailability of the service would be inconvenient for most of the users.

The second option could be DPI (deep packet inspection) equipment which would search for Telegram in online traffic and decrease its capacity. However, such an option has never been tested in practice by Russian telecom operators, and according to their representatives the operators are not technically prepared to do so.
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TON I Telegram 16 Mar 2018, 01:30
We have even more information about messaging app Telegram’s plans for cashing in on its popularity within the crypto community with the massive ICO for its proposed Telegram Open Network (TON) project (that we first reported), after obtaining the whitepaper and investor prospectuses in full.

From the documents, it is clear that Telegram isn’t content with sitting on a platform like Ethereum for its token sale and services, as most ICOs are. Instead, it wants to create a platform of its own to rival Ethereum for hosting a new wave of decentralized services and internet experiences tipped to emerge thanks to the blockchain.

Telegram’s ICO will be a record if all goes according to plan, but that’s only the start.

The company plans to raise a staggering $1.2 billion in total, starting with a $600 million pre-sale that’s strictly for traditional venture capital backers and those inside its executive’s close circles. That first stage is running from January to February by invite-only, according to the letters sent to selected participants that were viewed by TechCrunch.

Following the pre-sale, the firm plans to hold a public sale in March which will allow retail investors to enter. The public sale is pegged at $600 million, which would make the overall ICO worth $1.2 billion. That blows any other token sale out of the water, and it would easily surpass the current record of $257 million raised by Filecoin in September.
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TON I Telegram 16 Mar 2018, 01:30
In this group we will publish new insights about the TON project. We are waiting for the official announcement of ICO.
P.s. I am sincerely convinced that this is the cfra in which the blockage is necessary.
TON I Telegram 16 Mar 2018, 01:30
TON I Telegram 16 Mar 2018, 01:28
Telegram-TON integration will provide a clear path to cryptocurrencies for millions
of people. Telegram Messenger will not only serve as an example of the possibilities
offered by integrating with TON, but will also add unique features to the TON
platform, leveraging Telegram’s massive user base and developed ecosystem.