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Edward Morra 12 Jul, 22:10
Edward Morra 12 Jul, 22:10
No confirmation - no trade. Absorbed that sell off and climbed higher. Still waiting for that set up if it closes back inside the old range and gives a retest. A lot of supply present above at around $7, lets see. Don't short without confirmation
Edward Morra 12 Jul, 16:57
Give it some time, don't force here, its LINK after all. First it closes back inside, then gives a low volume retest of that level and we have a lovely short set up with a defined risk.
Edward Morra 12 Jul, 16:54
High volume ATH breakout that getting rejected. Seems like we have a candidate for a local top here. If it closes likes this - high chance LINK goes back to this range ($5.7-6.5)
Edward Morra 12 Jul, 16:50
I'm not a wick but we're close friends
Got filled $244, stop trailed at above wick (almost BE).
Edward Morra 12 Jul, 16:50
Got filled at $9345.
Trailing my stop above that wick (almost BE) cause i believe price has not business revisiting that level after such harsh rejection
Edward Morra 10 Jul, 14:03
Ledger doing promo -20%. Ends in 6 days
Insert code: Coinleague-Bitcoin
Get 20% off and keep your crypto secure
Edward Morra 10 Jul, 13:48
Same for ETH, planning my next trades if almighty market lets me
Edward Morra 10 Jul, 13:45
Will take this lovely set up if market gives
Edward Morra 8 Jul, 12:20
Why Tron, the king of pumps lagging this hard is unknown for me so I won't gamble here and will wait for a proper breakout above 220ish level.
That would imply we don't have any significant bearish action on BTC for a long time which I am not sure right now so i'll wait
Edward Morra 8 Jul, 12:15
Don't have XLM from lower, so I'll just wait till breaks and flips 875 sat level. Been a year in this accumulation bottom, looks interesting
Edward Morra 7 Jul, 13:36
2 weeks ago, we have similar PA. Monday-Tuesday stop hunt raid followed by a correction whole week.
Quite similar to what we have right now. Interested in how we close today, for now its just another lower high.
Edward Morra 6 Jul, 18:56
Stopped out on this one. -1%
Flat (no position, only spot holdings) for now, will update later if i enter new trade
Edward Morra 6 Jul, 10:18
There was even larger CVD div on 4h I didn't even notice. Didn't play it but nevertheless good example of how good they are on playing out if spotted right time.
For newbies: a bullish divergence (here with CVD) is when indicator makes a lower low but price does not make a lower low (but instead forms higher low).
Edward Morra 5 Jul, 20:00
Edward Morra 5 Jul, 20:00
Edward Morra 5 Jul, 20:00
Going to duplicate it here in case you prefer telegram.

Think of buying puts as insurance on your spot holdings. For limited price you get protection, nice alternative for going short and worrying about getting stopped out.
Options won't be this cheap forever, volatility kicks soon IMO
👉Get your fee discounts https://deribit.com/reg-3072.2923

The best thing about options is that you still keep your spot holdings. So, if you're wrong and market goes up instead, $ value of your bag appreciated, you gucci. You only lost a fraction you paid for the premium (price of option). However if market tanked - you saved your ass
👉Register with this link to get discounts on your trading fees
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Edward Morra 5 Jul, 19:57
Some thoughts on how to protect yourself in the event of market crash. ETH put options as an example
Edward Morra 5 Jul, 11:22
Weekly chart, BTC-pair
Price currently retesting previous consolidation, bulls have to push up above 3200 level and close, then its a nice long towards 5400. Otherwise, in a long run its coming home down to 1000
Edward Morra 5 Jul, 11:17
Second level checked ✅
Bitcoin is trading in ranges most of the times. So, after a move already happened, it rarely pays to bet on continuation. Learn to tame your FOMO and wait for better levels.
I'll do a little write up on trading ranges soon and post it here