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Dear all please join here the new Etheera chat if you like to be able to write you own text and get response! We will still keep this Infochannel here as its overall web our mainchannel, but we welcome you in that new open chat group! thank you!
Important NEWS to All Etheera Fans and Participants as we just had a few huge Updates:

We just had huge positive updates done with Etheera!!

---> The New Website + CDI just gone online including LIVE CHAT!

---> We had disucussions for a few Exchanges that where positive, but to get that deals we was forced to update the Etheera Token and Smart Contract Code. So, we needed to redeploy the contract for that to have match these update points and it just happened now! So we have a NEW ADRESS for Token and Smart Contract and new Start + Enddate!

---> The very nice improvment on that change is, that we was able to make a lot of Benefits for you and the participants incl. a new better bonus system up to 40% with no limitations of the amount of your order! Stage 1 is 40% in any case, if you order 100 or 1 MIllion Etheeras!

---> We was able to extend and change the ICO Time! Now we will have a new Start: 10.02.2018 / 10.00 UTC+1 and End: 30.04.2018 / 10.00 UTC+1 with that very improved Bonus system for all clients!

----> We will update all ICO Listing sites about that new Dates and rules!

-----> And we updated the Price per 1 Etheera! Old Price was: 0.00005 per Token and the New Price is: 0.000002 ETH per Token! You will now get much more Etheeras for your Ethers than before!

If you ordered Etheera on our old Smart Contract, don't worry your order is NOT LOST! The Smart Contract will on Saturday Feb 10th when the new ICO Time Starts, send to ALL contributors the New Etheeras automatiically calcualted in the new Price and Bonus of 40%, so you will very benefit from that made change!

We have downloaded all made Transactions and we know which Adress sent how much Ethers to the old Smart Contract, so you will then receive for the same amount the new Etheeras incl. the Bonus as gift!

We would reccomend you now, to go to your MyEtherWallet and remove the current custom Token by clicking on the minus (-) . This way you dont get confused with that new Etheeras you will receive on Saturday. The New Token and Smart Contract Adress is just deployed on etherscan and added! Go to our Website and check the new Adresses so you will be able to add the new Custom Token to your MyEtherWallet. DONT SEND ANYMORE ETHERS TO THE OLD SMART CONTRACT NAD WAIT FOR THE NEW TOKAN SALE START!

For anything else, just contact us by our official Email: or in our official Socials

Thank you!
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We just like to announce 2 new TOP Listings on iOS / Android ICO App Services: ICO ALERTS + ICO PRO!
White Paper is now availble in 32 Languages!
New listings & Premiums in work! We will update you shortly!
Etheera listed on Smith + Crown!