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b DEEX (DEEX) - Blockchain Leadership Summit?
?️ SONM (SNM) - First Year Report
?️ General Event (CRYPTO) - Bitcoin & Co
?️ Proxeus (XES) - Blockchain Leadership Summit
?️ Naviaddress (NAVI) - AMA with Navi Team


?️ Kra
ken ‘Named’ in SEC Investigation, Calvin Ayre Claims as Bitcoin Cash Forks Go Live
?️ Amended Lawsuit Filed Against Coinbase for BCH Manipulation – Plaintiff Claims FBI May Be Involved
?️ Riot Blockchain’s Quarterly Filing Reveals That an SEC Investigation Is Still Underway
?️ Investors in US Market Paid $39,000 to Buy Bitcoin at Peak Using GBTC
?️ Italian Financial Watchdog Flagged Three Crypto Companies
?️ Bittrex Adds Two New Coins IOST and XNK to It’s US and International Markets
?️ Norway Ends Power Tax Subsidy for Bitcoin Miners
?️ $1M in Crypto Disappears after SIM Swapping by US Hacker
?️ France: Central Bank Does Not Endorse Plans for Tobacco Shops to Sell Bitcoin
?️ Major Banks Sign Up for New EU Commission Blockchain App Association
?️ South Korea Hospital Partners To Develop Blockchain Service Platform
?️ Bitcoin’s Hashrate Plunges, “Miners Sold by the Kilo” Trends in China
?️ Japan: Zaif Exchange Handover Complete as Previous Owner Vows to Dissolve Company
?️ Singapore’s State Investment Firm Backed R3 as Part of Blockchain and AI-Focused Strategy
?️ China: Cryptocurrency Mining Machines Reportedly Being Sold According to Their Weight
?️ Silicon Valley Execs Targeted in ‘SIM Swap’ Hacking, $1 Million in Crypto Stolen
?️ Analyst: The Winds of Change Have Begun to Blow for Cryptocurrencies in Malaysia
?️ India: Further Charges Levelled at Suspects in Alleged Cryptocurrency Investment Scam