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19.03.2018 12:32
10 Dec 2018, 20:15 (774 дня назад)
Participate in MobileGO airdrop and get 100 MGO tokens every day!

MobileGo Airdrop starts on 6th of December

Follow MobileGO on social networks, retweet the news about GShare and esports platform – get 1 MGO;

Install GShare and earn at least 1 GShare Gold – get 1 MGO;

First 100 users to complete two tasks will get 2 extra MGOs!

10 users who earn more GShare Gold in GShare will get 6 additional MGO.

Play also esports tournaments and win up to 100 MGO daily!

Don’t miss your chance to get free MGO tokens!

Full instruction:

The same time as airdrop, MGO became a part of a beta version of GShare app and esports platform.

GShare is an app which was designed to earn GShare Gold by using PC power. Esports is a platform for gamers which hosts tournaments and allows to earn MGO tokens and GShare Gold!