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Enlte, a decentralised social network giving POWER TO THE PEOPLE. https://web.enlte.com
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Enlte Update and Answers to top FAQ

Enlte latest update and future plans for 2019. And yes answer to the most asked question : Is enlte dead?

Enlte to launch its aggregator engine by providing a combined rating and reviews from more than 100's search partners.

Enlte aim is to be the one-stop place to provide reviews and ratings of literally anything and on the other hand allowing users to post reviews on the blockchain using the enlte blockchain.

Enlte reviews to be launched later this week.
Enlte Announcement and Update.
For investors and community members. https://exchange.enlte.com/blog/enlte-announcement-and-update/
Enlte team wishes you a happy new year and we are back with full energy after holidays and we will make enlte a big success this year.
Enlte update
Thank you for your patience, we are updating enlte app, enlte web app, coming with a new Avatar which will be one stop place for all sorts of reviews and complaints about businesses or anything else. This will include 100 million plus reviews and complaints of 128 countries around the world. Testing already in process and the beta to be launched soon.
Please wait for detailed announcement.
Enlte wishes you a very happy new year...
Blocked users would now be able to use enlte app.

Here are the steps

a. Refer people to Download and install Enlte app
Link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mpas.enlte

b. Ask them to use your referral code.

c. Earn 2 - IR per referral.

Once your IR is above 500, you would be able to use your account.
Enlte - Post real life reviews and earn - Apps on Google Play
A decentralised blockchain based system to solve real-life problems without going through a procedure of a centralised government or an organisation. It is a location based social engine creating an adjustable small world network, with faster and better networking capabilities. It aims to give power to the people by providing them an option to rate any experience from their account or using the anonymous feature and broadcasting it to the network with real-time updates to the people nearby and leaving a geo-stamp along with geo-fencing the experience. Negative experiences are broadcasted to nearby nodes in real time and giving the opportunity to nearby nodes to earn Enlte coins by helping them and for the broadcasting node also to spread awareness and standing up against it.
New Year Trading Offer

Enlte Exchange trading offer First Day Starts at 13:30 UTC Todays Give Away Upto 10 ETH*

Event time - From 13:30 UTC 29th December to 2nd January 2019

Can only be used for trading on enlte.

For more information stay tuned and get your account on enlte exchange.
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Super Christmas offer

#Enlte Exchange trading competition Last Day
Starts at 14:00 UTC Todays Give Away Upto 1 BTC* Can only be used for trading on enlte.


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Enlte pre beta launch of world first peer to peer social marketplace..

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