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С упоминаниями
ICO Analytics 15 Jul, 22:59
​​Safety warning: many Twitter accounts from very well known people in crypto space being hacked and advertising giveaways. Please remain vigilant and stay safe. Compromised accounts: Coinbase, Binance, CZ Binance, Gemini, Kucoin, Gate, Coindesk, Jayden Crypto, Charlie Lee, Justin Sun and others.
ICO Analytics 15 Jul, 15:57
​​OKEx will list Celo (CELO) and DMM: Governance (DMG) on July 17. DMG Spot Trading - (DMG/USDT market) - 03:00 July 17, 2020 (UTC). CELO Spot Trading - (CELO/USDT, CELO/BTC markets) - 07:00 July 17, 2020 (UTC).
ICO Analytics 15 Jul, 13:06
​​Meter (MTRG) has closed its public sale on Gate exchange. A total of $0.6M USD has been raised. 2272 users successfully participated. The fundraising goal was oversubscribed by 4,573%. Users have contributed around $27.4M USD. MTRG will become tradable on Gate on July 16. MTRG is currently available on Bilaxy.
IEO price: $0.5 USD
Current price: $1.2 USD
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ICO Analytics 15 Jul, 12:49
​​Postponed Avalanche (AVAX) public token sale will start today, July 15, 10AM ET. According to the recent blog post Avalanche has increased the sale allocation with 1.5 years vesting from 5M AVAX to 60M AVAX. Other allocations will remain unchanged.

Updated token sale details:
Total max. supply: 720M AVAX (100%)
Genesis block: 360M AVAX (50%)
Total % for sale: 115M AVAX (16%)
Private sale allocation: 42.9M AVAX (5.96%)
Public sale allocation: 72M AVAX (10%)
Total hardcap: $58.6M USD
Already raised: $18.4M USD
Public sale hardcap: $40.2M USD
Private sale price: $0.33-$0.55 USD
Private sale vesting: 1 year
Public sale price 1: $0.85 without lockup
Public sale price 2: $0.5 with 1-1,5 years vesting
Initial Circulating Supply: $26.3M USD(31M AVAX)
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ICO Analytics 14 Jul, 18:13
​​Kraken has noticed a DeFi trend and will list several DeFi coins on July 15. Compound (COMP), Kava (KAVA), Kyber Network (KNC) and additionally Storj (STORJ) will be available for trading as of July 15.
ICO Analytics 14 Jul, 18:01
​​Payments giant PayPal is developing crypto services to its users. According to the letter to the European Commission in March, PayPal said it has taken “unilateral and tangible steps to further develop its capabilities in the crypto-assets area”. PayPal’s revelation is significant since it is said to be in the works to offer crypto buying and selling services to its over 300 million users.
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ICO Analytics 14 Jul, 17:37
​​Orion Protocol (ORN) will have a premiere listing on BitMax on July 16. ORN/USDT trading will go live on July 16th, 10:00 a.m. EDT, 2020. Orion is a DeFi platform providing B2B + B2C solutions for liquidity. Orion has closed its fundraising recently via DAO Maker's Dynamic Coin Offering (DYCO).

Dynamic Coin Offering (DYCO), a new token sale framework in which every token on the market is backed by 80% of the original funds, which provides a theoretical price floor at 0.8x on the secondary market. No tokens are inflated for the first 16 months beyond the sold tokens during the DYCO.
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ICO Analytics 13 Jul, 18:17
​​Stafi Protocol (FIS) will launch its incentivized testnet as of July 21. Incentivized testnet will last about 1 month with 500K FIS (0.5% of total supply) as rewards for validators. Stafi has launched its public testnet on July 1 and plans to rollout mainnet in September.

Stafi is Substrate based (Polkadot ecosystem) DeFi protocol unlocking liquidity of staked assets, users can stake PoS tokens through Stafi and receive rToken in return, which is available for trading while still earning staking rewards and farming FIS (native token of Stafi).
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ICO Analytics 13 Jul, 17:48
​​bZx Protocol (BZRX) is now available for trading on Uniswap, Poloniex, IDEX, Bilaxy and MXC. bZx raised around $2.2M USD during ICO in 2018. Private sale token price: $0.016 USD. Initial listing price: $0.049 USD. Current price: $0.5 USD.
ICO Analytics 10 Jul, 23:10
​​OTC Desk Bering Waters is offering BZRX (bZx network) private deals starting at $100K worth. BZRX - one of the most anticipated DeFi’s tokens will become unlocked on July 13 at 10AM EST and tradable shortly after. Those interested in early access to BZRX trading can reach out to Bering Waters.

Bering Waters is an institutional OTC Desk based in Hong Kong specializing in unreleased tokens and blocks of liquid altcoins with a 2+ year track record. Please contact Bering Waters to secure your investment in BZRX, or in any other coin that is yet to be distributed, or yet to be listed. www.beringwaters.com Telegram: @BeringWaters
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ICO Analytics 10 Jul, 21:09
​​mStable (MTA) to release its token on July 15th. A DeFi startup mStable will launch its protocol token Meta (MTA) on Balancer at approximately 14:00 UTC on Wednesday, July 15th 2020. Following a new trend instead of public fundraising or IEO the startup will deposit 2.6M MTA tokens and $400K mUSD into the liquidity pool. The market will be mUSD/MTA. This represents an initial liquidity pool price of $0.15 mUSD/MTA, which implies a fully diluted MTA market capitalisation of US$15 million.

At the moment mStable distributing 50K MTA weekly to its liquidity providers. A total of 20% (20M MTA) of total supply will be distributed during 5 years to those who provide resources to bootstrap the minting of mStable assets. A total value of around $18M mUSD has already been minted.
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ICO Analytics 10 Jul, 21:08
​​Matic(MATIC) has increased the share of the tokens locked in staking to 17.2% of the circulating supply. At the moment users can delegate MATIC with around 57% APR. Earlier this week Matic has announced Security Hackathon and several other developer initiatives with Gitcoin.
ICO Analytics 9 Jul, 19:07
​​HOPR (HOPR) has closed $1M USD private sale round ahead of the public sale. Binance Labs, Focus Labs, Spark Digital Capital, Caballeros Capital, AU21 Capital, and Synaitken are among investors.

The Swiss company is building a free, open source network-level blockchain protocol that protects metadata privacy for every type of data exchange.
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ICO Analytics 9 Jul, 18:33
​​FIO Protocol (FIO) trading has started on BitMax. FIO is currently trading at $0.203 USD. It is around +400% from private sale price. Private sale price: $0.043 USD.
ICO Analytics 9 Jul, 13:04
​​Following DogeCoin (DOGE) recent pump Binance, OKEx and Gate will enable DOGE/USDT perpetual swaps. Earlier this week some TikTok users started making viral videos urging their followers to invest in Dogecoin. As a result DOGE is up 90% in price and 2000% in volume during last 7 days.
ICO Analytics 9 Jul, 12:46
​​Binance Lists Synthetix (SNX) as of July 9th. SNX/BTC, SNX/BNB, SNX/BUSD and SNX/USDT trading will start at 2020/07/09 12:00 PM (UTC).
ICO Analytics 8 Jul, 21:37
​​Marlin has released a new layer 0 framework for blockchain platforms. OpenWeaver allows operators to deploy relay networks in minutes, extends to any chain, is monetizable with micropayments and meta transactions, provides a path towards full-node incentivization and is open to modification and deployment by anyone, anywhere while improving the security and robustness of decentralized networks.

Marlin Protocol had closed $3M USD seed round back in July 2019 from Binance Labs, Fenbushi Capital, Arrington XRP, Electric Capital, NGC, DHVC, Kenetic and Focus Labs.
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ICO Analytics 8 Jul, 12:13
​​FIO Protocol (FIO) will have a premiere listing on BitMax on July 9th. FIO/USDT trading will start on July 9th, 10:00 a.m. EDT. FIO Protocol has closed $5.7M USD private fundraising round in September 2019 and $2.3M USD seed round back in 2018. Binance Labs, Blockwall Capital, NGC Ventures and LuneX Ventures are among investors. Private sale price: $0.043. Initial circulating supply: 23M FIO out of 1B FIO total supply.

FIO Protocol (similar to the Ethereum Name Service) aims to do for blockchain what HTTP did for the Internet – make it easy to use. The protocol could lower the barrier to entry in crypto by abstracting the need to understand private keys and public addresses.
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ICO Analytics 7 Jul, 14:09
​​Binance Announces Acquisition of Swipe and Lists Swipe (SXP). Binance will list Swipe (SXP) and open trading for SXP/BTC, SXP/BNB and SXP/BUSD trading pairs at 2020/07/07 2:00 PM (UTC). Binance has received a portion of SXP from the acquisition of Swipe.
ICO Analytics 7 Jul, 12:19
​​Sphereon is integrating its product suite with LTO Network. Sphereon builds solutions in co-creation with software developers, system integrators and corporates through their Sphereon Gateway using standard plug-ins and APIs. Sphereon works with Alfresco, Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365, Off-Blocks, Triall-io amongst several others.
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