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GlobexSCI💡 13 Mar 2018, 18:03
§bBlockchain seems to be a reasonable compromise that can level out a blatant distortion in distribution of profits between scientists🤓 who search for new knowledge and publishing houses🗃 who monopolized this knowledge.
GlobexSCI💡 13 Mar 2018, 15:38
​​🗂The contents of the articles will be stored in the blockchain, for the reason it is especially fault-tolerant and secure (data once entered in the registry cannot be changed or destroyed).👌The computing power will be provided by the miners for a reward.
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GlobexSCI💡 13 Mar 2018, 12:21
​​💹ICO is the most preferable way of raising money for Globex SCI, as only using it we can achieve independence of system from private interests, preserving the advantages of the platform.
🔥Hurry up to take your tokens with -30%!👉
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GlobexSCI💡 12 Mar 2018, 18:05
​​💡We believe that strength lies in unity, hence, collective knowledge promotes new discoveries for the sake of humanity.
🤩Join to us and get tokens with the discount!
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GlobexSCI💡 12 Mar 2018, 15:47
​​How do we realize marketing aspect in project in third quarter of 2018?
🔥By developing the communication strategy and implementing marketing campaigns for 2018-2019.
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GlobexSCI💡 12 Mar 2018, 12:19
​​🔆Globex SCI ecosystem will solve all the above-mentioned problems in the most preferable way considering the distribution of information, allowing to predetermine scientific breakthroughs in the future using artificial intelligence and knowledge database.
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GlobexSCI💡 11 Mar 2018, 16:54
​​What stages does the subsystems development have?
✔️Subsystem for uploading new articles
✔️Subsystem for accessing the management
✔️Subsystem for charging users for access to the materials
✔️Subsystem of rewards to rights holders.
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GlobexSCI💡 11 Mar 2018, 12:57
​​What is our project mission?
💥In our world of enormous information flow thousands of scientists are still unaware of their colleagues’ work. Our mission is to create a strong link between scientists all over the world and to provide them with a platform for the exchange of scientific knowledge from all sorts of fields.
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GlobexSCI💡 10 Mar 2018, 17:48
​​🌐The creators believe that the advantage of the project is as follows: an owner places a legal object on the platform, and the right to this object is ascribed to her almost instantly. The project will be created as a decentralized infrastructure that will allow to explicitly identify authorship and access content.
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GlobexSCI💡 10 Mar 2018, 15:43
​​What are we going to do in the second quarter of 2018?
✅Testing the demand on the main communication channels and signing preliminary agreements with scientific communities and universities.
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GlobexSCI💡 10 Mar 2018, 12:21
​​🌐Globex SCI will simplify the exchange of academic literature, research results, scholarly manuscripts and will also provide a mechanism of monetary compensation for authors based on the rating by the number of downloads.
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GlobexSCI💡 9 Mar 2018, 18:03
​​✅At the first stage of the platform development, GSC tokens created on the base of the Ethereum blockchain will be used for mutual payments. In the future, Globex Coin will be implemented in the framework of the platform for financial transactions.
😱Hurry up to get tokens with the PRE-SALE discount! 👉
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GlobexSCI💡 9 Mar 2018, 15:44
​​❗️Investor benefits.
Token has a speculative potential: its value increases along with the demand for a big array of scientific publications. Constant updates with up-to-date information will ensure an active growth in the number of users of the platform and the token value.
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GlobexSCI💡 9 Mar 2018, 12:19
​​💻Content-makers receive crypto rewards for their content, depending on the number of requests of the written articles, without losing copyright.
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GlobexSCI💡 8 Mar 2018, 17:44
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GlobexSCI💡 8 Mar 2018, 17:43
🌍Our potential audience is 50 million people around the world who need scientific knowledge or write academic articles. Users holding tokens (further on coins) use them to pay for a subscription or a one-time access to a scientific database.
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