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Fondo Network, high speed centralized trading platform. The first SE-ICO in the world.
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Самый популярный бот-модератор в русском Телеграм.
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Самый популярный канал о еде со скидками в ресторанах.
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Dear investors,
The Pre-sale program was successful with $ 6,000,000 raised. Crowd-sale will pause and re-start after the Fondo Network Exchange is completed.
Thank you for joining and supporting Fondo Network.
Fondo Platform 6 Jul, 13:12
Fondo Platform 6 Jul, 13:12

Congratulations to the initial 1,000 investors who have completed the requirements to receive Airdrop.

Requirements are in the "Airdrop content" menu on user interface. You could do it again if your account has not received Airdrop yet

Please complete the following steps to get FDC Airdrop:
1. Join Telegram and follow Twitter of Fondo Network
2. Share the prepared referral content on your social network. Prioritize in your native language. There is automatic translation tool next to your avatar image.
3. Paste your shared social link from Step 2 to the "Share URL" blank. Note: Do not paste your referral link there.

Members who already got airdrop still could continue to share the "FDC pre-sale program" for your crypto friends to earn BTC / ETH affiliate bonus and 70% of downline transaction fee in future.

Buy Fondo Coin now to get 3 constant profits.
- Profit from BTC / ETH when market uptrend.
- Profit from FDC when Fondo Network buy back and burn coins quarterly.
- Profits from affiliate marketing when downline trading on Fondo Trading Exchange.

Stay tune and follow Fondo Network to participate in other attractive bounty programs.
Fondo Platform 28 Jun, 11:32
Fondo Platform 28 Jun, 11:31
SEICO - The new solution for investors who are suffering from losses or waiting for market to grow once again.

3 in 1 opportunity with only 1 investment.

1. Profit from FDC price increases.

2. Earn 85% profit from uneven amount when BTC and ETH increases.
Initially, you invest 1 ETH at 500 USD per ETH to buy FDC, later on, ETH increase to 1,000 USD per ETH, then you will get 85% * 500 USD = 425 USD of difference in ETH. This will be similar to BTC.

3. Financial leverage: Buy 100% extra of FDC with 0.2 USD price.
If you purchase a quantity of 1000 FDC at the presale 0.2 USD. When the FDC increases, you have the right to purchase additional FDC with a quantity of 1,000 FDC and the same price of 0.2USD like the first time.
Fondo Platform 20 Jun, 11:27
SEICO Model – the World’s First ICO Investor Protection, New Direction for ICO Market.

Fondo Coin is appreciated by many expert investors due to the excellent combination of SEICO and Exchange-based coin model, using quarterly earnings. The model has been successful with a variety of platforms such as Binance Coin, Kucoin Share or Huobi Token.

When purchasing FDC, the investor could select for the appropriate investment package with the desired profit and risk. With Secured FDC package, users only need to pay 10% of the value to own 10 times the FDC purchase rights in 3 months after ICO ends. With the Ensured FDC package, investors will have FDC balances and USDT balances, when BTC / ETH increases, they can withdraw at any time they want.

Fondo Network, the Centralized Exchange will use 40% of its quarterly incomes to buy FDC and burn it to ensure sustainable growth of FDC. As such, FDC investors will enjoy double profit from rising BTC / ETH and stable growth of FDC.
Fondo Platform 7 Jun, 12:53
Cryptocurrency Trends for 2018, Exchange-Based Tokens Will Take the Lead in Development
Fondo Platform 6 Jun, 11:21
Fondo Platform 6 Jun, 11:20
Fondo Coin will begin Presale from 9 am UTC June 8, 2018 to 9 am UTC July 8, 2018.
Presale Price: $ 0.2 (Crowdsale $ 0.4).
Total Presale Release: 30,000,000 FDC.
Accepted Currency: BTC/ETH
Sign up now:
Fondo Platform 24 May, 07:07
Fondo Platform 8 May, 07:39